d shape. While Liu Changan was peeling, Zhou Dongdong picked up the peeled apple on the table and ate it, without wasting any of it.

“Okay, the apple will oxidize tomorrow, but it doesn’t matter.” Liu Changan fixed the dog’s head on the apple’s body with toothpicks.
“Awesome, so cute.” Zhou Shuling walked out and took a look.
“This is the cutest dog in the world.” Zhou Dongdong announced loudly.
Liu Changan watched cartoons with Zhou Dongdong in the living room for a while, and then went back after eating midnight snack.
He went to do coffin teaching as usual, and it seemed that since he was discovered last time, those who came to monitor him have not appeared in the community again.
I don’t know if the words he wrote on the telephone pole had any effect, but in short, if someone doesn’t take it seriously, Liu Changan will kill the chicken again to scare the monkeys. Since he has given himself a prestigious nickname and no one cares, isn’t that right? Very shameless?
Zhou Dongdong held a long carrot in his hand, with two black beans embedded in a thick section of the carrot.
“What is this?” Liu Changan asked.
“Is this an elephant?” Liu Changan took the carrot and looked around.
“This is the trunk of the elephant, and this is the eye of the elephant.” Zhou Dongdong thought this was very obvious, “Brother Chang’an, you idiot, doesn’t even recognize the elephant.”
Liu Changan nodded. It turned out that this was an elephant caught by Zhou Dongdong. It was normal for its body, limbs, and ears to be eaten.
“What about the dog?” Liu Changan remembered that this must have been some kind of fruit and vegetable transformation last night, probably done by Zhou Shuling for Zhou Dongdong.
“The dog disappeared.” Zhou Dongdong said sadly, “The dog was originally placed in the refrigerator, but it disappeared for some reason. My mother said that it was eaten by me.”
“It’s not what you ate. Could it be that it ran away on its own?”
/“Yes, the dog ran away.”
“It ran into your belly.”
“How do I know?”
Liu Changan stared at Zhou Dongdong, not knowing what she was trying to do.
The dog was eaten, and Zhou Dongdong took the elephant to school.
Liu Changan and Zhou Shuling still went to sell fans. Today Liu Changan fired two big roosters. After all, the business is getting better and better, and Liu Changan is one step closer to his small goal of saving money to rent a shop and open a store.
“Last night in the middle of the night, Zhou Dongdong was probably hungry, so she went to the refrigerator to find something to eat when she got up. When I woke up, I saw her standing at the door of the refrigerator and eating the apple dog you made. After eating, she went back by herself. I went to bed, but when I woke up in the morning, I didn’t even remember that I had eaten it. I cried for a long time, saying that the dog ran away.” Zhou Shuling explained to Liu Changan embarrassedly, “I had to make that thing again for her.”
You always feel a little ashamed when you ask someone for help, only to lose what they