en he himself did not expect that after entering this foggy place, the heavenly tribulation would be completely terminated. He thought that it could only temporarily cover the heavenly secret for a moment, but the result was far beyond his expectation.

There is nothing to say now. A group of enemies are gathered outside. He is preparing to fight back!
Naturally, his hunting target is not ordinary transcendent beings. If he wants to kill, he will kill the transcendent beings in various dojos, until their flesh and heart ache.
As for the disciples who have broken the limit five times, they are also the first choice, as are those city lords.
He chose the first two targets, namely Shiguangtian and Guixu Dojo’s Chao Jueshi. The two old guys were neither yin nor yang. They said that he died suddenly and his dung would return to dung. In fact, they were incompatible with burying people.
At the same time, he chose Transcendent Hunting. If the two of them counterattacked, retaliated, and destroyed the balance rules of hell, it would be easier. Everyone in their camp would die tragically, and there would be no need for him to attack multiple times.
As for performing the Ripple Slash in the fog, he felt it was unnecessary. After all, once that kind of killer weapon is activated, it cannot be used again in a short period of time. And if he doesn’t get out, how can he force Chao Jueji to submit?
Wang Xuan suddenly broke out without any warning and appeared behind Guangguang Tian’s Chao Jue Shi. He took it seriously and came with flowers!
In his hand, grass and vines appeared, and the world was incomparably gorgeous for an instant. The sound of flowers blooming appeared and illuminated the entire time and space. With a bang, Dao Yun expanded violently, sweeping out from the flowers with chaotic light.
With a pop, Guangguang Tian’s peerless head exploded, and his soul was swept away by the holy object and disintegrated.
“Ah” he screamed miserably. He really did not sense the crisis in advance, because Wang Xuan returned from a place beyond the world and appeared directly behind him.
The Dao flower bloomed, seemingly soft and bright, but when the light rain poured down, it was extremely domineering, shattering the impact of his broken soul and completely shattering it.
A super peerless person was killed! He didn’t even have time to make a choice whether to break the balance rules of hell or not before he died miserably.
/At the same time, lightning struck down from the sky, covering the area, and there was a loud scream.
The natural disaster reappeared, and it actually continued. Wang Xuan was a little confused when he was struck. He thought he had successfully avoided the disaster by accident, but when the result came out, he was struck by lightning again, but this should be the end.
He noticed that in the final stage, the danger level of the natural disaster increased dramatically.
Perhaps the supernatural source in the dark had some sense and knew that he had escaped the catastrophe. It had once stopped, but now it