ource of the underworld, mobilize the ocean-like power of the underworld to defend against enemies, and at the same time manifest the power of life and death, reincarnation, underworld, underworld, etc.

Zhang Jian was originally in charge of life, death, reincarnation, soul and other powers.
As for Yin Ming and Huang Quan, they are attached to the personality of the Nine Netherworlds and Spirit Emperors of the Three Realms.
In addition, there are various accompanying authorities.
For example, if necessary, you can use the authority of the Earth Empress to recruit some of the Yin soldiers and ghost generals from the Jiuyou Underworld to fight.
Another example is that he has the authority to supervise all the other Nine Nether Underworlds in addition to the Netherworld Underworld. Even the emperors of the underworld, such as the Ten Netherworld Emperors, are also within his supervisory authority.
It can be said to be a high-ranking position.
Even for ghosts and gods below the advanced third-order sequence, they have the power to kill them first and then kill them.
After receiving this priesthood, Zhang Jian became a famous and powerful emperor in all the worlds.
Even in heaven, there is a place.
/Feeling the power of this authority, a smile appeared on Zhang Jian’s lips.
Suddenly Zhang Jian’s heart moved. He looked in the direction of the ancestral temple and entered the ancestral temple in a flash.
At this time, on the huge golden body of Qingxia Daojun, a nine-color two-realm passage was formed, and then a green stream of light flew out of it and fell into the depths of Zhang Jian’s palm.
At the same time, a voice flowed out.
“This thing is with you, I hope you make good use of it!”
Chapter 604: The Day of Being the Great Secret to the Emperor of Heaven
The cyan divine light fell into Zhang Jian’s hands, and finally manifested into an innate divine object composed of clear and turbid air.
Inside, Zhang Jian seemed to see the magnificent scene of the first opening of heaven and earth, the separation of the pure and turbid universe, the boundless innate Qian Yuan pure Qi ancestral Qi, and the innate Kun Yuan turbid Qi ancestral Qi differentiated into the two Qi Qi of Qian Kun, pure and turbid, and the vastness stuck to the void. , as if the chaotic world is reborn.
At this time, Zhang Jian grabbed this divine map and only slightly sensed its power, and his face suddenly changed.
Top grade innate spiritual treasure universe map (broken)!
This is actually a top-grade innate spiritual treasure. Although it is in a broken state, it still has immeasurable power.
Zhang Jian held it in his hand and was amazed in his eyes when he felt the time and space ability that was infinitely stronger than his Mountains, Rivers and State Map.
The top-grade innate Lingbao Universe Diagram contains the two main great powers of purity and turbidity, time and space. Secondly, it can also evolve a universe and suppress the great principles of heaven and earth.
/Its suppressive power naturally exceeds the eternal level immo