ike this. Just need A little bit of telekinesis can destroy them, hehe, isn’t this our chance?”

(Is this, is this what Ye Yu faces on a daily basis? Protecting his comrades, facing the enemy, if he is not careful, he will lose his life immediately. Is this how he has been fighting until now?)
Yu Neodymium’s body was trembling slightly, but she still stood strong on the spot. At the same time, she concentrated on activating her telekinesis power, focusing it within a few meters in front of her, and facing the crazy man who was closest to her. , and violently blasted his telekinesis towards him.
This crazy man’s eyes are red, and his whole face is full of madness. Although he is slow at this moment, he is only four or five meters away from the two women. He can attack in the blink of an eye. He has already raised the heavy weapon in his hand. The knife, and at the same time there was a slight excitement on his face, but before he had time to cut off the heavy knife, an invisible force hit him, and suddenly he felt weak all over, and before he could Understanding what happened, the heavy knife in his hand had fallen to the ground. It wasn’t that the heavy knife fell, but his two hands disappeared, then his limbs, then his lower body, chest, and finally his head. People completely dissipate in this confusion and despair
/“It’s not an explosion, it’s annihilation.”
/Xue Na seemed to turn a blind eye to the disappearing true demon. She still said with that innocent smile: “Pure souls and sin are incompatible. Although the souls of these people are not pure, they are also instinctive. Repelling sin, unless they are completely infected by sin and turn into ghosts, their souls will always reject sin. And your government uses some kind of runes to connect souls and sin, which not only maintains human consciousness and thoughts, It also borrows the power of sin to enhance its strength. Once this balance is broken, the sin and soul that have been suppressed for a long time will begin to attack each other instead of the infection that should have occurred. In other words, two completely different powers. A large-scale conflict in a very short period of time can only lead to one outcome, and that is annihilation.”
“But it’s a pity”
Xue Na turned to look at an open space next to her and said: “There is another kind of life form. They neither enhance the power of the soul and purify the soul itself to obtain the aura field, nor rely on being infected with sin to obtain the aura field, nor do they use some kind of Rune technology is used to achieve the balance between sin and soul. They rely on swallowing sin, completely transforming sin into part of their own souls, and then exerting amazing power to degenerate this life form. We in the Three-Eyed Tribe call it degeneration. ”
It was only then that Yu Neodymium turned her gaze to the open space. It was not until she saw the man’s face clearly that she focused all her telekinesis on the man and exclaimed at the same time. Said: “Rocky? Yes! You are Rocky, the leader of the F