back. Several others tried to get in from beside the wooden house, but the house was still strong and safe for the time being.

back. Several others tried to get in from beside the wooden house, but the house was still strong and safe for the time being.
“Let me see if there is anything in the house that can be used. You can hold it for a while.”
After saying this, I took a few steps back. There were several hoes in the house, but they probably couldn’t hurt the black cat. There is also a scythe, which is useful, but this kind of scythe is not fast enough, and I am not used to it, so it is not very useful even as a weapon. In addition, there is some dry grass and some chemical fertilizers.
They are all things that ordinary farmers can see. In fact, I don’t expect to find anything good here, but if I am lucky enough to get a net, the situation will be reversed immediately.
/Unfortunately, it backfired.
“Is there anything I can use? Brother Shan.”
Luo Qiong asked me with difficulty.
I shook my head and said, “Nothing, fuck!”
“What should I do? The strength of these black cats must be too great. The door is almost broken.”
Luo Qiong could still hold on, but obviously he couldn’t. Holding on for too long. The surroundings of the wooden house are also full of dangers. A dozen black cats attack like crazy, making the house likely to collapse at any time.
“How about we kill them again? This is definitely not the way to go. These cats are going crazy.”
Luo Qiong was urging, and the cats meowing around me kept coming and going. Those sharp shouts pierced my ears and made my eardrums flutter slightly. . How can I get myself off line?
Hay, fertilizer, wooden houses, and the surrounding cats, these things kept echoing in my mind, and gradually I seemed to get some clues. I hurried to the fertilizer bag. This fertilizer bag has not been opened yet, but the fertilizer bags at that time were different from those now. Some fertilizer bags don’t have any labels on them. Instead of writing ingredients, just write the net weight. Just write a date and that’s it. But generally there is nitrogen in chemical fertilizers. I read newspapers in the past and heard that some small workshops that process chemical fertilizers caught fire. As a result, the fertilizers ignited and caused explosions. There are a lot of chemistry issues involved, but I’m a bastard who doesn’t like studying very much. So I don’t quite understand the principle. But if the bag of fertilizer in front of us could be ignited and exploded, then Luo Qiong and I might be saved!
“Luo Qiong, please support me, I will do an experiment.”
I had no choice but to let Luo Qiong hold on for a while.
Luo Qiong nodded. I rolled the hay into balls and lit them with a lighter. Then I opened the fertilizer bag and took some from it and put it on the burning hay balls. The amount was very small, and the fertilizer thrown away had no reaction. I frowned. Could it be that I thought wrongly? This method doesn’t work? Feeling anxious, I grabbed a large handful of fertilizer in my hand and threw it into the fire. This time there was a reaction! The fertilizer thrown into the fire began to b