os summoned from above his head. The power flowing inside the Dao Guo Qingyun slowly merged with A special trajectory is approaching in the depths of the origin ocean of chaos.

The power around him became more and more magnificent, and the ups and downs seemed to be vibrating with the immeasurable laws of heaven and earth.
The power is vast, overwhelming the endless void world.
When the Taoist reaches his level, his power is really incredible.
In that vast ocean of the great laws of heaven and earth, there seems to be a dollar of innate Dao Qi and acquired Dao Qi surging.
There is also a part of the acquired ancestral Qi, and the power of the innate ancestral Qi surges.
Under the divine power, the Dao Qi network, the earth attribute, and the earth attribute ancestral Qi wheel vibrate.
On this day, in the sky above the Eternal Ice Castle, auspicious clouds appeared in the sky, but I saw a body of light from the auspicious clouds and fairy light stepping into the air, but I saw two bodies appearing from it.
“Ancestor, Mr. Taibai Xing?”
Zhang Jian came out of the seclusion and looked at the two figures in front of the eternal ice castle. He was slightly surprised and immediately accepted the two immortals into the eternal ice castle.
But he saw two ancient immortals standing side by side. The Taibai Star Lord was smiling at this time. He glanced around and smiled.
“Eternal Heavenly Lord, I know that others don’t admire you, but I really admire you. If other immortal monarchs heard that they were going to enter the eternal immortal prison as a defensive heaven, they would probably shake their heads.”
“And you not only rushed to enter this place to practice, but you also succeeded in the experience and made great achievements in the immortal position, which really impressed all the great immortals and emperors in heaven!”
“Xingjun is too praised, Xiaoxian is just a fluke!”
Zhang Jian had a smile on his face.
He introduced the two gods into the Temple of the Eternal Heavenly King, and took out part of the longevity peaches and fire dates given by the Antarctic Eternal Emperor to attract the two gods.
/The purpose of Taibai Xingjun’s visit is obvious.
In the Temple of the Eternal Heavenly Lord, he first announced the golden edict of the Jade Emperor, the Great Heavenly Lord.
As Zhang Jian expected, his term ended and a new transfer order arrived.
But when Lord Taibai Xing announced the new transfer order, Zhang Jian was also a little shocked.
He got promoted!
But this immortal job was somewhat beyond his imagination.
This immortal position is neither in Chonghua Palace nor in the official palace.
Taibai Xingjun smiled at this time.
“To be honest, Pindao is also surprised that His Majesty Houtu is also very fond of the emperor!”
“Actually, the Tianshi Mansion intends to transfer you to the Chonghua Palace, where you will serve as the Prison God Emperor and guard the Chonghua Palace in place of the Chonghua Heavenly Monarch!”
“But His Majesty Hou Tu has appeared in heaven and wants to second you to th

l spiritual realms like Qinwangling. They have to withstand the combined attack of the alien insect beast coalition’s air force and the endless army. Unlike the Blood City in the B-level spiritual realm, as long as they are high up As long as the city is guarded, you can sit back and relax.

What’s more, Kunlun is on the Earth Star, which is a veritable holy land through the ages. According to Zhu Peng’s understanding, the greater the reputation, the stronger the attack force. The impact Kunlun receives is even much greater than that of a normal Class A spiritual realm. , proportional to its reputation far beyond the Grade A spiritual realm.
Those overwhelming flying behemoths almost formed a dark sky in the painting, covering the entire Kunlun Mountains in absolute darkness.
If it weren’t for the ups and downs of the spiritual formations throughout Kunlun, flickering and shining with endless brilliance while defending, photography techniques such as water mirror projection that rely on light would not even be able to play a real role.
It’s just that the holy mountain “Kunlun” in the imagination of the cultivators has been completely dyed red and covered with dripping blood at this moment.
There was no white, no green, or even any other colors. The entire hexahedral projection only showed the two monotonous main colors of jet black and bright red. Except for the occasional flashes of spiritual light from spells and large arrays, the real “Blood Kunlun” at this time was , almost no fairy spirit and vitality can be seen.
Kunlun at this time, not to mention that it does not fit the image of the Immortal Saint’s Palace, even if it is directly said that this is the Netherworld, countless people believe it.
Chapter 607: Flying freely because of the constraints of the sky
Until this moment, the low voice of the leader of the Celestial Eye Group B was once again heard in the projection. He might have simply hidden among the mortals in Kunlun, so that the various images he captured were all strange. of clarity.
“From the first day of the apocalypse, there was this overwhelming momentum of destroying everything. There was no respite, no arrangements, and no organized attack on those bugs. The desolate beasts and the alien races evolved from the Earth Star seemed to have a strong desire for Kunlun. With astonishing malice, their offensive has never stopped from the beginning. The number of insects and beasts that died here has exceeded ‘100 million’ a long time ago. Until now, even the Lord of Yuxu Palace, Kunlun, has been killed. Changjiao has taken action seven times. If it weren’t for the holy sword ‘Yuanshi Zhang’, which has the unstoppable power of immortals and gods, Kunlun, the eternal holy land, would have been destroyed long ago.”
/At this point, the camera suddenly turned, moving from the battle outside to the inside of the city.
The Kunlun Sect has been inherited for thousands of years. In addition to the Yuxu Palace on the top of the mountain, the entire Kunlun Mountain has been managed for many genera

