realm of Xiyi. The big bell dinged all the way, blocking the invading evil and powerful force!

In the realm of Xiyi that was promised, the flame of the pure Yang fire suddenly surged, and the fire filled the air, burning the invading force to a crescendo!
The sound of the big bell keeps vibrating. From Xu Ying’s eyes to the sun and the moon, all the way across the Shenqiao, Yaochi, and down to the 12th floor, the bells are vibrating back and forth!
It flew to the Xuying Five Zang Immortal Mountain and refined the abnormal power that invaded the five internal organs.
The pure Yang strange fire is also burning in the air, refining the abnormal power coming from the mountains.
Xu Ying’s consciousness was still unclear, and nearly half of his consciousness was destroyed. Yuan Weiyang saw that his expression was not right, and stretched out a finger to gently tap his forehead.
Xu Ying felt his eyebrows were cold, his chaotic consciousness gradually gathered, stabilized, and thanked Yuan Weiyang.
Yuan Weiyang asked in confusion: “Monster Xu, why did your consciousness suddenly collapse?”
The big bell said in a solemn voice: “His consciousness just collapsed? If it weren’t for me and the strange fire in his body, I might even lose his life! Aying, what on earth did you see? How could it cause the invasion of abnormal power?”
Xu Ying looked at the short mountain in front of him, and said in surprise, “I just saw a piece of divine light. The light was emitted from these small stone statues. Each ray of divine light went straight to the sky, as if it was connected to another time and space.” .Then”
He shook his head and murmured: “Then, I saw them looking at me, looking at me from another world.”
Yuan Weiyang wondered, “Who are they?”
/Xu Ying shook his head and asked: “Master Zhong, besides suppressing the girl in the coffin in Xiaoshishan Well, what other behemoth did you suppress?”
Da Zhong was silent for a moment and said: “A god who came down to earth to do evil. Now that I have been severely injured and no longer suppress the ancient well of Xiaoshishan, that god may have escaped like the witch. When I recover from my injuries, I must kill him He caught it together with the temptress and stuffed it back into the well!”
Xu Ying remained silent. Gods, gods in the world of heaven.
The god of plague that he drove away with his whip was also a god from the world of heaven.
But just now when he was observing the stone statue on this hill with his heavenly eyes, he was also observed by the other party. At that moment, tens of thousands of eyes noticed him, otherwise they would not have destroyed his consciousness in an instant!
But where did all these gods come from?
What is the connection between these gods and the stone statues on this hill?
Xu Ying glanced at Zhou Qiyun, who was closing his eyes to rest, and said silently in his heart: “Since Old Ancestor Zhou has come here and settled here, he must not have done it without purpose. Is this place related to the Yin Court?”
Soon after, the sun se