holding a short stick.

holding a short stick.
However, the attack power is much worse.
After he knocked over his opponent with a chair, he suddenly realized that there was no melee around him?
There were seven or eight Huwei tribesmen lying on the ground, their bodies covered in blood, and at least two arms and one leg were missing from their bodies.
The remaining members of Hu Wei’s class had already hid far away, assumed a defensive posture, and kept shouting.
It is true that people who are foreigners are afraid of power but not moral.
When they encounter a ruthless person, they don’t dare to rush forward and fight head-on.
Who did it? Qin Tianzhu looked sideways and found that Hu Lianwang was also holding a chair in his hand, and the chubby Xiao Xianhou was holding a short stick in his hand and his whole body was trembling – this was not fear, but the excitement inspired by the battle.
Li Yongsheng stood there with an expressionless face, holding a knife in his hand. The knife was not long, only half a foot, and the blade was pointed down.
The key is that there is bright red blood on the blade, slowly dripping from the tip.
Chapter 237: Trouble (Part 2)
Qin Tianzhu looked at Li Yongsheng and was stunned for who knows how long. He really couldn’t imagine how a senior student who skipped a grade could have such strong combat power?
I haven’t seen you for a year, not for ten years. How come you have grown to such a height?
He was a little puzzled, but this was not what he needed to worry about most. The next moment, he turned his head and looked at the other table – this group of people rushed in, did they not affect the beautiful girl?
The people at the table all stood up and retreated to the back. Blocking the front were Huang Jiuqing and another man – he didn’t know that it was Ren Yongxin’s coachman.
However, that table was obviously affected. At least half of the dishes on the table were smashed to pieces.
/People in Hu Wei’s class go crazy, no matter whether they are innocent or not, they will vent their anger towards any target they can vent to.
People who are outsiders are like this.
/When Qin Tianzhu saw this, he felt blood rushing to the top of his head. He walked to Li Yongsheng and reached for the handle of the knife. “Give me the knife!”
He has people from the Taoist palace in his family, so he is not afraid of this little trouble – although it seems to be a big trouble. A little bit.
“Huh?” Li Yongsheng turned his head and looked at him indifferently. He took out a knife from nowhere and handed it to his hand. “This knife is for you, don’t take it from me!”
Storage bag! Zhang Muzi stood alone at the side, watching this scene coldly. When she saw a knife appearing out of thin air on Li Yongsheng’s left hand, her heart couldn’t help but jump: This guy actually has a storage bag!
What a good boy, you have deceived me very deeply.
Qin Tianzhu didn’t think much about it. He took the knife and rushed out with a shout, “If you dare to attack me, you are seeking death!”
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