the master of the Book of Ten Thousand Curses, The incarnation of a magic weapon will never die in a world where the Book of Curses has been controlled.

the master of the Book of Ten Thousand Curses, The incarnation of a magic weapon will never die in a world where the Book of Curses has been controlled.
The power of the Book of Curses will not destroy Theodus, but Theodus is a pure magic flame elf. In the end, there is only one result. Either the Book of Curses makes a compromise, or Theodus Make a change, or rather, these two changes together.
Slowly, a large amount of hurricane power appeared in Theodus’ pure flame body. The power of the hurricane, under the power of the Book of Mantras, forcibly changed Theodus’ body. As a result, Theodus changed Duce’s race.
A few hours later, Theodus’s struggle stopped, but his body changed its appearance and turned into a rotating flame, like a hurricane elf ignited by flames.
When Theodus left the core of this hurricane world, he no longer encountered any rejection. Wherever Theodus appeared, the power of the hurricanes would even actively give way to a path, just like Theodus Same as in the world of fire.
Lin Yun was slightly relieved when he saw Theodus’s safe control over this level. After all, according to his understanding of the Book of Ten Thousand Curses, the most powerful power of the Book of Ten Thousand Curses cannot be used, but that does not mean that the Ten Thousand Curses cannot be used. The book has no such power.
As the incarnation of the magic weapon of the Book of Curses, being transformed by the Book of Curses into a hurricane elf is the most likely outcome. Now it seems that this is indeed the case. Theodus’s life essence has been forcibly changed. It turned into a hurricane magic flame elf, a special elf that contains the power of hurricane and fire.
/After the spells of the hurricane world were restored and smoothed, the place returned to its original appearance. Leaving the world of the Book of Ten Thousand Curses, the Book of Ten Thousand Curses also changed again.
A hurricane swirled around the Book of Ten Thousand Curses, wrapping the Book of Ten Thousand Curses. However, the surface of the Book of Ten Thousand Curses was still burning with a layer of flames, and the huge portal that appeared turned into a hurricane and The giant door was surrounded by flames at the same time, and the flames and hurricanes merged together to form a more powerful force of wind and fire.
By increasing the power of the Book of Ten Thousand Curses, Theodus will be able to exert his strength to the second level of Heaven Level. During battle, using the power of the Law of Balance, the Wheel of Ten Thousand Magics can also be forcibly upgraded to the same level as Ten Thousand Magics. The Book of Curses has equal power.
Theodus is calming down the hurricane world on the second level inside the Book of Curses. On the other hand, he is adapting to the power of the newly obtained hurricane, and will not be able to exert his strongest combat effectiveness in a short period of time.
Returning to the natural demiplane again to observe, the newly opened demiplane is perfectly integrated with the natural dem

he four divine beasts… In the ancient god system of the Revival Society, there is not only one of each kind.”

he four divine beasts… In the ancient god system of the Revival Society, there is not only one of each kind.”
“How do you say? Is it possible that there are dozens of each kind?” someone laughed.
Duramide remained silent.
The man was suddenly stunned. “Is it possible…”
“To be precise, the four divine beasts are all the four guardians of an ancient god in the ancient god system of revival.
Among them, in order from strongest to weakest, there are twelve blue dragon heads and two white tiger heads. Sixteen heads, twenty-four Suzaku heads, Xuanwu heads… seventy-two heads…”
Duramide’s voice paused.
The entire Immortal Council Hall fell silent for an instant.
Such an exaggerated mythical beast as Xuanwu actually has seventy-two heads! ! ?
“In addition, the four spirits are honored as Star Lord among the ancient gods. And above Star Lord, there are Yuan Lord, Great Emperor, Heavenly Emperor, and the highest Heavenly Lord…”
/Ma Long swallowed his throat and couldn’t help but look at it. To Yue Sai who has been silent all this time.
“The Resurgence Society mentioned to me that if they want them to participate in the war, their condition is to lift the close monitoring of them by the Heart of Ten Thousand Woods. And truly accept them as a legitimate organization.” Yuesai said solemnly.
“Then, let’s vote now.” His sharp eyes swept over the many members present.
“Divine Transition Ceremony…”
Wei He was floating in space, with countless purple light spots flashing in his eyes.
Judging from the information obtained from this black hole.
In addition to the complete consciousness of the jump to the divine level, the most important thing is the emotions and messy memories of this person who is unwilling to fail.
The ceremony is not complicated. All you need to do is keep increasing your mass density and keep yourself awake.
But it’s not complicated, which doesn’t mean it’s not difficult…
“According to the records in the information, there are nine levels of the real world, and each level is a different dimension.
This is the seventh level, and if the divine position is successfully condensed, you can enter the eighth level. Level. The monarch also belongs to this level of existence.
In other words, if I want to advance to the level of the monarch, I can achieve my goal by condensing the divine status!”
“In other words, there were people in this world who tried to occupy various gods. position, but failed due to some unknown reasons?”
The message did not explain the source of the failure, and there was no record of why Quanren finally disappeared.
Wei He searched repeatedly, but except for some fragments of daily life and cultivation, there was nothing of value.
But even so, these cultivation memories also gave him great help.
After all, it is a fragment of the memory of a former powerful monarch.
Among them, how to ascend the dimension and how to condense the divine position is explained very clearly above.
‘The ceremony of condensing the divine position can begin

