summon dozens of different Yuanjing-level outer realm monsters in an instant, turning them into microbial viruses and integrating them into the skin, body and soul of the person being summoned, making them Even if the recruiter is Yuan Jinghe Dao, he can turn into pus and blood with just one breath, without any resistance.

summon dozens of different Yuanjing-level outer realm monsters in an instant, turning them into microbial viruses and integrating them into the skin, body and soul of the person being summoned, making them Even if the recruiter is Yuan Jinghe Dao, he can turn into pus and blood with just one breath, without any resistance.
Even if he was lucky enough to survive, he would still be miserable, with countless pustules and maggots sprouting from his body, and finally his entire body would self-explode, spreading the plague.
Even when Yuan Qiuque was surrounded and suppressed, the opponent who had mastered the magic sword of life and death did not dare to be palmed by Meng Xinruo with all his strength. Although Yuan Qiuque was severely injured at the beginning, the horror can also be seen.
And now, the man in front of him, this kid who has only just come into contact with the level of a true king, actually resisted a Void Plague Soul Refining Divine Palm head-on!
This is simply as ridiculous as the Foundation Establishment cultivator suddenly being able to kill Jindan Daoist.
But no matter what, the facts are before everyone’s eyes.
Lin Xin had indeed blocked Meng Xinruo’s soul-refining palm. He just stood in front of everyone and looked calm.
“Could it be that the body has become a saint?!!” Demon Lord Yaoteng no longer dared to regard Lin Xin as an ordinary Lord at this time.
Everyone present understands the difficulty and horror of physical sanctification.
/Sturdy, resistant to magic, and indestructible, all monks who have reached this point are considered immortal beings.
Meng Xinruo’s mind flashed through a large list of dozens of magical powers that could achieve the effect of the person in front of him, but none of them were as shocking as what he saw.
“Is it a secret technique? I want to see how long you can hold on!”
She raised her palms and drew circles in the void, tracing lines one after another.
These lines are translucent, frozen in mid-air, and linger for a long time.
The huge shadow behind her also slowly emerged with most of its upper body at this time.
It was a bald giant with a height of dozens of meters and a body covered in green and black muscles.
/This giant has numerous small mouths densely packed on its head. On its head, which is less than two meters in diameter, there are dozens of ferocious mouths. Each one is densely packed with countless white serrations, making it look extremely terrifying.
The rest of the giant’s body is all black, its lower body is in the shape of virtual gas, and its whole body exudes a trace of ancient and distant aura.
“Supreme Holy Spirit!”
Meng Xinruo slapped her palms together, and both palms exploded completely, turning into countless black mist, and then condensed into two extremely sharp black blades.
She shouted suddenly, and the black giant rushed out behind her. The two black giant hands quickly extended and turned into two black mist sharp blades, rushing towards Lin Xin.
Lin Xin smiled and opened his arms. Countl

they gave Lin Xin.