Thinking of the advertising tool, he shook his head and said, “Forget it if you can’t find it. Remember in the future, don’t report trivial matters to this sect leader. You can handle it yourself.”

If you don’t practice well at night, you keep sneaking into the sect leader’s house. Do you want to splash the sect leader’s blood?
Lu Bei silently rolled his eyes at Lian Lin. If he wanted to learn sword skills, just tell him. He promised to teach him, but he didn’t necessarily guarantee the master.
“Sect Master, according to what my disciple Duo said, she most likely went to Xiongchu.”
“Then there’s no need to look for him. This person has betrayed the school. That’s it, the case is closed.”
Lian Lin left in confusion. After thinking about it, he could only think that Xiao Fengxian had offended Lu Bei in some way, otherwise he shouldn’t have been so casual.
The sect master doesn’t care, and the disciple is a piece of grass. If he goes missing, it doesn’t matter whether he is found or not, but as an elder, she cannot be indifferent. Lu Bei has only one disciple, even if it is a registered disciple, he is still a treasure of the Tianjian Sect.
If you really can’t find it, ask Xuanyin Division to contact Xiongchu and ask the undercover agent there to find out the information.
After Lian Lin left, Lu Bei took out eighteen skill books from his arms, took a deep breath, temporarily hugged Lady Luck’s long legs, dropped the skill points and started learning.
Eighteen basic skill books, used to open sub-professions, and feedback skill points after upgrading, have always been the biggest obstacle to limiting his qualifications.
Skill books can be used to open sub-careers. After investing in experience to upgrade, skill points will be fed back corresponding to the total level.
All this time, Lu Bei has not studied skill books much, not because he doesn’t want to, but because he doesn’t want to.
/If the level is low in the early stage, it is not cost-effective to upgrade the sub-career. The higher the total level, the more you can earn by upgrading the sub-career. If his skill point inventory wasn’t at stake, he wouldn’t even consider ascending to immortality, let alone transcending the tribulation period.
Just press it, you can’t go wrong.
Eighteen skill books consume a total of one thousand skill points.
The long legs of the goddess of luck were not in vain, and six different sub-careers were opened, which were related to stick skills, boxing, cooking, tailoring, carving, and animal husbandry.
For the last three, Lu Bei’s talent is average, and he will not be able to advance further if he upgrades to LV9.
The first three.
The first is cooking skills. Upgrading from the cook helper level to the chef level is limited by talent and will no longer increase.
The stick method and boxing method are more powerful, and I have been promoted three times in a row, such as the sub-profession related to boxing, from boxer to boxing master, and finally to boxing grand master.
/His talent is so high that it is a whole level h


