s such a big arm this time, even I can hide it.”

“Oh? The Wang family has been very quiet recently. How could there be any actions that were hidden from brother Zhan?” Wang Zongzheng was stunned. Because of the return of the ancestor of the Yuan family, the Wang family has been shrinking recently. Although it cannot be called low-key, it is not big. The action is worth mentioning.
Zhan Yuan Pavilion was confused by Wang Zongzheng’s expression, “Don’t you know about Wangcheng?”
/“Yes, I’m here today just to congratulate my brother.”
Wang Zongzheng was even more confused, “How do you say this?”
Zhan Yuan Pavilion was surprised that the Wang family didn’t even go to Wangcheng’s large-scale True Essence Beast auction. It was obviously to tell the world that Wangcheng was already within the Wang family’s sphere of influence. Of course, what the Wang family wanted was digested internally and there was no need to leave. Auction channel.
Zhan Yuange said this again at this time, and said: “According to the recent news, the Bai family captured a fifth-level night vulture not long ago. I came to the head of the Wang family today to shamelessly pay tribute to the younger generations of the family. The head of the Wang family wants this five-turn night vulture, of course, the price is easy to negotiate.”
The night vulture is a true essence beast that is only produced in Wangcheng. The fifth-level night vulture is even rarer. If it is auctioned, rare things are more valuable, and the bidding will definitely be a high price that far exceeds the value of the night vulture itself. Of course, I want five The story about the Night Eagle is false, but what Zhan Yuan Pavilion said was in the hope that through the Wang family, the Zhan family could also join the hunt in Wangcheng. At least the Zhan family also contributed.
Wang Zongzheng was even more confused. Was Wangcheng already the territory of the Wang family? Wang Zongzheng was well aware of the turmoil in Wangcheng, but the Wang family had clearly let go of Wangcheng and had done nothing!
Due to the deliberate concealment of his family, Wang Zongzheng could not remember Wang Rencai.
Except that suddenly Wang Zongzheng remembered it and seemed to have sent away Wang Rencai’s stupid thing!
He vaguely remembered that Wangcheng’s Jiang family took the initiative to propose marriage. In fact, this happened to save Wang Rencai’s life. Otherwise, Wang Zongzheng originally planned to send Wang Rencai to an even more desolate edge area to fend for himself. It would be best to die. Clean and tidy.
Are the rumors heard some time ago true?
Some time ago, I heard that a prodigal son never comes back with gold. People have learned their lesson, and the Jiang family has also called off the engagement. It’s time to bring Wang Rencai back to Haojing.
But now, seeing the serious look on Zhanyuan Pavilion’s face, Wang Zongzheng was a little confused about the situation!
/“I haven’t specifically asked about Coughing City. How about I give Brother Zhan a clear answer tomor