they gave Lin Xin.
Uncle Duan nodded slightly.
/“But by looking at the young master’s status, it’s best for Madam to give them some tips. If some people don’t knock on them from time to time, I’m afraid they will take advantage of it.”
“I understand.” Yuan Wanqing can become Lin Hao’s wife, so naturally it is not economical. lamp.
She carried Xiao Linxin to the maid beside her.
/“Let the young master bask in the sun, and then take him back to his room.”
The maid quickly agreed and took Lin Xin.
Only then did Yuan Wanqing leave in a hurry with Duan Bo.
Lin Xin spread his mental power and scanned the area, and immediately saw two old men dressed in black in the front yard, seemingly talking respectfully to Yuan Wanqing.
It’s just that there is obviously a hint of unruliness and ambition in the eyes of both of them, making it clear at a glance that they are people who are unwilling to be inferior to others.
Lin Xin, who was far away, didn’t bother to pay attention to what they said, but accelerated the Zhengyang Kung alone.
His current attributes are around six on average. If he had this attribute with a little more force, he might be able to break free from the maid’s arms.
According to Lin Xin’s estimation, the physical quality of these maids is an average of more than two points, which is considered good for ordinary people, but for him, they are very weak.
His time in the past few months has not been in vain, not only has he thoroughly mastered the writing, language, and some general geographical knowledge here.
It also compared the physical fitness level of ordinary people here.
He originally thought that this was the human world, where the vitality of heaven and earth was violent and masculine. Even now, he did not dare to touch the vitality easily.
So the villains here should be of very high quality.
But beyond his expectation, the physical fitness of the people here was not only weak, but even weaker than that of the civilians in the underworld, only between 0.5 and 1.
Therefore, these maids with an average of two points are already experts to ordinary people. And with an average of six points, to the people here, he is simply a monster!
Fortunately, the power of Zhengyang Gong Qi and blood is very hidden and is usually contained in the bone marrow. And he also used some of the secret methods of condensing Qi and blood that he had mastered to restrain himself as much as possible, so as not to be considered too exaggerated and shocking, and thus attract attention.
After struggling with his arms, Lin Xin stretched out his arms and moved them.
He opened his body wide and stretched towards the sun, assuming a slightly awkward posture.
This posture may be too weird for adults, but to Lin Xin, there is nothing unusual about the baby’s body.
After assuming the posture, he worked his mind and began to move the energy and blood. According to a certain frequency and rhythm, he slowly vibrated the energy and blood throughout the body.
The second level arrived quickly

creasing the spirituality of the soul and the spirituality of the extreme realm.

creasing the spirituality of the soul and the spirituality of the extreme realm.
He lay down on his back, leaning against the earth.
The huge consciousness and soul power gradually merged into this wasteland and became one with it.
The entire plane suddenly trembled.
Lin Xin’s body began to sink, being submerged and swallowed by the surrounding soil, sinking to the deepest part of the wasteland.
Everything was calm again.
It was as if nothing had happened in the void, and no trace was left behind as before.
Time passes little by little.
One month has passed, and two months have passed.
One year has passed, two years have passed, ten years have passed, and twenty years have passed
In the blink of an eye, a hundred years have passed.
Dragon and snake world.
In the Deep Fire Palace, Long Snake slowly woke up from his practice, counted with his fingers, and a slight smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.
“Go and tell Lin Yaoyang that Lieshan is still in seclusion and give her a Spring Rain Pill to keep her young and prolong her life.”
He ordered in a low voice.
In the empty Deep Fire Palace, a distortion suddenly disappeared.
Lin Yaoyang took the elixir from the messenger in front of him.
“So, my brother is not missing?”
She breathed a sigh of relief.
The messenger was a famous female cultivator who was also from Yuan Jing. She was also entrusted by others to deliver medicine from her sect.
Hearing this, he also smiled.
“Why did he disappear? Taoist Lieshan is a human being. In such a state, one can stay in seclusion for hundreds of years at a time. Although it is a bit long, it is acceptable.”
/She smiled, slightly envious.
“Brother with such ability, Yaoyang, you are very lucky.”
“That’s what you say.” Lin Yaoyang gently stroked his long black hair that had grown to his waist, and the silk-like hair continued to flow from it. Sliding out between fingers.
“I’m just always worried. I’m always worried.”
The female cultivator shook her head.
“If you are worried, just go and live in the Dragon Snake Realm. Staying in Qiushi will not be good for you or your brother. If his enemies are concerned about you, he will allocate part of his strength to protect you. And if you move there In the dragon and snake world, where there is soul fire, you can roughly see your brother’s current condition at any time, and you won’t be so worried.”
Lin Yaoyang was silent for a while, but he did not object as strongly as before.
Qiu Shi is now the most respected member of the Lin family, and Lin Yazaki has grown old, and the grandchildren he has taught are slowly becoming successful one by one.
More than a hundred years is
such a long time that a lot has changed.
The Lin family has already developed into a flourishing family, including Lin Zongze, Lin Yu, and Lin Haochen.
These three newly rising young generations have once again become the new generation of young masters in Qiushi.
“Maybe I should think about it.”
Lin Xin asked her many times to

e Old General Yang?”