Since the completion of the Huang Ji Hegemon Body cultivation, he has forgotten what it feels like to be beaten. Being punched until his face is covered with blood is such a nonsense that he will wake up laughing in his dreams.
At least in Wuzhou’s one-third-acre land, as long as he didn’t wander around in places such as Bulao Mountain, Liusu Mountain, and Demon Sealing Valley, no one could beat him to tears.
boom! ! !
A handful of dust pillars were raised high, and Zhu Wei sank into the ground in an upside-down posture. After a moment, he opened the crack with his hands, recovered from his injuries, and returned to the sky.
This time, the glittering little giant’s face was solemn, no longer as contemptuous as before.
Lu Bei:
After being hit by the Immortal Sword Intent, he only suffered a little nosebleed. The great elder of Huangji Sect is worthy of being a powerful person in the Fusion Stage, and he really has something.
It would be great if the Immortal Sword Intent can beat Emperor Ji Zong just like I beat my son, and I can beat him however I want.
/It has been smooth sailing recently, first beating Zhan Lexian, and then pushing into the iron mountain prison. There is no enemy between him vertically and horizontally. He felt that he might be a little drifting, so he quickly suppressed his inflated thoughts, and his face became serious as well.
The small world unfolds, and both sides complete the expansion of the other side at the same time. Zhu Wei’s small world has a higher level, a further ambition, and firmly holds the home court advantage.
Lu Bei’s small world has completed the siege, surrounding it from all directions, and for the time being it is also in its own home court.
“Huangjishe Divine Seal!”
Seeing Lu Bei as a formidable enemy of comparable caliber, Zhu Wei took the initiative, connected his hands in the air, and made a strange fighting technique. He aimed at the area where Lu Bei was from a distance, and the powerful force field crushed him past, tearing the brocade and silk into pieces. The sound sent black ripples in the air.
To deal with powerful enemies that are fast and unpredictable, you don’t need to worry about where the opponent is. Just stay in a roughly position and zoom in to attack them.
In particular, be careful not to let the speedsters take the initiative.
The principles are a little rough, but they are all based on experience gained from many years of actual combat. It is undoubtedly a better move than falling behind and getting beaten.
Under the Shen Shen Seal, the space seemed to be frozen, but in fact, subtle vibrations continued one after another, and the subtle wind that could not be caught repeatedly rubbed, making the innate sword body creak, and almost peeling off a layer of human skin in Lu Bei.
Of course, the handmade robe worth two taels of silver disappeared with a hiss.
Fortunately, it’s not a big problem. With his half-human and half-demon appearance, he can cover his huge size by growing some feathers.
/After successfully immobilizing Lu Bei, a

en didn’t know it, but saw that Lu Dong was merciful everywhere, and his definition was reduced from an extraterrestrial demon who caused trouble to the people to a calamity of his own demons. If he successfully survives this calamity, he can become a Buddha.

Ever since, when Gu Zongchen gained the upper hand, he also started to show mercy.
Without using fists or mouth, he tried to influence the devil with compassion.
The love and killing began. Lu Dong had several chances to win, but gave up. Gu Zongchen had the chance to completely suppress the demon, but he gave up.
/Then the real owner came to the door.
There are no extraterrestrial demons, and there are no demon tribulations. Lu Dong is a demonic thought cut out by Lu Bei.
Gu Zongchen couldn’t accept it. It was clearly his demonic calamity, so how could it become someone else’s demonic thought?
Still a passerby.
“Monk, what are you hesitating about? Fight back quickly!”
Seeing that Gu Zongchen didn’t say a word and silently suffered Lu Bei’s various postures, Lu Dong became furious and forcibly took the
Didn’t win.
As a demonic thought created by Lu Bei, he rarely had the initiative in front of Lu Bei. Every time Lu Bei did something related to the devil, that is, he did nothing to human beings, Lu Dong would be miserable.
The benefits go to Lu Bei, and the costs go to Lu Nan, Lu Dong, and
Considering that Lu Dong most likely didn’t know that he had a bad brother, and even if he knew about it, he wouldn’t bother to associate with him, I won’t mention him here.
In the past, Lu Bei was still a serious physical practitioner. He only had three demonic thoughts and the will to kill demons, but he didn’t know how to make good use of them. Although Lu Dong’s life was hard, he could barely survive.
Later, it failed. Lu Bei first learned the “Step by Step Method of Generating Lotus” and then “The Eclipse Demon Buddha Speaks of the Infinite Heart Sutra”. They were all serious Buddhist techniques. If I don’t go to hell, who will go to hell? Lu Dong’s good days are over.
Life is worse than death.
Now Lu Bei controls the Great Demon God and can dance as hard as he wants, while Lu Dong continues to weaken due to his family status. On the surface, it was Lu Bei who was beating Gu Zongchen, but in fact, it was Lu Bei who was beating Gu Zongchen with his hand.
He couldn’t even muster the strength to seize his body.
boom! ! !
The Great Demon God struck out with a palm, causing the golden wheel of black light to cause ripples in the water. The shadows of the thirty-six magic weapons condensed into entities, dispersing the golden blood in the sky, and completely destroyed the golden Buddha.
The palm falls but has not yet been put away.
The experience card for the Great Demon God expired. In the past, it was difficult to hold on to the remaining demonic thoughts, but today, Lu Dong was almost drained.
The next second, a dark figure about three feet tall and wearing a magic mist robe slowly walked out.
The devil’s face is shrouded in mist, his eyes are divided

t, my son, who has inherited your brilliant mind, thinks so too.”