ain and disappearing, Lin Yun breathed out slowly, and the torrent of runes in his eyes slowly dissipated.

ain and disappearing, Lin Yun breathed out slowly, and the torrent of runes in his eyes slowly dissipated.
“What’s the matter?”
/Lin Yun looked at Hughes, who was floating in the air not far away. He was a good owl, but now he had gained weight from eating. He seemed to be struggling to flutter his wings and float in the air. There is still a trace of cream on the face that has not been wiped clean. It is obvious that he ate another piece of cream dessert before coming to the half plane.
“Lord Merlin, that idiot Farro is looking for you. He seems to have caused trouble again. The enemy he has provoked this time is very scary, very powerful, and very cruel. Faro has nothing to do.”
Lin Yun frowned and came from Tianzhu Mountain. Take a step and you will instantly appear at the Gilded Rose, where Farrow is already waiting.
“Lord Merlin, I have something to report to you.”
Farrow described the incident in detail. Lin Yun sat next to him, his expression a bit ugly. ”
Merlin, this is what happened. What should we do now? The Holy Light Alliance is more troublesome. After all, those guys are people who don’t like to reason very much, and they are also very powerful.” After finishing Farrow’s report, Lin Yun frowned and began to recall the information about the Holy Light Alliance.
The earliest days of the Holy Light Alliance can even be traced back to the Third Dynasty. During the Third Dynasty, the status of the Holy Light Mage was actually not very high. Moreover, there was the Third Dynasty at that time, and the Holy Light Mage was overtaken by Wang Chao. With control, there is no way to form any power.
At that time, although the status of the Holy Light Mage was not high, it was spread throughout the entire world of Northrend. At that time, alchemical potions were far less developed than they are now. At that time, alchemical potions were exclusive to the strong, and all alchemists They are striving to refine higher-level potions, and no one will study the horizontal development of alchemical potions in more depth.
Medicinal materials without magic power are all waste. In that era, they were no different from weeds. Therefore, at that time, what all civilians, low-level mages, low-level swordsmen and the like needed most was the Holy Light Mage. For healing, whether you are injured or sick, you will go to the Holy Light Mage.
But in this era, even commoners, when they get sick, their first reaction is to buy alchemy potions. A mage apprentice is enough to refine the potions used by civilians, and the effect is very good.
Everything a powerful mage needs is to buy alchemy potions, potions that enhance effects, potions that restore magic power, potions that enhance physical strength, potions that treat injuries, and now there are all kinds of potions.
But in the Third Dynasty, all this must rely on the Holy Light Mage. But starting from the title of magician, potions will become the mainstream. Therefore, the status of the Holy Light Mage is not high, but because of the number of low-level

d the Lord of Sheji appeared instantly.