e Old General Yang?”
The Taiwei thought for a moment and said, “Your Majesty, I recommend Wang You!”
Wang You is his third son.
Wang You is much younger than the veterans recommended by everyone, but he also has outstanding military exploits. Over the years, he has fought in all directions and conquered all the barbarians.
However, due to the heavy power of the Wang family, Wang Huan recalled Wang You, just to recuperate in Beijing as an ordinary marquis.
Seeing the other important ministers looking at him, Wang Huan said in a deep voice.
“Your Majesty, although Wang You is the beloved son of an old minister, he never avoids relatives when promoting talents. His son Hou will definitely be willing to go to war for the country and eliminate rebellion!”
Wang You, also known as Zihou!
/On the dragon throne, Emperor Jingwu laughed when he heard this.
“Haha, okay, what Taiwei Wang said is very popular with me. Our dynasty has always been about meritocracy. Among all the military generals in the dynasty, Cheng Wuhou can also be called a strong general. He is also capable of commanding the three armies. This time, he will He said that Marquis Wu would take command and go on the expedition instead of Marquis Tongcheng! ”
I have thanked Your Majesty for your kindness on behalf of Quanzi. I am willing to issue a military order for Zihou. I will not return to the court unless I win!”
Upon hearing this, Emperor Jingwu nodded.
“Later, I will order Chinese and foreign people from Qin Tiantai to accompany you. This time I will kill those evil heretics in one fell swoop!”
Emperor Jingwu mentioned those evil heretics and slapped his palms on the imperial case.
When the news came from the DPRK, Zhang Jian was meeting Bai Xianyin at his residence.
/Zhang Jian refused Bai Xianyin’s request.
But Zhang Jian agreed to Taoist Tiexin’s request.
Taoist Tie Xin is different from other elders of the sect.
Taoist Tie Xin had planned for the Red Flower Empress some time ago. He saw it and naturally reciprocated her kindness.
As for the other elders of the division, I don’t even know whether they are male or female, so there is no need to agree.
The other is what Taoist Tiexin revealed. These people are not die-hard allies of the demon-slaying lineage. Most of them are just casual friends, so there is no need.
If you want his calligraphy treasure, then you can come by yourself.
At this time, Bai Xianyin looked around Zhang Jian. Her eyes seemed to be glowing with agility, and she couldn’t help but ask: “Little Master, is your elixir energy complete?”
“You can actually see it!”
Zhang Jian looked at Bai Xianyin in surprise.
At this time, he practiced the Golden Lotus Hidden Breathing Technique, and even the real Yuanshen might not be able to tell the truth about him in person.
How could Bai Xianyin tell!
Bai Xianyin shook her head and said: “The young master has practiced a very magical concealment method. I can’t see clearly, but the temperament of the young master is changing, very much like thos

le, looking at a black carriage that was slowly stopping.