Hu San said with a smile from the corners of his eyes: “Lu Bei is afraid of Xuanyin Division’s reputation, so he has vaguely declined his offers several times. Fortunately, it’s not a big problem. He asks for too much, and sooner or later he will accept his fate.”
“Think carefully, not everyone can enter the Xuanyin Division. This guy is no different from the monks outside. He is either from the Xinxiang sect or the Xinxiang family. If you vouch for his entry into the Xuanyin Division, you will be jointly and severally responsible for any trouble he causes in the future. You won’t get any good results if you come down,” Hu Er warned.
“Loyalty is not absolute, but it is absolutely disloyal. If you really go by this statement, the only ones your Majesty can trust are the few eunuchs who serve beside you. Not to mention that the people in the Xuanyin Division are the Grand Tutors, and aren’t they also from Yunzhong Pavilion? Disciple, don’t have any second thoughts!”
Hu San grinned: “As for him causing trouble, I’m not worried about that. People who are more afraid of death than me can cause any big trouble. As long as it’s not a rebellion and the beheading business is with you, mother, I have nothing to fear. ?”
“I hope so.”
Hu Er did not comment, acquiescing to Hu San’s statement, and then frowned: “Speaking of that bitch, she is a disciple of Yunzhong Pavilion. There are very few people who know about it. How did Lu Bei know that you Have you checked it out?”
“Well, he said he had a friend.”
Hu San smiled coquettishly: “According to my investigation, it has been determined that his friend is himself. No matter what specific circumstances are still under investigation, the results should be available soon.”
“What do I need you for?”
“My dear son, it’s easy to fight.”
“That’s true.”
Hu Er nodded slightly. Indeed, even after beating him, his son still felt something when he was beaten.
She seemed to have thought of something, and she was silent for a long time. Hu San stood aside obediently, not daring to disturb her.
After pondering for a moment, Hu Er said slowly: “Lu Bei can join the Xuanyin Division. The position is the same as yours. He will be temporarily given a green coat and then be assigned a difficult case to test his abilities.”
“Qingwei, are you a little high?”
Hu San frowned. There were five ranks in the Xuanyin Division. From top to bottom, they were Xuan, Purple, Green, Gold, and Silver. The darker the color, the higher the rank.
And because of the special nature of the intelligence agency, except for the two Xuanwei who are responsible for the internal and external affairs of Wu Zhou, from the third-grade military attache to the sword-faced saint, the identities of most of them have been kept secret for a long time, and they do not have the official position of military attache.
/The Qingyi mentioned by Hu Er has green silk braided on the cuffs, which corresponds to the Qingwei. Although the official position is blurre

al crime cannot be forgiven!”

However, he directly sent a message that fell into the depths of the Three Imperial Palaces. In the end, it directly tore apart the dimension of time and space and descended towards the human dimension.
And then, in the depths of the Three Emperors’ Heaven, a stream of magnificent divine light directly tore apart the dimension of time and space.
Destroy the void, directly massacre the human race outside the void, and collect the essence and blood of the human race. Very few immortals have the courage!
Even if the outsider demon wants to do such a crazy thing, he still has to weigh his own weight.
The Three Emperors Heavenly Realm is based on the heavenly dimension and is not just for free.
Zhang Jian also sensed the movements of the Three Emperors in Heaven.
But his eyes were still a little solemn.
He didn’t expect that someone would be so crazy in order to force him to be born.
It seems that he has not formed such a deadly feud with any force?
Or maybe some Taoists are born to be too arrogant and do not follow the rules, so they can have fun anyway?
However, this Dao Lord has obviously hit the wall. He happens to possess a traceable eternal immortal treasure, and he is also in the core of the Three Emperors Heavenly Realm, with King Yu next to him.
It’s all a coincidence!
Wasn’t it just a case of being caught?
Being chased by so many Tao Lords from the human race, Zhang Jian could only wish him good luck!
Chapter 558 I also went to the Peach Club
Zhang Jian did not wait long in the Three Emperors’ Heaven Realm. Soon after, King Yu returned with a sullen face.
Zhang Jian’s eyes saw that King Yu seemed a little angry.
“I already know the origin of that person. He is a Taoist Lord from the side sect. I have killed him!”
“However, his Dao Lord brand disappeared in the end, and His Majesty the Holy Emperors are tracking him down!”
Zhang Jian’s eyes were subtle, and it seemed that there were other beings behind the Taoist Lord.
However, being targeted by the Holy Emperors, the existence behind him will be dug out sooner or later.
Zhang Jian looked relaxed at this time. This matter was actually better for him.
The actions of the Three Emperors of Heaven are not a deterrent to those with evil intentions.
If you want to attack him, you have to think carefully to be able to withstand the backlash of the Three Emperors and Five Elders Association.
Soon after, Zhang Jian left the Three Emperors Heaven and returned to the Central Heaven.
After returning, the sky above Lingyuan Emperor’s residence became lively.
Qi Yuhua and Bai Liying had already received the news and led many Zhang family disciples to greet him.
/The emperor’s residence was extremely lively.
Even though many immortals and gods got the news, they came to watch the excitement. After all, there were not many situations like the Lingyuan Emperor’s residence in the Central Heaven Realm.
Only a few people with great supernatural powers can be conquered by secular disciples in a short period of ti