d the Lord of Sheji appeared instantly.
“Nine Dragons’ Path-Bearing Sword Technique!”
/The two men each held swords in their hands, and several straight sword lights cut through the chaotic time and space. In an instant, they penetrated the real bodies of the four most powerful guardians who were absorbed, and the purple-yellow sword light enveloped them instantly. It fell and killed the four guardians into pieces in one fell swoop.
The Lord of Nine Netherworld saw this scene and immediately shook his head.
“It seems that we have done something unnecessary!”
The Lord of Sheji’s expression did not change, but he smiled slightly.
“Don’t you think that we can appear as surprise soldiers? If I am in a stalemate with other gods and gods, we will take advantage of the situation and take action, just like before, we can change the situation in one fell swoop!”
The Lord of Nine Nethers didn’t think so, sighing road.
/“Although we, the accomplished Taoists, have followed the path of self-realization, our Taoism is as different as clouds and mud. Even if three of us go together, how much can we help me? Do you think any one of us can face the challenge alone? Is it the ability of a Taoist?”
The Lord of Sheji’s eyes did not move.
Although they are following the path of self-realization, they are naturally far inferior to the foundation of the ontology.
It is also the path to the strongest, and not everyone has such a terrifying foundation.
Facing the Supreme Being, it’s good to be able to escape, let alone kill him.
Suddenly, the Lord of Jiuyou said calmly.
the Lord of Sheji glanced at him and knew what the Lord of Jiuyou was thinking.
“Unless the three corpses merge into one!”
Once the three corpses merge into one and form another Earth Emperor Dao Zun, they can help Zhang Jian.
Zhang Jian glanced at the two of them and shook his head slightly.
“There is no need to do this for the time being. You still have vast potential that has not yet been unleashed. It is too urgent to directly combine the three corpses into one!”
The magic method of killing three corpses has been enduring in all the worlds for a long time, and it has its own mystery.
The three corpses should have reached their peak state of cultivation and be able to have three incarnations of the three corpses that are close to the original deity, or even surpass it.
During the Great Tribulation, Taishang Taoist Patriarch, one person manifested the appearance of the Three Pure Ones, which was famous throughout the heavens and the world.
The potential of the current Lord of Nine Nethers and Lord of Sheji has not been exhausted, so Zhang Jian naturally does not want to directly merge the three corpses into one.
And at this stage, even if the three corpses merged into one, it would only be the icing on the cake and would have little effect.
The bloody robbery eye was shattered, and the entire space of destruction gradually collapsed.
Zhang Jian followed the connection with the original time and space coordinates, a

that no one can stop it.

that no one can stop it.
Even the Zhou family and the You family can only avoid his sharp edge for the time being.
Wei He didn’t care much about it at first.
/He has been sitting here for a while and heard a lot of messy rumors about such a rich man causing trouble. There are many cases where the upper body cannot protect itself.
Now the Wang family is looking for opportunities everywhere, which is to find ways to deal with the small and medium-sized gangs and families.
According to the above meaning, it is to completely eliminate the small and medium-sized forces, gather all the resources and strength into the big forces, and then integrate them easily.
The Wang family is the chosen spokesperson for Xuanjing and is also the main family designated to support. Now
the Wang family and Wang Zhihe have successfully negotiated a cooperation with the You family and the Zhou family. The Wang family is the main one and the other two are auxiliary. , coupled with the power of the Chi Jing Army, the entire Xuan Jing was being turned into a monolith.
Wei He leaned back on his seat, rested for a while, and was about to get up and leave.
Occasionally, he would disguise his identity and go out to rest alone. A unique way to relax.
Find a place where no one knows him, pretend to be an ordinary person, and
have no eyes on him all the time. There is no expectation from everyone, and he is alone and relaxed
. When he got up, he paused. From the discussion around him, he heard a name. Something
happened to the wealthy Zhang family. At least five of the ten tables in the chess building were discussing this.
After leaving the chess building, Wei He followed the street signs. Sign, walking slowly towards Zhang’s house.
Passing through several commercial streets, entering a somewhat deserted dead end street
, there is a courtyard with a red door, white walls and black tiles, with the main door open
. Many people were coming in and out, carrying things out and moving them to the bullock carts outside.
In the large yard, women wearing servant clothes and luxurious dresses, some holding children in their arms, looked helplessly. Looking at the scene in front of them, some cried softly and wiped away tears.
The younger children looked innocent, but the older children looked at
/the plaque outside the compound
with worry and confusion. On the door, there are two big characters engraved in black lines: Zhang Mansion.
Wei He stood on the street outside the door, looking at the scene in the Zhang family’s yard from a distance.
The people moving things were silent and moved very quickly. Occasionally someone spoke.
He was also asking what things should be moved and what things should not be moved.
A man who looked like a supervisor was taking the lead and recording the things that were moved out on a list. How about four thousand taels of gold tickets? “The supervisor said loudly.
“Before… wasn’t it agreed before, sixteen thousand? “A beautiful woman with a somewhat weak temperament stood up and

ime, a group of armed policemen rushed over with murderous intent.

