(talent)’ to him, but it also affected his soul.

David’s soul is so powerful. Once he discovers this, after adjustment, the disgust towards the steel walls around him disappears, and he returns to the feeling that a human being should have.
/Looking at the time, it was a bit late now. David entered into the practice of ‘Crystal Meditation’ without doing any tests.
The students who have been locked up for a few days are already impatient. Only by hunting Zerg can they get points. With points, they can have training resources and combat techniques.
David smiled and killed the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ King. Although he didn’t get as much as he imagined, he helped the students here. Looking at the smiles of these students, it gave him a sense of satisfaction. .
The short wings behind David sprayed out energy, and his body instantly rose into the air and flew towards the sky.
Far away from the steel base, he felt the kindness of the earth. If he didn’t need to stay away from the safe area, he would have wanted to descend immediately and try to use ‘underground stealth (talent)’.
/After flying about 400 kilometers, David found a cave behind a gravel mountain.
Walking into the cave, I found that the cave was very shallow, only two meters deep. It was better to say that it was a vertical pit than a cave.
This made David, who was still preparing to fight, relax. Even if there was surveillance in space, he would not be able to detect him. His spirit enveloped his whole body, and his spirit emitted a strange rhythm.
The soil beneath David’s feet parted, and his body entered the earth silently.
He felt like a swimming fish, and his spirit was the fish’s dorsal and tail fins, pushing his body to swim in the mud and rocks.
This is a wonderful experience, somewhat different from the advancement of the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ King. After David advances underground, the soil or rocks behind him will automatically return to its original state, leaving no passage.
This may be related to the size of the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ king. With such a huge body wandering underground, spending mental energy to calm the passage behind him will cost double the mental energy.
David walked through the underground. When he dived to ten meters, he felt that his spirit seemed to be unable to dive any further. It seemed that ten meters was the limit.
Giving up on the idea of ??diving below ten meters, he continued walking underground, enjoying this strange experience.
A minute later, he felt that the strange rhythm in his spirit was suddenly interrupted, and he was stuck about eight meters underground.
David smiled bitterly and took out the third-grade military spur from his leg, and then began to dig up the upward soil, allowing Shadow Warrior to put it into the space object. Fortunately, the depth was only eight meters, and he quickly got out of the ground.
Standing on the floor of the cave, he began to summarize the abilities he had gained this time.
This ability is really miraculous in some special places, but unfortunately it only works on soil and