power also increased to 130 points of damage.

To give a vivid example, he can now kill himself with a knife.
Outside the door, the guards stared at Lu Bei, pointing at the house without saying a word to tell him to be more conscious.
Lu Bei rolled his eyes. If he had known that coming to the military camp would be like squatting in a dark room in disguise, he might as well stay in the alchemy room to gain experience, and return to his parents’ home with Zhu Yan for the last time to meet the other eldest girls and wives of the Zhu family.
By blood, these are all princesses.
“This little brother, I am a relative of General Wei, not a prisoner. It’s not too much to go out for a walk, right?”
“It’s not too much, but the general has said that he feels more at ease with you in the room.”
“I understand, it turns out I can go out.”
Lu Bei let out a long sigh and said boredly: “Then tell me, where can I go for a stroll, the school grounds or the warehouse area?”
“The warehouse is a forbidden area. You can’t go anywhere except the fire room where the armor is repaired.”
“Then let’s just go to the fire room.” Lu Bei shrugged, making up his mind to sneak out of the wall whenever he had the chance.
/“What are you doing in the fire room? You don’t know how to blacksmith?”
“You’ll see after you see it.”
“You’re really good at bragging. If you have the ability, you can forge two steel knives and show me.” The guard saw through the lie at a glance.
Lu Bei:
The reason he didn’t reply was not because he couldn’t resist. With his qualifications, he had books on forging and blacksmithing, so he could get started on the spot and use a good steel knife to block the mouth of the guard. Shut up because the message is a very important one.
[You have received the mission [Forging the Hundred Refinement Sword]]
[Task description: As in the title]
[Task reward: 500 experience]
[Whether to accept? ]
After coming back to his senses, Lu Bei vaguely saw a big exclamation point above the head of the guard. At this moment, the other person’s not handsome face looked extremely handsome.
able! catch! appoint! Service!
Excited! Shake!
Lu Bei raised his hands and pressed his guard’s shoulders. Unable to suppress the ecstasy in his heart, Lu Bei called out the other person’s name with gratitude: “Thank you, passerby!”
There was data missing from the personal panel yesterday and it has been modified.
On the way to the fire room, Lu Bei was so happy that he couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth.
People are in high spirits when happy events happen, everyone looks cheerful, and everything they look at is joyful.
/The sky is bluer, I am more handsome, and even the haha-ha philosophical atmosphere on the campus is more attractive.
Being able to take on the mission is of great significance to Lu Bei, and it directly affects his plans for his future life, whether to become stronger on his own or to become stronger by relying on the lap of a rich woman.
It is true that he can continue to refine alchemy and use expe

Shinto practice method has its own uniqueness and power. The place.

