es. Part of this power has been accumulated to make favorable preparations for passing the level.

Although the Five Elements Body is powerful, it does not have the ability to borrow external forces.
The Five Elements Body has no special abilities, but it has the thickest and most reasonable foundation, and it also provides support for the idol. No other physique can produce such an icon.
Li Tianyi, Ma Tian’er, Yang Ying, Hu Jing, Zhang Xiaojiang, Suo Ming, Zhou Qian, Zhao Lingxuan, Gongsun Qingqing, as well as the outstanding ones selected from each hall, You Yuqing, An Dao and others, like some senior brothers from the branch. Not selected.
This also caused some controversy among his disciples, but from a physical point of view, Wang Meng and others like Jia Sidao were also quite strong. But the potential is too low. Even if it is promoted to Small Consummation, it will be difficult to break through. However, there are indeed some five elements in the temple that respond quite well.
The holy icon or destiny weapon is basically derived from the sensitivity of the five elements.
No matter what the controversy was, Wang Meng suppressed it all at this time, all for the ultimate success.
/At the beginning of the Hualong Pond Project, Hu Jing, Zhang Xiaojiang, Li Tianyi, Yang Ying, and Ma Tianer had the best foundations, especially the five of them who had always insisted on practicing their own Five Elements spells and had a solid foundation.
The five of them are one wave. The other fifteen people were a wave.
Wang Meng talked about the theory of destiny tools and holy images. The speed of cultivation is not the most important, but the discovery of weapon souls and holy shadows is the key, with the help of a large number of resources. Sprint level is just a matter of time.
To put it bluntly, it is to explore your potential and find your origin!
This is since Wang Meng became the sect leader. The first plan implemented.
What Wang Meng didn’t know was that his every move actually received immense attention and amplification.
“Three, six million high-grade spiritual stones were all smashed in?”
“Is he crazy? This is too impulsive, just to make a small consummation?”
“The young man is so happy about his success. The temple’s little family is not enough for him to deal with.”
“He’s so successful that he really thinks he can do anything. A few more Small Perfections are nothing to a sect. It’s better to use these resources to recruit directly. Maybe even the Great Perfection can be recruited.”
“Managing a sect doesn’t just rely on outsiders to support it. The Holy Church is just a Holy Church, not the Taiyin Sect.”
“Haha, maybe the Holy Church wants to become a branch of the Taiyin Sect.”
“Tsk, tsk, it’s really possible, but it’s nothing more than that.”
“Just wait and see the fun. If it fails, then it will be fun.”
After the ceremony, the Ten Thousand Demons Sect ceased operations quite honestly, but after Wang Meng’s big move started, the Ten Thousand Demons Sect began to make preparations.
Tian’s ambiti