the analysis was much better.

the analysis was much better.
The image of the slow-playing video is blurry. The surveillance probe that shot this video obviously belongs to a type with low pixels.
A person is only as big as a fingernail, and his facial features cannot be clearly seen.
The picture investigation police officers did not bother to say hello to their leaders, they quickly clicked on the keyboard and clicked the mouse, concentrating on using technical means such as multi-format video compatibility, noise removal, blur removal, image enhancement, deformation correction, super-resolution reconstruction, etc. to deal with blurred images. The video is processed for clarity.
He specializes in the art, and thanks to the efforts of the police, the video turned out to be much clearer.
He just clicked the mouse and called up another video, playing it simultaneously as if he had enabled the “picture-in-picture” mode. After watching it for more than ten seconds, Xu Aiguo couldn’t help laughing and said: “This is the same person, with the same clothes, height, body shape,… The gait is almost the same!”
“You can’t be wrong, it’s him.”
A young man in his twenties, with a long face and a flat head, seems to have a lot of acne on his face, wearing a T-shirt on the upper body and a pair of jeans on the lower body, with empty hands and no With a backpack, he seems to be unfamiliar with the surrounding environment and a little bit curious. He walked around and looked around in the short ten-second video.
Han Bo didn’t know much about the 7.11 case. He only knew that he was a suspect. He turned around and asked, “Now that we have three videos, Feng Da, do you mean we have basically figured out this guy’s activities before and after the incident?”
The leader said. Coming here can solve many problems!
Feng Jinhui subconsciously looked at Gao Xueping, pointed to a map that Xu Aiguo had just spread out, and said: “We only found out the approximate trajectory of his activities in Guangming Community. Xiao Gao has all the surveillance videos within 3 kilometers of the crime scene. It would be great if there are enough manpower, preferably those who know how to detect images.”
Han Bole was delighted and couldn’t help but asked with a smile: “Comrade Xueping, how did you identify these three videos?”
Complain when it’s time to complain. Gao Xueping said with an embarrassed look: “I reported to the Korean Bureau. After getting the surveillance video from the branch at noon, I bought more than twenty USB flash drives. I also went to two old units to invite the Qingyang Police Station Community Team and Luohu Branch. The assisting police officers from the Fourth Criminal Police Squadron helped to look at more than 20 people. If they found something suspicious, they would call me, and then they would further screen based on the camera number and time period they provided.”
/He only gave them one suspect. He has general physical characteristics, but many of the videos are unclear. It is conceivable that people would call him whenever they fe