le, looking at a black carriage that was slowly stopping.
With a click, the door opened, and two young men, a man and a woman, got out of the carriage. They were all dressed in dresses, clean, neat and exquisite, completely different from the ordinary civilians wearing gray cloth around them.
“A Ying!”
“Xiao Jing!!”
Chen Ying walked over quickly and hugged the woman in the dress.
“Long time no see, you are getting more and more beautiful!”
Chen Ying said with a smile.
“Don’t leave when you come this time. My father has left the business. Now the business is booming and the business is a little busy. I am counting on you, a talented person who studied abroad!”
Yuan Xiaojing is also happy. She and Chen Ying have been playing together since childhood. Best friend, I heard some time ago that there was something wrong with Yongan, and I was a little worried.
Now it seems that the situation is much better than she imagined.
“A monthly salary of fifty taels of silver is interesting enough, right?”
Chen Ying smiled and made a price.
“Too much, too much!”
Yuan Xiaojing was immediately shocked, fifty taels! That’s more than enough food and clothing for an average person to live for five years.
I’ve made so much in a month, and it’s just the beginning, but it’s a bit unpaid.
“My father went to Hanzhong, and now the company has moved to Hanzhong. It happens to be near your home. It will be more convenient to work together in the future. I am going to Hanzhong soon, how about we come together?”
Chen Ying said with a smile.
“That’s fine.” Yuan Xiaojing was also happy and introduced Yin Mingzhi, who was traveling with him, to Chen Ying.
The three of them chatted and laughed and entered the shop.
But no one noticed that in a medicine store opposite the store, a handsome young man with extraordinary temperament was staring at Yuan Xiaojing and Yin Mingzhi with narrowed eyes.
“Child of destiny? It seems we need to inform Master as soon as possible.” He murmured in a low voice.
“The son of luck?”
/Lin Xin sat in the office, his brows widening.
“It’s actually Yuan Xiaojing, who has played with Chen Ying since childhood?”
He didn’t expect that he could find the son of luck in this world so quickly.
If you find the son of luck, then the boundary stone may not be far away.
As for the origin of the world, he also had a clue.
“Master, the second Corpse King Qi seal has been found. Do you want to unlock it?” Wang Kongyan was sitting in front of him and asked respectfully.
“Untie it. Continue to look for the third one.” Lin Xin has already begun to sense with his spiritual sense that this Corpse King Qi seems to be connected to the origin of the world.
It’s just that he hasn’t really faced the complete corpse king energy, so he can’t guarantee it absolutely.
“Also, what’s going on over there in the Netherworld?”
“Everything is normal, everything is running normally, and a clue has been found about the origin of the world in the local world.” Wang Kongyan is also a fifth-level immorta

blood list is too difficult to deal with. The weapons he forges, once we, the monks and Taoist soldiers, are injured, we need to drain the blood from the body for at least nine seconds. Nineteen times can the poison of pollution be completely eliminated. “

blood list is too difficult to deal with. The weapons he forges, once we, the monks and Taoist soldiers, are injured, we need to drain the blood from the body for at least nine seconds. Nineteen times can the poison of pollution be completely eliminated. ”
After doing this for one round, even the Nascent Soul cultivator will only have half his life left.”
Lin Xin frowned and looked down.
In the huge square, at a glance, there were tens of thousands of injured people. They were constantly illuminated by the halo of the golden statue, and a violent blood exchange process was taking place in their bodies.
“Is the blood-transformation method integrated into this golden light?”
he asked.
“Yes. This was created by the Medicine Master Bodhisattva in the Buddha’s realm.” A venerable person showed respect. “If there had been no Medicine Buddha in the war, even the Earth Immortal and the incarnation of the Heavenly Lord would have suffered heavy casualties.”
“Yes, thanks to the Medicine Buddha’s full help.”
The other Heavenly Lords also expressed their praise. Obviously everyone has benefited from it.
“You are so complimentary. It’s a pity that the little monk’s magic power is weak and cannot completely eliminate your pollution.”
Among the deities, a handsome man wearing a white cassock declined with a look of helplessness on his face.
“Did Xinghai Blacksmith cause this kind of injury?”
Lin Xin suddenly asked.
“Not bad.”
Wuyan Tianzun nodded. I don’t know what he means by asking this at this time.
Lin Xin looked down and saw traces of black energy pouring out from wounds on the bodies of many monks and Taoists.
The black energy was like a living thing, and after it gushes out, it will go towards the wounds of the other wounded.
This creates a vicious cycle.
/But none of the other Heavenly Lords seemed to see it as clearly as he did.
“Without further ado, let’s start the battle discussion directly.”
He said no more, this time absorbing hundreds of groups of world origin from the main sect in one breath.
He already felt that the limit of his soul had completely disappeared, perhaps being lifted to a point where he could not speak by the origin of the world.
In this way, he can harvest attributes to his heart’s content.
This huge void demon spirit battlefield is like a huge granary to him!
“Master Shen, why don’t you understand the situation first?”
“I can’t wait any longer.” Lin Xin interrupted directly, narrowed his eyes and licked his lips. “The Void Demonic Spirit is powerful. If it is not contained as soon as possible, the war situation may be unsustainable.”
Wuyan Tianzun was blocked for a moment, feeling strange.
When other Tianzun came over, they would stay still if they could, and they would take less action if they could.
Only when the Void Demon Spirit comes to the doorstep will we have no choice but to fight back.
Everyone knows that void demon spirits can reproduce quickly through minerals without limit, and their number and reproduction speed far exceed that

