igs and dogs.

igs and dogs.
Soon, an even more terrifying scene happened.
/The armored warriors raised their arms toward the crowd, and several laser beams were fired at them, accurately making several bloody holes in the heads of several experimenters. The experimenters fell to the ground without saying a word.
The crowd panicked and tried to escape towards the door of the hall. Several more laser beams were fired at them. The experimenters who rushed to the door closest to the hall all had bloody holes in their heads and were shot to the ground without exception. Taking advantage of the chaos, Liu Gan quickly pulled Zhang Shengli to lie down on the ground next to the previous corpses. He was serious and very smart, and immediately imitated Liu Gan and fell to the ground together.
At this time, more experimenters were shot and killed, and some bodies fell directly on Liu Gan and the other three. Liu Qian and the other two lay on the ground without daring to move until the hall became completely quiet. The dozens of experimenters who had just gathered in the hall on the first floor because of the chaos, except for a few people who lay down and pretended to be dead, had obviously been shot on the spot!
There was a female experimenter lying not far from Liu Gan. Although she had a lot of blood splattered on her body, there was no blood hole on her head. She still faced Liu Gan with her eyes wide open and a look of fear on her face. Obviously she was not shot, she just lay on the ground pretending to be dead like Liu Gan and others, but because she was extremely scared inside, her body was still shaking uncontrollably.
An armored warrior came over and noticed that the female experimenter’s body was shaking abnormally. It was easy to see that she was pretending to be dead, so he stepped on her head with his foot, and then suddenly heard The sound of her head exploding like a watermelon after being stepped on by the armored warrior, and seeing her brains splattered all over the floor and even in front of him, Liu Qian’s head began to hurt.
Lying down on the ground and pretending to be dead will definitely get you nowhere, but if you stand up at this time, you are courting death. Liu Gan estimated that his fog armor could not withstand a few laser shots, and then his head would be shot through a bloody hole like these people.
Fortunately, only this armored warrior came to clean up the scene. The others all stood motionless. The armored warrior who came to clean up the scene dragged the corpses away one by one and checked whether anyone was with the female experimenter. Like the police officers, they lay on the ground and pretended to be dead.
There were dozens of experimenters slaughtered on the ground. Only one armored warrior came over to confirm whether they were dead one by one. It seemed that it would take some time to dig out the three Liu Gans from the pile of corpses. But it was estimated that they only had a few minutes. If they couldn’t find a way to escape within these few minutes, they would have to let thei