At this time, Sun Hao turned to look at Phil Jackson next door, feeling that the “Zen Master” was a bit scary.

At this time, Sun Hao turned to look at Phil Jackson next door, feeling that the “Zen Master” was a bit scary.
Especially the control over the players’ psychology is too strong.
No matter which one it was, it seemed like a stupid move at the time.
But so far, it turns out that was the right choice.
Because I am familiar with O’Neal, I know that the latter’s character will take the initiative to give in, so I do not rush to mediate;
similarly, because I am familiar with Kobe, I know how to fully stimulate the latter’s state, so when the hand feels hot, he He replaced it.
Sometimes the clouds clear up and the sun appears, and sometimes the trapped beast comes out of its cage!
In his previous life, Sun Hao heard many people say that Phil Jackson won so many championships due to luck, Jordan Pippen and O’Neal Kobe.
But after the game, Sun Hao found that it was not like that.
There are never any accidents in this world.
Phil Jackson, Jordan Pippen, and Kobe O’Neal all made each other successful.
You must know that whether it is Jordan Pippen or Kobe O’Neal, their combination has never been just one head coach.
Even, Kobe and Gasol.
/If it weren’t for Jackson, who could guarantee that the aloof Kobe and Gasol, who was hard to win in the playoffs, could form another golden combination.
Even if luck is a little better, it will be another dynasty!
Nelson made a quick change and replaced the main players in advance. Kukoc was still on the bench as a substitute.
A familiar scene.
In Philadelphia, the Mavericks relied on this lineup to set off a three-point rain, and finally successfully reversed the 76ers.
Only this time, they faced the more powerful Lakers.
As for the Lakers, they have Kobe who has a hot touch, O’Neal who is invincible inside, and even Phil Jackson who is wily.
/This is indeed the case. Nash and Nowitzki missed consecutive outside shots. God is not standing behind them every night.
On the contrary, the Lakers took advantage of the Mavericks’ weak interior defense and kept attacking the basket.
The game lasted for more than four minutes, but the Lakers beat the Mavericks 7-3, further expanding their lead to 11 points!
Nelson was forced to call a timeout.
In the broadcast booth, Su Qun looked up at the timer.
2 minutes and 58 seconds.
“There is not much time left for the Mavericks.”
There was a trace of unwillingness in his tone.
Just unwilling.
The Mavericks played well enough in this game. They led the Lakers by 7 points at halftime!
Moreover, Sun Hao scored 20 points in three quarters. This should have been another career night for him.
But now, Nowitzki and Nash no longer have the touch they had in Philadelphia. The Mavericks can’t hit three-pointers, and there is a high probability that they will lose.
This is the cruelty of competitive sports. There is only one winner.
But he was really unwilling to give in because of Sun Hao.
“Sun, come here.”
During the pause, Old Nelson looked at Sun Hao again.
Nowitzki is not feeling well, and he c