se. Tell your husband, what were you talking about just now? Did you say bad things about me in front of your classmates?”

se. Tell your husband, what were you talking about just now? Did you say bad things about me in front of your classmates?”
Wen Xiaohan was breathless and her heartbeat was accelerated by Wang Bo’s intimacy. She hadn’t been intimate with him for more than two months, and her body was eager and sensitive. Wang Bo’s slightest flirtation made her very excited.
“No!” Wen Xiaohan gasped and said with a red face. At this time, her body had changed from leaning forward to leaning back on the sliding chair. Her head was slightly tilted back, her eyes were slightly closed, and her long and white neck was exposed. One hand was pressed on the back of Wang Bo’s hand that was rubbing around, as if to stop him from causing mischief.
Wang Bo withdrew his hands, and instead used his hands to comb the girl’s smooth, black hair with the slightest hint of magic, like a barber shop washing a customer’s hair with his back. From his current angle, Wen Xiaohan’s soft eyebrows and delicate facial features showed a different kind of charm that he had never seen before. Especially the other party’s moist, slightly open, red lips are even more alluring. Wang Bo couldn’t stand this temptation at all. He only persisted for a while, then buried his big head downward and bit hard on the red lips that were panting slightly.
“Uh-huh” sounded out, Wen Xiaohan closed her eyes and opened her mouth.
After a while of lingering, the hands holding the girl’s face began to slowly slide down, trying to get into the collar of the girl’s T-shirt to explore the two dazzling masses of snow under the collar.
However, Wang Bo’s right palm had just reached halfway in, and his fingertips had just touched the edge of the mountain, when Wen Xiaohan held him down. The girl got rid of Wang Bo’s big mouth, opened her eyes, and gasped: “Zian, not now. Sister Xiangxiang and the others will be back later.”
“Not so fast, Xiaohan. Let my husband touch it. Well, my husband misses them so much.” Wang Bo gasped and said in Wen Xiaohan’s ear.
However, this time he miscalculated.
As soon as he finished speaking, the sounds of Chen Xiang and Wu Xue chatting could be heard in the corridor outside the door. The sound came from far away, and it was estimated that in more than ten seconds, the two of them would reach the door.
Wen Xiaohan was shocked. She quickly sat upright and touched her face and collar with her hands. She felt that her face was horribly hot and must have been horribly red. She felt anxious. Finally, she simply got up and walked to the bathroom, planning to wash her face with cold water before coming out. .
“Alas” Wang Bo sighed and looked at his right hand that was not fully working. He felt a little regretful and thought to himself that he would have asked Chen Xiang and Wu Xue to buy two more dishes outside.
Wen Xiaohan walked into the bathroom, closed the door, took a basin of cold water, and washed her face several times before the dazzling redness on her fair face slowly faded away.
/Moreover, it was summer vacation, but Wen Xiaohan cam