s a regular army, which is also a strong force drawn from various tribes.

s a regular army, which is also a strong force drawn from various tribes.
For each tribe, what they are fighting may be a national war, but what is consumed is the tribe’s private soldiers.
If the team of 20,000 people is not fighting, why should we rush forward?
Therefore, under this strange situation, the Chinese people actually got seven or eight days of rest.
These seven or eight days are enough for the Middle-earth rangers to recharge their batteries. Their combat strength may not return to its peak for a while, but for people who lost three of their limbs due to freezing, they are only in the single digits.
Of the five thousand Middle-earth rangers, almost four thousand are able to mount horses and fight, and there are more than five thousand horses captured from various settlements – although most of them are inferior horses, they are still horses and can be ridden.
The Chinese people are not Rouran people, so they cannot fight without horses.
For the Rouran people, this was not the only trouble. News came that Ivan’s shadow appeared on this battlefield.
Two real Ivans plundered a migrating Rouran tribe and stole nearly 300 horses. Everyone could see clearly. With their high noses and deep eyes, their skin was whiter than snow, they must be Ivans.
/The smell is so weird, Ivan actually ran to Southern Rouran – are they planning to join forces with the Middle-earth people?
The appearance of the Ivans completely confused the Rouran army. They were not sure how many Ivans there were in South Rouran now. Before they figured out this problem, they rashly launched an attack on the Middle-Turks. That would be Irresponsible!
Under such a strange situation, the Chinese people completed their general rest and began to pack up their tents and head south.
The seven to eight hundred wounded who had not yet recovered were placed on horse-drawn carriages and sleds. Of course, some things they could not see were placed on the flying boat.
Driving in such snow is very challenging. Even if you are riding a horse, one foot is deep and the other is shallow, you can only cover seventy or eighty miles in a day, and it will take at least three days to reach the border.
This was thanks to the fact that most of the time they were traveling with the wind.
The Rouran people will know as soon as the Middle-earth people move, and when they find that their opponents want to run away, of course they can’t bear it – I, the Rouran people, come and leave whenever you say?
At this time, they could not care about the lack of food and grass, nor the presence of Ivans watching eagerly, and quickly sent out troops to stop the attack.
Considering that it was not easy to mobilize the army, they first sent two thousand-man teams to the front of the Middle-Turks and used harassment to block them, buying precious time for the movement of the army behind them.
/The two thousand-man teams are the elites of the two thousand-man teams and are the absolute main force. They do not lose their courage because their own strength