class battleship was unable to pursue it. The star-class and planet-class battleships kept a distance from the mothership. By the time they caught up, the feeder had already approached the meteorite flow.

class battleship was unable to pursue it. The star-class and planet-class battleships kept a distance from the mothership. By the time they caught up, the feeder had already approached the meteorite flow.
” In interstellar navigation, meteorites have always been one of the biggest threats to spacecraft, and meteorite flow is simply a nightmare for spacecraft.
Most of the time, meteorites are static and suspended in space. There are also some dynamic meteorites. A single meteorite does not pose a threat to a huge spaceship. Whether it is a merchant ship or a space battleship, there is a protective cover. When a small meteorite is found, When encountering a meteorite, the protective cover will be opened. If a large meteorite is encountered, a laser beam will be emitted to destroy it.
However, if you encounter a meteorite flow, whether it is a merchant ship or a space battleship, you must stay away, because the group of meteorites that can be called a “meteorite flow” must be an extremely large group of meteorites, which can easily number in the dozens. Square kilometers, or even millions of square kilometers, and they are dynamic, keeping a stable distance from each other and moving in a certain direction. If an external force intervenes, the seemingly quiet meteorite community will immediately become violent. They rise up and collide with each other, producing a series of unpredictable chain reactions. It is a force that destroys the world. Large areas of the star field will be covered by the violent impact. In the face of that natural force that destroys everything, human beings The power of science and technology seemed extremely insignificant.
There was a silence in the hall, the holographic image was activated, and the shuttle boat hijacked by Liu Fei flew farther and farther. Of course, it would take some time to fly to the meteorites.
Obviously, there is only one option left: destroy the tender!
/Due to the powerful force of the Star Glory, destroying a docking ship only requires a slight press of a finger, and the docking ship will be wiped out. Even if the docking ship enters the cover of the meteorite flow, it cannot escape the Star Glory. A blow, because as long as the Xingyao launches a strike and stirs up the meteorite flow, the docking ship will have no chance of survival.
Dozens of pairs of eyes in the hall looked at General Danny, waiting for General Danny’s decision.
Danny frowned, glanced at the tender that was gradually moving away, and then at the officers and soldiers around him. Finally, his eyes fell on Li Wenyan, who was looking at him coldly, and finally gave the order.
“Let them go.”
“Beep, beep, beep.” Suddenly, an alarm sounded in the hall, and then, a strange electronic voice sounded.
“Congratulations, the self-destruction program of the Starship Starship Battle Group will be released in ten seconds.” A cartoon holographic image appeared on the holographic screen, bowing to General Danny, looking weirdly funny.
“Hey, t

