re intertwined, and some of their essences are actually the same.”

Wang Xuan wondered if he had broken the limit in advance by taking the road of imperial transformation.
“When I reach the perfection of the Nine Heavens of the True Immortal, I will try to break the limit again. Maybe I will find that it is easy to break through the limit, just like piercing a layer of window paper?”
Wang Xuan has reason to believe that breaking the limits beyond the norm and becoming a royal ruler partially overlap.
Breaking the limit is equivalent to breaking the path with one’s own “power”, breaking through it all the way, and breaking the “ceiling” upward.
For imperial transformation, there are scriptures from the predecessors to rely on, and there are strange bones, flesh and blood of strangers that can be used for reference, and the texture of imperial transformation can be condensed to penetrate the “ceiling”.
“So, I may not be very far away from the heaven level. If the True Immortal breaks through the limit in the final stage, even if there is resistance, it won’t be very big.”
Of course, if he still breaks the limit many times beyond the norm, it is estimated that the last one or two breaks are still incalculable. This is not an area that can be described with normal principles.
After a brief trance, he sorted out the path to breaking through the unconventional limits and transforming into a royal being.
Then, he looked down at the chat history, and the picture style changed suddenly. Xuan Tian asked him where he was. There was a pair of goblins fighting outside the Sky City, and if he wanted to come and see it.
Xuantian mentioned a lot of keywords, such as beauty, naked clothes, extremely intense movements, and raging blood. What kind of tiger and wolf words are these?
The strange thing on the mobile phone was actually interacting with him, and it said: No picture, no truth.
He is actually asking for photos of the scene. Doesn’t this damage his image as the undefeated True Immortal Lu Renjia?
One dared to ask for it, and the other really dared to post it. Xuantian sent a picture of a fairy with a proud figure. Although her face was covered, Wang Xuan recognized at a glance that this hot figure should belong to Zhuo Yanran.
This is a dynamic picture. With a bang, the black dress Zhuo Xianzi was wearing seemed to have been blown open, revealing her long legs and arms.
“It’s a pity that he is wearing inner armor and is well protected.” The mobile phone wonders announced the truth in advance.
Sure enough, in the dynamic picture, the long skirt burst into pieces and fluttered, revealing the opponent’s cold metal armor, only the arms and half of the long legs were exposed.
/“You pretended to be me and made a comment?” Wang Xuan asked in shock.
During the conversation, the mobile phone wonder said that if there is no complete picture, there will be no truth, and he wants a picture of the real body after the armor is broken.
“!” Wang Xuan clutched the mobile phone tightly and stared at the screen.
On the city wal