ime, a group of armed policemen rushed over with murderous intent.
/“Who said you can’t carry a knife?!” a rough voice roared.
“Damn it, you pissed me off and made your Rag Star bleed like a river.” A sinister voice said.
/The rough voice had a murderous feeling, and the eerie voice made people shiver inexplicably. At this moment, the group of policemen with guns and live ammunition rushed over.
Such a familiar voice.
It’s Joseph and White Fang!
It turned out to be White Fang and the others.
Liu Fei squeezed closer, and besides White Teeth Joseph, Iron Rod was also there.
There were about a dozen people in White Fang’s party, all wearing a kind of thin black armor. Liu Fei knew that kind of armor and it was called “Iron Chanyi”. Iron Chanyi was not an ordinary thing. It was not only excellent in resisting physical attacks. , ordinary laser guns are helpless against it, and the price is very expensive, comparable to an ordinary mecha.
It seems that these guys are doing well.
The group of people were as arrogant as ever. Joseph was holding a butcher knife blatantly in his hand with a murderous look on his face. The butcher knife was thicker and sharper than the one on the Gale Prairie. He still had a short iron bar on his shoulder. The shape and size of the stick have not changed much, but the color looks heavier. It is estimated that the weight has also changed.
The only one who didn’t have any cold weapons was Bai Ya. He wore a black windbreaker over Tie Chanyi and held a big cigar in his mouth. He looked majestic and looked like a boss, with a sinister look on his ferocious face. He has a chilling air, and he looks like a ruthless character at first glance.
Everyone was stopped by the security check.
On Rag Star, you can bring anything with you, except weapons. As we all know, the Rag Star is overrun with weapons, but the Interstellar Shipyard still strictly carries out inspection tasks, even if it is a butcher knife.
Many people don’t understand why Rag Star does not control the weapons on the planet, but controls the weapons of the interstellar shipyard. However, anyone who knows a little bit of common sense knows that this is very necessary, because as long as the foreign weapons are controlled, Then, the law enforcement officers of Rag Star will be able to have an advantage in weapons.
The people hanging around on Rag Star are all extremely vicious, and the police on Rag Star have already learned to deal with such thugs.
Thugs without weapons are obviously much easier to deal with than thugs with weapons. Strict security checks not only give the police an advantage, but also give the local underworld of Lag Star an advantage.
When White Fang and his group were surrounded by armed police, the atmosphere became tense, but no one dared to act rashly.
“Brothers, leave the guy here for now. Grandma, let me warn you first. If you lose the old man’s weapon, you will be walking around with nothing to eat.”
Seeing the policemen with live ammunition, White Fang snorted coldly. , first p

m the same lineage as the Holy King, he could leave part of the incense for the Yu family.

m the same lineage as the Holy King, he could leave part of the incense for the Yu family.
But this part of the incense is destined to be under the nose of Mr. Zhang of Dongzhou.
He would not follow the example of Da Qian and ultimately leave huge hidden dangers to future generations.
Cutting down the weeds without eradicating the roots, they will grow again when the spring breeze blows!
/As he thought, the Taiyin Ice Soul Immortal Bow appeared in his hand. He bent the bow and set an arrow, and several sharp ice arrows flew out, hitting and freezing these figures in an instant.
/At the same time, Zhang Jian contacted the Demon-Slaying Lord Wang Yuan and the four Dharma-protecting True Immortals outside the Shenjing City, and asked them to take action to clear out the Yu clan members outside the Shenjing City, and strive not to leave a single member of the Yu family outside.
With the abilities of the four true immortals, it is more than enough to do such a thing.
At this time, in the depths of the sky, the Demon-Slaying True Monarch and the four Dharma-protecting True Immortals have been watching the outcome of the battle from a distance. Seeing Taiwu Jinge leave on his own, they all smiled.
It seems that this matter has been successful.
At this moment, they received another message of soul consciousness from Zhang Jian. The five of them looked at each other. Demon-Slayer True Monarch’s expression remained unchanged, but the other four Protector True Immortals were sincerely sighing.
True Immortal Kanglong couldn’t help but said.
“The Yu family is not bad among the ancient sage kings, but I never thought that they would be defeated by the Dongzhou Zhang family this time!”
Bai Qiu Zhenxian on the side also said.
“After solving the Yu family, we and Tongshan Taoism have solved a serious problem. The Yu family fell, Dongzhou was full, and Dongzhou Zhang family has gained this foundation. I think it will grow up quickly, and it won’t be long before it can also become the Southeast of Tongshan Daoism. The Dinghai Divine Needle on one side!”
A smile appeared on the corner of the Bai Qiuzhenxian’s mouth.
He is different from the other three True Immortals of the Dharma Protector. He was born in the Demon Slayer Peak lineage, and his relationship with the Dongzhou Zhang family is closer.
His true body is the spirit of the innate Gengjin, a clan of mythical beasts with wings and white tigers.
He is the leader of the White Tiger clan of this generation.
He has long heard that there is also a member of the White Tiger clan in Dongzhou who serves as the guardian beast and ranks among the four guardian spirits.
I am naturally closer to Zhang Jian.
The other two alien true immortals nodded.
The more powerful the Emperor of Dongzhou is, the greater the chance of success of the great things planned by Tongshan Taoism. This is a good thing.
Demon-Slaying True Lord said at this moment.
“I would also like to ask all the guardian elders to work together to complete this matter. If this is accom