For example, when Zhu Peng uses this method to transform the appearance of the Seven Hells Evil Dragon King, a little bit of his own true energy pull can bring about a lot of changes in the energy around the world. In addition, the fundamental difference between giving orders to heaven is clearly revealed here.
/In the Immortal Way, no matter what the cultivation method is, even the various attack spells, it will naturally include factors that temper the cultivator himself. Four to five percent of the total amount of true energy is used to strengthen and temper oneself. , regardless of the physical body or the origin of the soul. Shinto, on the other hand, completely ignores its own factors. When a truly powerful Shinto master becomes a god, he will even directly abandon his body, or even not abandon it.
Since ancient times, after the powerful immortals have endured the Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation, many of the most powerful ones have taken their tempered bodies with them and directly ascended physically. Although strong men of this level are extremely rare, they have been there since ancient times. As for Shinto immortals, this is never possible. Their bodies after becoming gods are the aggregation of thoughts and laws in the world. This is also a kind of restraint imposed by the laws of heaven and earth on their ‘hands’ Shinto monks.
/In any world, immortal monks are the rebels of heaven and earth. They absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth but pursue their own freedom. After strengthening themselves, they dominate the world, but do little or simply do nothing for this world. They are typical of only entering and not leaving. Normally, the recognition by one side of the world is very low, so you will not get any positive blessing when mobilizing the spiritual energy of the world.
Shinto cultivation is completely the opposite. As long as you find the right path, the cultivation progress of Shinto monks is ten times easier and ten times faster than that of immortal monks. If there is a powerful god above who is willing to guide you and take care of you, you can build a foundation in one day and you will be able to do it in two days. The sun rises into the sky, the three days the steps are empty, and the fourth day the elixir is formed to achieve a thousand years of life, it is just like playing, just like the words of the extraterrestrial demon god who was Zhu Peng’s ancestor in the sea of ????consciousness in the past.
Of course, the method of achieving oneself will inevitably be infected by the magical power of the caster. Let alone a thousand years, the recipient of the spell will often lose his or her personality after a hundred years. Therefore, Zhu Peng in the past would not accept this easy access. I am diligent in my work, receive your divine power, take over your priesthood, and serve you as a god. Where is “I” in the end? People have to give up, it’s just a joke.
In any case, Zhu Peng now relies on his own strength to

gly before. This is the villa where the Taifu lived in her early years. It is not a messy grave.”

Hu San was walking on the stone path of the underground palace and saw Lu Bei groping around with his thief-like eyes. He reminded: “If you pick up small personal items such as underpants and clothes, throw them away quickly and pretend you didn’t see them. Otherwise, one day you will get the stolen goods together.” When my mother divides the inheritance, your share will definitely exceed mine.”
/“Brother is joking. I have great respect for the Imperial Master and Grand Tutor. How could I do such a nasty thing?”
Lu Bei shook his head repeatedly, seriously suspecting that Hu San was bewitching him with his words, just to make him obsessed with money and then body and head in another place, so that no one would fight for the inheritance.
His heart can be punished, but he cannot be fooled.
Therefore, if you pick it up, you should treat it as nothing happened and never tell Hu San.
The key opened the mechanism and the two entered the secret room.
In the rough belly of the mountain, which is hundreds of meters high, there are steep stone pillars erected one after another, about eighty or ninety in number. They are nourished by spiritual energy all year round, and the porcelain is white and smooth, with a tendency to turn into white jade.
“Awesome, you are worthy of being my mother’s mortal enemy. A single handwriting can change your destiny.”
Hu San walked forward with a smile, stared at the 100-meter stone pillar and observed it carefully. After reading one picture, he looked at the other one, he kept applauding, and finally said with satisfaction: “No wonder Mu is so cheerful, he will give you the key as soon as he is told, the master of love.” The handwriting has no meaning, not a single word, and I can’t understand it even if I read it.”
“It’s obvious that you are not qualified enough.”
/Lu Bei took back his hand that was attached to the stone pillar, turned around and laughed three times, then changed the stone pillar and continued to attach it.
“It’s so funny, the boss can’t understand, but the second one can understand it by just touching it?”
“It’s necessary!”
[When you observe the monument of killing potential, you will have an epiphany, and you will improve in Changchong Sword Song, and you will continue to work hard]
[You comprehend the Chang Chong Sword Song and achieve something, strength +12, speed +12]
[When you observe the monument of killing potential, you will have an epiphany, and you will improve in Changchong Sword Song, and you will continue to work hard]
[You watch
[You have learned the Chang Chong Sword Song and gained hugely, with total experience +800,000, cultivation +1200, and health +1200]
This is not a killing monument, this is clearly an experience room!
The level of Changchong Sword Song increased rapidly, and Lu Bei smiled broadly. Regardless of Hu San’s strange mood on the side, he concentrated on observing the wordless killing monument.
Eighty-eight stone pillars, eig