promise is full of barriers and weak points. I am afraid you are not far from destruction.”

Nanzi said: “Master, why did you say this?”
Empress Ziwei said: “You see, he made Taiyi Cave Abyss and was targeted. There is an ancient soul hidden in Da Luo Tian, ??which is ready to go. He offended the Emperor Changsheng, the Da Luo Jinxian. The old longevity star hanged himself, and he was still holding on to him. Living in mountains and rivers as far as the sky, he will definitely be plotted by the existence of the Supreme Realm. He has flags all over his body, and he is not singing an opera, so it shows that he is not far from death.”
Nan Ziyan quickly said: “I’ll warn him!”
Empress Ziwei sneered: “If you go, the ancient spirit in his Daluotian will know about it, and he will kill you immediately! Don’t interfere in this matter!”
/Xu Ying left Ziwei’s ancestral court and planned to go to Xiao Tianzun’s Hunyuan Palace to rest for a while. The voice of the goddess came and said: “Immortal Master, Lan Suying left a note for the Immortal Master.”
Xu Ying took the note and read it over. He couldn’t help but sneer with a frosty look on his face: “The old dog of the Immortal Emperor really wants to harm me!” After that, he crumpled the note into pieces.
What was written on the note was the method of uniting the ten caves and heaven into one and summoning the Taiyi Cave Abyss!
On the other side, Lan Suying returned to Xianting, looking for an opportunity, and came to Doubu Helingdu Ancient Palace to see Xu Jing. She took out a ginseng fruit and said with a smile: “I grabbed this for you, eat it quickly.” Bar.”
Xu Jing was surprised and happy, and was about to take it when he woke up and asked quickly: “Have you eaten, madam?”
Lan Suying took out another Dao Fruit and said with a smile: “Assuming you have a conscience, I am planning to take it with you.”
/The couple looked at each other and smiled.
Xu Jing thought of Xu Ying again and said quickly: “Where is Ying’er? Has he eaten?”
Lan Suying said: “He took one and still has five Dao Fruits in his hand, which is more than us. Two of them intend to honor us.”
Xu Jing said: “Ying’er is interested. Now we and our husband can take two pills each!”
The couple took the Tao Fruit and while refining it, they talked about their experiences in Wuzhuang Temple. When Xu Jing heard that all the Heavenly Lords had Tao Fruit, he immediately stood up and said: “I am Dou Bu Tianzun, and my father-in-law should give me a Dao Fruit, otherwise it will be unfair to Dou Bu! I will go to him to ask for it!”
Lan Suying smiled and said: “You are very smart in your calculation, but how could he not know that you have already consumed a Dao Fruit?”
Xu Jing hurriedly walked out and said, “This is what Madam gave me, it has nothing to do with him. I’m not fighting for myself, I’m fighting for face for the Fighting Department!”
Lan Suying praised: “Master’s abacus is so good!”
Xu Ying came to Hunyuan Palace. After working hard these days, he finally settled down and made some repairs.
When X