ion is beyond ordinary people, not to mention that he has actually seen it. He touched his nose and said nothing, pretending to be fine and left. In fact, he wanted to find a crack in the ground and crawl into it.

ion is beyond ordinary people, not to mention that he has actually seen it. He touched his nose and said nothing, pretending to be fine and left. In fact, he wanted to find a crack in the ground and crawl into it.
Anya liked seeing his expression and was snickering. Han Xuan, who noticed it, turned around and glared.
His son took his girlfriend to buy a swimsuit, and Han Qianshan only joined in the fun because he was mentally retarded.
He just went to the Audemars Piguet watch store opposite Victoria’s Secret and quickly bought a Royal Oak Tourbillon rose gold watch. The Audemars Piguet store manager was still standing at the door with a smile on his face.
Because he not only bought one piece, but also bought different styles of the same series for his bodyguards, a total of seven yuan, as small gifts!
The waiter was amazed again and again, muttering that he had seen the “real trench” today. He only said three words after entering the door: “Show me this one”, “It’s okay, I bought it”, “Oh, by the way. Get me another six dollars”.
Han Qianshan’s bodyguards are very happy. The Audemars Piguet brand is not well-known in China, but in European and American countries, its reputation is only slightly worse than Patek Philippe.
Jason and George curled their lips, but were not envious. Calculating the benefits Han Xuan gave them were much higher, taking last year’s Blueberry Group shares as an example, the profits were calculated in millions of dollars.
After coming out of the store, he walked over to his father. Han Xuan reached out and asked for the watch. It had a strange shape. He had collected more than a hundred watches in total, but he didn’t have this one. He asked his father, “How about the shape?” Yes, it’s as unique as PP’s Nautilus and Rolex’s Submariner. How much does it cost?”
Forgetting to ask the price, Han Qianshan took out the invoice from his pants pocket and looked at it, and said, “My model costs 220,000 yuan. US dollars, the 5002 bracelet of PP is broken, so I sent it to the original factory for repair and maintenance. I have been wearing it for the time being. The one you sent is really good, but it is prone to scratches, especially when doing farm work.”
He was talking about Patek Philippe. 5002, known as the most sophisticated watch in the history of this planet!
Two pieces are produced per year, with a perpetual calendar on the front, which can display the sky map of the northern and southern hemispheres, and rotates counterclockwise to display the movement of stars and the moon, the profit and loss of the moon, etc. The function is super complex.
Okay, the above introduction is all nonsense.
In one sentence, Han Xuan spent 3.5 million US dollars to customize that watch as a Father’s Day gift for his father from Patek Philippe.
/Mengmeng and Anya directly wore their swimsuits under their clothes and paid with their credit cards. After leaving Victoria’s Secret, Han Xuan entered a store and quickly bought swimming trunks. Then he walked out of the mall and headed to

skills. Compared with Yuqing Dao Tianyun Dao The top skills are all inferior. It is considered average among upper-level skills.

