of his death, his body was covered with mushrooms, and various insects were flying and crawling in the room.

For abnormalities of this level related to extraordinary events, the police will definitely report it to the “Punisher” team. It sounds like it happened three or four days ago, and everything that needs to be dealt with should have been dealt with. Klein is seriously considering whether to take a look. , at least the man named Winter was working as an adventurer alone in Bayam, and no companion wanted to deliver the news of his death for him.
After listening for a long time, he initially grasped the place where Winter rented, which was nearby Apartment No. 47, Noire Street.
After drinking the last of his Zarha beer, Klein put on his hat, left the bar, and headed straight for the apartment.
After entering the gate, he half-closed his eyes and whispered to himself:
“A room where someone recently died.”
After seven times in a row, Klein used his cane to quickly and easily arrive outside the room where Winter previously lived.
It has not been rented out again, the exceptions inside have been handled, and nothing seems wrong.
Klein put away the note he used to open the door, locked the door with his backhand, and turned it around carefully.
/After confirming the situation, he took out hydrosol essential oil, herbal powder, special candles and other items, and quickly set up a “psychic ritual” in front of the bed.
Although several days have passed and only the most superficial, incoherent, and residual information has been obtained, Klein believes that it is better than nothing.
There is no doubt that he is still praying to himself, and then enters the gray mist, responds, and gives psychic power.
The flame of the candle suddenly lifted up and became tinged with a faint blue color as it swayed.
Klein felt that everything had become quiet, as if he had entered a realm that did not belong to reality.
His pupils were occupied by pure black, and even the whites of his eyes were expelled.
No longer needing to use the skill of “dream divination”, he, who had been promoted to “Faceless Man”, directly saw the remaining thoughts of Winter’s spirituality that did not want to dissipate with the help of the gray mist that initially entered reality.
There were three scenes. One was Winter, who was tall and thin, with slightly curly black hair and deep facial features. He came to a discarded corpse and was shocked to see a lustrous flash on it, condensing into a turquoise gem full of life. ; The second is Winter lying on the bed, his eyes closed, his mouth turned slightly, various mushrooms grew on the surface of his skin, there were piles of cockroaches and moths around him, and on his chest, there was a silver The necklace and pendant were the same turquoise gem from before, and the third one was a girl with flaxen hair and a pretty face with moist eyes. She was sitting on the beach, surrounded by Winter’s unwilling voice:
“Ruini, I’m going to die. I regret so much. I regret never telling you that I love you and