n Ning and Lu Yuan’s eyes.

Another classmate Zhao Wuqiang took it over smoothly. Liu Changan said thank you and saw Bai Hui looking at Qian Ning and Lu Yuan with dissatisfied eyes.
For many girls, it seems to be an innate talent to use various emotional expressions of joy, anger, and anger to manipulate the opposite sex.
“The first thing you want to do when singing a song is to hold back, and to smile is to frown, which is the most heart-breaking.” From a romantic person like Ouyang Xiu to the young man in front of him, their every frown and smile seem to generate more emotions in their hearts, and they are fascinated by them.
Qian Ning and Lu Yuan didn’t know how to write poems for Bai Hui, but they were very bold when singing. They both chose love songs. Although they didn’t make a touching confession before singing, their eyes while singing made it clear who they were.
Bai Hui just kept smiling, looking at the singer from time to time, greeting the students who seemed to have not yet integrated into the atmosphere, and taking control of the scene easily.
Liu Changan drank Erguotou, ate peanuts, and peeled a pack of fish tails. It was spicy enough, the fish meat was chewy, and the fish skin was chewy, so it went well with wine.
He also sang a piece of Li Zongsheng’s “Ghosts in the Heart”. The classmates were a little surprised by Liu Changan’s singing voice. The young man’s restless voice actually sang the vicissitudes of a middle-aged man and the murmuring feeling after the dust has settled.
Even Bai Hui stopped talking and listened quietly before applauding. He walked to Liu Changan and said in an encouraging tone: “Do you like Li Zongsheng’s songs? “When Love Is a Past” that Lin Yilian sang with him, Do you know how? Maybe you can lead me. I like this song very much, but it always lacks feeling when I sing it.”
/“Try it.” Liu Changan nodded.
Of course, Bai Hui’s voice did not express the tender feeling of a mature woman, but she was obviously very intoxicated and tried hard to express the feeling of the song. Liu Changan just set off her and closely supported her behind her singing. The feeling of wanting, after she finished singing, when she watched Liu Changan sing, her eyes couldn’t help but have a gentler flavor.
After singing one song, the applause was much louder than when Liu Changan sang solo just now. After all, except for Liu Changan who fell down the stairs when he saw Bai Hui, everyone else had a good relationship with Bai Hui, and Bai Hui also sang very well just now. Touching, Liu Changan has been setting off her.
Bai Hui gasped, her bulging chest jumping. She liked singing very much, but singing with Liu Changan felt particularly different, as if she had always been riding a horse under the scorching sun, dry and dry. , suddenly one day there was a breeze blowing nearby, there were light clouds in the sky blocking the sun, and there were clumps of moist flowers and grass all around, filling my breath with fragrance.
“I didn’t realize that you could sing so well. I should have called yo