g returned to the tip of the gun and dissipated in the air, Wei Xiaobei was somewhat shocked to find that the poisonous dragon in his hand had become smaller, only less than twenty centimeters.

This, this, this, this amount, is probably only enough to make a plate of dishes.
Fortunately, although the poisonous dragon became smaller, as Wei Xiaobei peeled off its outer skin, he found that the quality of the meat inside had not decreased.
After spending some time to deal with all the poisonous dragons, giant sharks and even the hydra, Wei Xiaobei took a rest.
If you cook such top-quality ingredients in a hurry, the results may not be good.
Therefore, he needed to rest and adjust his state. For this reason, Wei Xiaobei stood still for a while to adjust his state of mind to the most suitable state, and then started cooking.
I won’t go into detail about the cooking process during this period.
Cut the poisonous dragon meat into dices and put it into the pot, add sea pepper shells and stir-fry, stir-fry the diced dragon meat all at once, it’s a fairy-quality dish.
The giant shark meat, even though Wei Xiaobei had carefully processed it several times, still had an indelible smell of urine. There were five dishes in total, but among these five dishes, there was only one immortal dish, and the rest were all It’s a treasure.
It can be seen that this shark meat, no matter what kind of shark it is, is not a good ingredient.
/Instead, it was the shark fin of a giant shark. Wei Xiaobei made a stew of abalone and shark fin. Well, the abalone was picked by Wei Xiaobei from the sea before. Although it is not a treasure in the gray world, in reality, why? It’s even half abalone!
What surprised Wei Xiaobei was that just when the abalone and shark fin stew was about to come out of the pot, something strange happened.
The unique aroma of abalone suddenly disappeared, and Wei Xiaobei could even see that the steam seeping out from the edge of the pot lid seemed to be sucked by something, and slowly returned from the gap.
This made Wei Xiaobei feel inexplicably excited. Wei Xiaobei had encountered this situation once before.
It was that time when I cooked dishes for Ao Yan, I cooked something as spiritual as the Rhythm of Food.
However, the Rhythm of Food was not something to be trifled with, and it almost killed Wei Xiaobei at that time.
Ao Yan, who was still gluttonous, took action and sucked away the food charm and swallowed it.
Well, I have to say that the Food Rhythm incident brought a little psychological shadow to Wei Xiaobei.
However, Wei Xiaobei still had some confidence in his heart. He was much more powerful than before. In any case, he should have no problem escaping by himself.
Of course, just in case, Wei Xiaobei even activated the ability of intuitive reproduction.
/You should know that because the ability to reproduce intuition consumes a lot of energy, it can only be reproduced for a short time, which is extremely useless. Therefore, after Wei Xiaobei obtained this ability, he tested it several times at