skills. Compared with Yuqing Dao Tianyun Dao The top skills are all inferior. It is considered average among upper-level skills.
In addition, he only reached the minimum standard for building a soul realm, and did not comprehend more Taoism and increase his accumulation, so the calamity cloud caused was only the lowest level calamity cloud.
“For ordinary demonic monks, those who can cause tribulation clouds are considered powerful characters, but for me, the soul domain is just an auxiliary, and its real use is to offset the rules and disguises of other components.”
Lin Xin understood in his heart and raised his head. Just watching the calamity clouds in the sky being weakened by the continuous consumption of hundreds of thousands of insects in batches.
For a monk, the Black Lotus Tribulation Cloud, which is almost a life-and-death enemy, is gradually getting smaller and weaker under the consumption of countless insect swarms linked to his soul.
In less than half an hour, it was completely consumed.
Heavy rain began to fall from the sky, and all the lightning arc lightning in the clouds dissipated.
The great calamity that formed Yuan Jing was passed through so simply. If only the countless Taoist cultivators in Zhongfu who had been struck to death and seriously injured by the calamity cloud knew that this calamity could have been passed so easily.
I’m afraid everyone’s eyes will pop out.
Sitting cross-legged on the deck, the rain poured down on me without any cover, and a light white mist evaporated.
Lin Xin didn’t mean to block it, but just quietly felt the newly formed Soul Realm Yuanjing.
A bolt of lightning fell suddenly, hitting the empty space around him.
Suddenly a blue-purple electric light brightened, and a black shell appeared around Lin Xin, blocking the arc like an egg shell.
This was the thunder and lightning that Lin Xin deliberately caused after surviving the Tribulation Cloud to test the firmness of the Soul Realm Yuanjing he had just constructed around him.
Fortunately, the thunder and lightning could not shake Yuan Jing at all. This black shell was condensed by Lin Xin and highly concentrated to offset the Yuan Jing armor of other Yuan Jing soul domains.
As long as he understands the meaning of Dao enough, a breakthrough is nothing to him now.
Stretch out your hand and shake it.
/The egg-shell-like black shell next to Lin Xin immediately moved close to him, and soon naturally formed a set of dark full-body armor with a helmet.
There are two horns on the armor’s head, one long and one short, not symmetrical, but extremely sharp.
The rest of the body was still pitch black and extremely thick, just like a robot wearing armor, which made Lin Xin’s entire body grow a lot stronger.
The entire set of armor has no patterns, but is as smooth as a mirror.
Lin Xin closed his eyes and continued to practice silently. The pain gradually passed, and his mind slowly calmed down, just in time to carefully understand the specific effects of the condensed Yuan Jing.

skin on his palms again, and thunderous energy suddenly surged.

skin on his palms again, and thunderous energy suddenly surged.
Buzz! !
The purple light suddenly brightened, and there was a faint purple-black feeling.
“Level 3!!” Both the instructor and the senior sister had their mouths wide open and didn’t react at all.
“As expected of the young master of the Zong family!”
Senior sister Lin Shuhong’s eyes flashed with a hint of envy.
In the family, the normal situation is that one has first-level thunder energy qualifications, and his affinity with thunder energy is pretty good.
As for general geniuses, they are at the second level. The upper, middle and lower levels of the second level include almost all members of the clan.
As for level three,
the Lin family has not had level three qualifications for hundreds of years.
With such qualifications, although he is still far from being a bloodthirsty person, among ordinary people, he can already be called a worthy leader.
/“Is it okay?” Lin Xin asked calmly.
“That’s enough,” the instructor pursed his lips and said softly.
Lin Xin walked down and waited quietly for others to test.
The little fat man clenched his fists and was still sweating when he went up. He was obviously very nervous. He kept looking at Lin Xin, obviously wanting to compare with Lin Xin.
But unfortunately, he only has the first level. It’s pretty good, but it’s still too far away from Lin Xin.
The little fat man came down disappointed.
Then there is Lin Youke.
This little girl smiled naturally, but because her steps were too standard, it showed that she was actually very nervous.
Blue light appears, first level inferior.
Belongs to the most normal range.
Lin Youke walked down with a disappointed look on his face, but was stopped by the inexplicably happy little fat man who offered him various comforts.
“Brother Yue”
Lin Youke wanted to come over and get close to Lin Xin.
“Next. Lin Yazaki.”
But her attention was immediately attracted by the teacher’s voice.
Lin Yazaki, isn’t this the little girl who already lives with Brother Yue! ?
Lin Youke suddenly pouted and looked towards the testing area in front.
“Definitely level zero! Level zero! Level zero!” she whispered.
There was a burst of blue light, then it instantly turned into purple light.
“Level 2 inferior!”
Lin Yazaki waved to Lin Xin proudly, obviously very satisfied with his qualifications.
Lin Xin’s expression remained unchanged, and he turned around and walked towards his original position.
He saw his mother in this life standing on the edge of the school grounds, accompanied by Uncle Duan, waving slightly towards this side.
He nodded in that direction in response.
No matter how good the qualifications of a non-blood person are, they are just like that. They can only arouse everyone’s surprise, that’s all.
Soon the other children were found and continued to teach the next step.
The 108-style Thunder Sword is actually more of a sword technique than a sword technique.
After a brief introduction by the instructor, Lin Xin understood t