efense. He

efense. He
just suspended in the void. It wasn’t until all the attribute points were added that Lin Xin suddenly realized that something was wrong.
In this battle, it seemed that there was nothing in the surrounding space. Broken.
I don’t know if it’s his imagination, but the broken space seems to be much less than before.
The attribute points are flowing into the defense column
like an ocean, constantly strengthening his
skin and bones . , meridians, blood vessels, internal organs, and even bone marrow,
everything is constantly being strengthened, hardened, and toughened.
Faintly, Lin Xin felt as if he was getting taller.
“How did you come?”
His body was growing
taller than before .
“No, my body is getting bigger all over.”
He raised his hand and looked at his palms and arms, which were expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye.
However, after a while, when his attributes completely stopped increasing, his height had become three meters, and his body width was much wider than in his original state.
“Originally, I didn’t want to take the path of pure attribute superposition, but unfortunately external forces kept forcing me to take the path of becoming stronger quickly.”
He gently clenched his fist.
At this time, his mental state was a little weird, absolutely calm, absolutely rational, and it seemed that all the extra emotions were suppressed by some inexplicable force.
/It should have been something that made me happy, but now I couldn’t feel happy at all.
He just stood in the void, with wisps of white smoke constantly coming out of the two black holes on his back. The sword of anger in his hand hung down diagonally, flashing with a faint silver fluorescence.
“Is this the price of the Supreme Nine Moon Divine Wind Sword?” He understood somewhat in his heart.
Perhaps, the emotion of joy will never be felt again.
Didi Didi
Yufu sent a communication request link.
Lin Xin suddenly came back to his senses from this strange state. Quickly open the jade talisman.
“Shadow City, the siege and suppression operation has officially begun. The dragon-slaying army has been dispatched. The meeting point is the Immortal Mountain in the Shadow Realm.”
“The Immortal Mountain”
Lin Xin put away the jade talisman. The immortality of the Wrath Sword was very strange, and it seemed to involve time. Causal aspects.
Even if his whole body is completely destroyed, after the onset of immortality, he will still be completely restored to his original state, including everything in his body.
He had integrated the jade talisman into his body before and hid it temporarily.
It is still completely restored without any impact. The harvesting of attribute points
in the “Shadow Realm”
is almost done for the time being. If we continue, I’m afraid it will trigger a large-scale attack on the void demon spirits.
“Then, it’s time to resolve the matter in Shadow City, as well as the cause and effect of You Mansion.”
He reached out and made a casual stroke.
With a hiss, a dark hole sudden

, it means that some immortals and gods from the middle-level third order and high-level third order in heaven will attend the meeting.

, it means that some immortals and gods from the middle-level third order and high-level third order in heaven will attend the meeting.
At this time, Zhang Jian, as the Nine Nether Spirit Emperor of the Three Realms, was naturally among the people in the court, and he was standing in the middle of the ranks of the gods in heaven. He was no longer like the last time, he could only stand behind the Three Yuan Emperor.
At this time, his divine status was at the same level as that of the Three Yuan Emperors, and they were on an equal footing.
/In front are all the ancient immortals and ancient gods from heaven.
Most of them are ancient gods and immortal kings from the three ranks of princes.
At this time, when Lord Taibai Xing announced the main topic of this meeting, the immortals were slightly in an uproar.
There are very few immortals in heaven who die in battle like Ming Yue Ghost Emperor.
The Ghost Emperor of Netherworld is in charge of the power of Mingyue, the underworld of Netherworld.
The radiant hole of the dark moon illuminates the Nine Netherworld Mansion of countless netherworld dimensions!
Such authority is very heavy.
After pondering for a while, an ancient immortal spoke from above.
“The Ghost Emperor Mingyue has fallen, and the underworld of Jinquan has once again fallen into the hands of the demonic clan outside the world. This is a shame to Heaven, and it is very sad!
But the plan for now is to send another Heavenly warrior to lead the Heavenly soldiers and gods to quickly Recover Jinquan Underworld to prevent thousands of creatures from falling into the hands of outside demons and causing even greater disasters!”
In the Lingxiao Palace, the expressions of many immortals and gods became extremely solemn.
It is obvious that Jinquan Underworld must be taken back.
A place of hell is related to the safety of more than one place of life.
As soon as the ancient immortal finished speaking, Taojun Qingxia glanced at an ancient god in the distance. The ancient god immediately cut off the unspoken words of the ancient immortal in front of him.
“Great Heavenly Lord, your majesties, since this is the case, without further delay, it is better to send a heavenly Taoist king down to earth, with the help of the stars, to recover the golden spring underworld as soon as possible!”
After his words fell, another local emperor with a high status immediately agreed. .
“What Mufu Xingjun said is true. Recovering Jinquan Underworld as soon as possible will save more living beings, and it will be an act of immeasurable merit!”
The two insisted that this was a matter of great merit, and immediately attracted the attention of many powerful ancient immortals and ancient gods.
In front of the Immortal Class, an ancient god suddenly snorted coldly.
“I don’t think it’s appropriate!”
“Emperor Mingyue fell into the hands of Jin Yun Demon God, a powerful demon from the Gengjin Demon God clan. That Jin Yun Demon God was a strong man at the Taiyi Dzogchen level. I suggest that Heavenly Court al

