to try it!

He could see clearly that in addition to the surging fog, there were also more gorgeous clouds. There seemed to be a “crater” embedded in the darkness.
However, from Wang Xuan’s perspective, it hangs on the sky, and the heaven and earth are overturned and turned upside down.
He raised his head and looked upwards. In the “crater”, smoke kept pouring out, expanding in all directions. As it went away, the mist was steaming every moment.
The “crater” is not real. Part of the haze is real material. Under Wang Xuan’s spiritual eyes, there are real crystal particles in the haze, which are dazzlingly red.
The crater is very deep, like a passage, connected to a strange place behind it!
“Can we see the truth by running through this place?” Wang Xuan is not sure. There are various signs that he wants to find a feasible way outside the mythical system. It is not that simple.
/When he gets here, he will be killed at any time.
He got a little closer to the crater, wanting to get as far as possible. However, in just a moment, he was horrified.
The God-Slaying Flag exploded, and the golden veins spread, almost boiling, blocking the erosion of those real haze particles. Wang Xuan felt the severe pain that his body was about to collapse. He saw that there were some burn marks on the flag.
This frightened him. Nothing could damage the God-Slaying Flag in the past, but he encountered it here!
He quickly backed up, but also raised his head, staring intently at the deep crater, which seemed to be a huge passage.
“I saw that there are flowers growing deep in the passage?!”
Wang Xuan’s pupils contracted. In the huge crater, deep in the passage, there were white flowers blooming, swaying in the red clouds that were as red as fire and blood. They were truly beautiful and holy.
Sacred plants grow on the side walls deep in the crater passage. They are like eternal flowers that never fade, tempting you to go there.
It is indeed splendid and sacred, and even the immortals seem to have a mortal air in front of it, not so otherworldly.
That kind of plant is not afraid of the red clouds, it is indelible, swaying in the red light, its flowers do not wither, and there is a large swath of bright light raining down.
Wang Xuan smelled a faint fragrance, and the severe pain that seemed to disintegrate his spirit suddenly eased, and then he got better and recovered.
“It gives people unlimited hope, and they want to step in and explore immediately, but it is difficult to get close to, and people will die completely at every turn.” He stared at the “crater”.
At this stage, this is the end and there is no way to cross it.
Wang Xuan looked at the charred black on the flag, and he felt helpless. Couldn’t even this divine object, which is second only to the most precious treasure, be able to do anything to this place?
“Even if there is a peerless strong man who has crossed the threshold of life, he can only stop here and it will be difficult to make any further progress.”
He looked here for a long time, and even ventured twice ag