“With such energy, no wonder His Majesty Fu Xi said that it won’t be long before our human race will have another Taoist Lord!”

King Yu was also in a good mood.
In any case, Zhang Jian is a direct descendant of Tongshan Taoism. If he can become a Taoist master, Tongshan Taoism’s influence in the Three Emperors and Five Elders Association will be greatly increased!
In the fire cloud cave sky, before the second purple wall of mist, after a long time, the strange signs around Zhang Jian slowly dissipated.
Deep in the void, in the majestic blue cloud, a stream of light split into two. The Earth Emperor Dao Fruit fell again deep into Zhang Jian Niwan Ming Palace, while the Earth Emperor Soul emerged above Zhang Jian’s head.
The Earth Emperor Yuanshen’s whole body is filled with immeasurable purple and yellow energy, and a supreme and noble power emerges from it, as if he is in charge of the central ruler of the earth, with clear authority.
Using the earth as the cauldron and integrating the authority of multiple emperors, the divine power possessed by the Earth Emperor Yuanshen is extremely astonishing.
The expertise he possesses is several times that of Taiyi’s true number.
/The most central one is the power of the Earth Emperor.
The authority of the Emperor of the Earth has been born since its birth, and it has the state of Taiyi Dzogchen when it first emerges.
This starting point far exceeds the authority of the Emperor of Sheji, the Emperor of Nine Nethers, the Emperor of Taiyin, the Emperor of Time and Space, etc.
If it is a small success, it will definitely be able to cross Taiyi and ascend to the realm of Daojun.
A little familiar with the newly born Earth Emperor Yuanshen, the Earth Emperor Yuanshen quickly flew into Zhang Jian’s immortal body again.
Dao Heart, Immortal Light, Dao Fruit, Yuan Shen, and Immortal Body are five in one. A stream of immortal immortal light gushes out from his innate Yuan Shen and begins to temper the original immortal Tao body again.
Zhang Jian glanced at the thin wall of purple mist in front of him, but did not enter directly.
Instead, he calmed down, re-deduce the original immortal Tao body, and pushed the power of the original ancestral Qi to the Taiyi Celestial Realm. After all five persons arrived at the Taiyi Celestial Realm, they were ready to break through the second thin layer. Fog purple wall.
He stood up slowly, and a purple-yellow Dao Fruit Immortal light circulated around his body, instantly tearing apart the ‘Net of Dao Qi’ in front of him.
In an instant, he passed through this “Net of Dao Qi”!
When Zhang Jian opened his eyes, his eyes were slightly condensed.
The scene in front of me has changed.
Instead, a huge purple energy wheel emerged in the depths of the void.
The Purple Qi Treasure Wheel flows slowly, as if all the endless avenues of heaven and earth are flowing in it, and what flows inside is a deeper ancestral Qi power.
Similar to the original ancestral Qi deep in Zhang Jian’s original immortal Tao body.
And a small amount of Dao Qi power.