oke slowly appeared around Lin Xin. The smoke slowly rotated around him, vaguely covering his figure in the mist.

oke slowly appeared around Lin Xin. The smoke slowly rotated around him, vaguely covering his figure in the mist.
He placed his hands on both ends of the sword, and traces of the five qi wrapped around his five fingers.
His hands suddenly formed two different mudras, and the five qi on his fingers were intertwined like lines, intertwined into two different shapes, and flew out like flowers.
Immediately afterwards, his hands began to form a second pair of different mudras.
Then came the third pair and the fourth pair.
Gradually, Lin Xin’s hand speed became faster and faster, more and more urgent.
Densely colored handprints floated out and slowly rotated around him.
Dozens, hundreds, thousands! !
When all the handprints had completely obscured his body from view.
puff! !
All the handprints suddenly exploded and turned into countless colored smoke. A large amount of colored smoke began to quickly gather towards Lin Xin in the center, like a huge smoke funnel.
The bottom of the loophole is Lin Xin’s mouth and nose.
A large amount of colored smoke quickly penetrated into his mouth and nose.
/When the last trace of smoke enters the nose.
/As soon as he opened his eyes, his eyes revealed a faint red glow of more than half a foot, making a thin sound like air jetting out.
“It will work out,”
he breathed in relief.
The Qi refining period has finally come. The biggest difficulty in practicing Qi is to accumulate five different attributes of Qi. However, Lin Xin overcame this difficulty by killing and plundering.
His consciousness reached inside his body, and he already had the ability to see inside.
He could vaguely see a colorful oval vortex on his chest and abdomen, which was slowly rotating. Inside is the five qi he collected so hard.
In the center of the vortex, there is a small pitch black ball, and the surface of the ball faintly flows and flashes with a faint reddish light like an electric current.
“According to the law, the black ball is the spiritual core, and the glimmer of light on the surface should be spiritual energy, but shouldn’t it be white? Why?”
He looked carefully at the glimmer of light on the surface of the black ball and repeatedly confirmed I tried it many times and it is indeed light red.
As soon as his mind moved, the faint red light shot out instantly like an arc, many, many times faster than the previous inner energy mobilization speed.
Almost as a thought.
“It’s indeed spiritual energy.” He injected the faint red spiritual energy into the palm of his right arm.
Suddenly, his right palm turned slightly red.
Gently aim your right palm at the ground and stab downward.
As soon as the tip of his palm touched the floor tile, there was a violent hissing sound like corrosion. In the blink of an eye, the ground was stabbed down easily by the palm of his hand until it reached his wrist.
“This is not Guiyuan Spiritual Energy.” Lin Xin felt awe-struck, knowing that something was wrong with him.
The nature of the spiritual energy