t from the seal below, countless strange purple lights bloomed from it, like billions of divine needles of the universe bursting out from it, penetrating the void, and there was one more purple light in the The stock sucks and devours the divine energy of the common people.

It seemed that as Bai Ze Demon Saint left and felt that the special secret treasure was far away, it went berserk.
Seeing this, the Taoist Master of Changsheng just raised his hand slightly, and a ray of divine light fell into the seal below. He saw countless innate yin and yang divine lights brushing inside, and layers of innate yin and yang air flowed out, forming an innate The Yin-Yang Dao Diagram brushed off countless purple lights, divided them into Yin and Yang, and re-wrapped the terrifying Evil God Emperor.
/Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated slightly, and he could see that it was a strange innate formation, and inside it was a powerful innate spiritual treasure with yin and yang attributes.
Taoist Changsheng looked at Zhang Jiandao.
“We must refine the Heart Ancestor as soon as possible and kill this beast, otherwise the demon clan may not give up on it!”
Zhang Jian’s eyes remained unchanged.
He glanced at Taoist Changsheng.
Most of the power of the good corpse of the Immortal Taoist Master lies in the Heart Ancestor. If the Heart Ancestor can be eliminated, the Immortal Taoist Master may also become a big trouble in the True World of Immortality.
But compared to Xin Zu, the senses given to him by Changsheng Dao Zun are much more complicated.
But no matter what, it is always right to continue to improve your Taoism.
After a Yuanhui, his most powerful state will be perfect, and he will be able to enter the second-turn Taoist realm.
Even if Taoist Changsheng recovers, he will not have any worries.
The Taoist Master of Changsheng said.
“During this period, I also created a special refining method, which may be able to refine the Heart Ancestor Dao Fruit.”
Chapter 771 [Creation] concept, innate spiritual treasure
“But at this time, I still need to focus more on the confrontation with the true world of immortality. I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it. I still need your help!”
Taoist Changsheng took a look and smiled slightly.
“Of course, I won’t let you work in vain!”
“You take the descendant of the twelfth-grade Creation Green Lotus as your natal wood spirit, and your goal should obviously be to be promoted to the Chaos Green Lotus. Although I have never seen the true form of the Chaos Green Lotus, I was lucky enough to see the Merit Golden Lotus, and I also received a merit The lotus seeds of the Golden Lotus should be of some help to you, I can exchange them for you!”
Zhang Jian glanced at Taoist Immortal.
Although he took the descendants of the Innate Green Lotus as his natal wood spirit, he never thought of collecting other descendants of the Innate Green Lotus to complete the Innate Green Lotus.
In his opinion, the pure innate Qinglian still has the hope of returning to its ancestors.
Therefore, the golden lotus seeds of