t are so classic!”

“It’s over, it’s over, Teacher Dong Wang has learned bad things, and now this performance is too funny!”
“He wasn’t like this before!”
“No matter what the style is, as long as it’s funny, it’s all over!”
“This skit is great!”
“To be exact, the entire Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala is great!”
“We need special effects, stage quality, touching moments, and novelty. Including the sentiments of the old Spring Festival Gala we want, the memories and feelings of the old Spring Festival Gala, Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala has it all!”
“Split up with laughter!”
“Although the style is different from “Eating Noodles”, the laughter of the two sketches is wonderful in its own way!”
“My stomach hurts from laughing!”
The skit comes to an end.
Dong Wang pushed the bicycle and smiled at the audience: “Find someone with bad legs and feet, and we’ll sell him the bicycle!”
The last sentence.
The audience still laughed wildly!
It wasn’t just laughs this time!
At the same time, it was accompanied by endless applause, countless screams, and a boiling atmosphere!
Like waves rising and falling one after another!
Dong Wang was still smiling amidst the applause, but when he walked off the stage, there was a glint in the corner of his eyes.
came back!
The stage he thought he would never return to finally returned this year!
He couldn’t help but think of the young man who supported him: “Don’t worry about Zhongzhou. This is our Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala. I will be responsible for any problems.”
Thank you!
Hope I didn’t disappoint you!
Dong Wang quietly wiped away his tears with a smile.
On the stage, he could make the whole world laugh, but off the stage, he was made to cry and laugh by the young man named Xianyu.
All viewers were conquered!
“Thank you Mr. Yu for allowing me to see Dong Wang’s performance again. He is really good at being funny. He is one of the few good sketch actors who can’t help but laugh when people see him!”
“King of Sketch!”
“We haven’t seen each other for several years, but he still performs so well!”
“The book is also good!”
“I have to thank the old thief for this book. I really didn’t expect that the sketches and cross talk written by the old thief could be so classic!”
“This Spring Festival Gala is completely a show for three gay friends!”
“All the picturesque effects on the stage are all the work of shadow!”
“Xianyu is responsible for all program arrangements!”
“As for the cross talk and sketch books, the finale is handled by an old thief!”
The last sketch triggered countless discussions, and before the audience’s mood could calm down, Yu Dynasty suddenly appeared on the stage and sang a song together, with Lin Yuan’s voice taking the lead!
“The world loves each other!”
“Thousands of miles away, the heart forms its own vein!”
“Tonight, all the lights are on!”
“Perhaps looking through the window is the best scene in my dream!”
This song is called “Love Each Other”, and the theme is very suitable fo