g thoughts, the sealed objects on her body will react correctly and create different effects. But now, this default process and rules have been interfered with and distorted. No matter Bernard No matter how Dai turned her thoughts, she couldn’t make the sealed objects move at all.

It was like she was talking to the air.
After Klein, who was above the gray mist, failed to really succeed in trying to transfer the “Mysterious Queen”, he wasted no time and immediately quickly sketched out a series of complex symbols and magic signs in his mind.
/What he wants to simulate is the “space hiding” of the “Mystic Mage”, and he is going to separate Bernadette’s place from the “Black Emperor”‘s mausoleum and hide it, so as to help the “Mysterious Queen” get out of the current predicament. .
In fact, it may be more appropriate to simulate the fairy tale magic of “The Source of Peach Blossom” at this time. However, considering that Bernadette was also a “occultist”, Klein felt that it would be better to use “space hiding”, otherwise it might cause The Fool’s secrets are revealed.
As for where he learned “space hiding”, it was of course the newly promoted “Magician” Forsi.
Previously, Klein rented “Lemanno’s Travel Notes” in the name of “The World” Gehrman Sparrow, and asked Miss “Magician” to “record” the corresponding abilities in advance.
Then, he released it again and again, recorded it again and again, and recalled the complete “travel notes” from the fog of history. It didn’t take long for him to master the knowledge and skills, and he could simulate spells such as “space hiding”.
As the many gems on the “Star Staff” lit up, the area where Bernadette was located became a little darker, as if covered with a curtain of shadow.
The curtain twisted, hiding the space and isolating the black shadow and its palm.
This helped Bernadette’s neck become free again.
The next second, the dark palm that was forcibly separated moved forward again and touched the boundary of the hidden space.
In an instant, a transparent whirlpool-like “door” appeared in the void where no abnormality could be seen. In other words, the “door” that originally existed took the initiative to swim over from a hidden place and opened in front of the dark palm.
——All hidden spaces must have a “door”, but the location of the “door” will depend on the creator’s ideas.
/The palm formed by the shadow quickly passed through the opened “door” and entered the hidden space. It pinched Bernadette’s neck again, once again interfering with the relationship between the “Mysterious Queen” and the sealed object on her body. The connection distorts the corresponding order.
At the same time, the black figure raised his head and looked at the top of the mausoleum.
It seemed to be looking at “Origin Castle” and Klein inside “Origin Castle” across layers of time, space and fog.
Klein’s eyelids instinctively twitched.
He felt that the black shadow had a certain understanding of this place, and felt that the other party was twisting something.
Klein’s expression unk