a lot, you can take away his millions of acres of fertile land in Yuyang, or the super-large iron mines in Ganzhou, or even the salt fields in Ludong.

a lot, you can take away his millions of acres of fertile land in Yuyang, or the super-large iron mines in Ganzhou, or even the salt fields in Ludong.
That’s right, he believed that by destroying such a “small” restaurant, he would not be able to cause any backlash, and it would also show his political correctness.
When Capt. Yan came forward to warn him that he wanted to save some face for the King of England, he was very disgusted – Nima, do I need you to say it? If you explain things clearly, I won’t be able to pretend to be deaf and dumb anymore.
If Captain Yan didn’t say anything, he would just pretend that he had forgotten, and if the property of the Ninth Princess was destroyed, it would be destroyed. Even if the superiors pursued him in the end, he could use “forgot” as an excuse, and no one would pursue him again. Hold on.
/But once the words were made clear, he couldn’t help but sigh, it’s over, a good opportunity has been missed.
At that moment, how much he hated Capt. Yan, how much he hated Capt. Yan. You ruined my good deeds, can you help them?
But it doesn’t matter. If you can’t smash it into a restaurant, it’s better than nothing if you clean up the people.
But when he discovered that his boss, Oscar, actually knew Shopkeeper Li, his heart was suddenly wet with cold sweat.
The two of them got closer and closer as they talked, and his heart sank more and more. When he heard that Eunuch Ning had actually recruited shopkeeper Li, his legs went weak and he almost fell to the ground.
His resentment towards Capt. Yan has long since turned into deep gratitude – Damn it, thank you for your advice.
When Li Yongsheng twisted his lips and said that he called himself father-in-law, he knew it was over and they would not let him go.
He is also the Royal Horse Supervisor and knows best how much Ning Zhiyuan values ??titles.
In fact, there is no one in the inner court who doesn’t value titles. If a group of people who have no subordinates are fighting for it, why should they fight for it?
Even if you haven’t reached this position, if you become popular and you are in the emperor’s heart, your title will naturally rise.
As for Ning Zhiyuan, he especially cares about titles. If someone dares to be called father-in-law in the Royal Horse Prison, Eunuch Ning will let him go if he is the first one – are you planning to seize power and compete with me for favor?
Oscar is famous enough in front of Eunuch Ning, and he doesn’t dare to call himself Eunuch Ao. He can only accept this title privately when he goes on a local inspection tour, and he doesn’t dare to make it public – the people below are calling him nonsense, so Eunuch Ning will not particularly care. .
The young eunuch is also more popular with Oscar, and even offered his own valley for this. This time he followed the angel out, and he just wanted to show his dominance down there, but unexpectedly he bumped into a hard man. big nails.
What he was thinking at the moment was: Mr. Ao, you must let me go.
Chapter 343: Attitude is Every