Nandou Xingjun and Jidu Xingjun stopped tit-for-tat.

On the earth, rays of divine light formed rapidly, constantly flying towards the mountains and rivers of Nanming Divine State. It connected many Shinto priests conferred by the Emperor of the Earth in Nanming Divine State, and even some of the earth’s spiritual orifices, forming A magnificent formation was built.
That is the great array of black and yellow fetal membranes of heaven and earth.
Zhang Jian has seen this formation several times. The first time was in the innate Taoist realm of Donghua Heavenly Realm. At that time, it gave him a very deep impression. Later, he followed the Taoist priests who followed the earth attribute, and even the person who suppressed it. The sermons of Great Immortal Yuanzi truly gave him complete control over this powerful earth magic circle.
At this time, it is really earth-shattering to cover Nanming Divine State with this.
The yellow light rises from the earth, fills the infinite void, and blocks the vision of countless immortals and gods.
That part of the ancestors fell into it, as if they were stuck in a quagmire. The more they struggled, the bigger the vortex formed around them.
The most deadly thing was that several Star Lords took advantage of the cover of the formation and swarmed up.
Above the void, Zhang Jian looked at this scene, his expression not showing any joy. These ordinary ancestors of ancient tribes naturally just gave away their heads in front of those with great supernatural powers, but there were also ancient ancestors at the Taoist level behind them.
If they appear, his Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang Fetal Membrane Formation may not be able to stop them.
However, I still want to try the methods of these complete Taoist level ancestors.
Of course, Zhang Jian also hopes that the stars in the Heaven Dou Department outside the sky can play some role and try to contain the powerful ancestors of the Taoist level in the Tianling Realm for as long as possible.
At this time, Zhang Jian noticed that the Star Gate gradually turned into pure purple, and a terrifying purple star deep in the Star Gate was slowly emerging behind the Star Gate, forcing its way towards the Star Gate.
The true form of Emperor Ziwei has emerged and is squeezing out of the star gate.
Deep in the Jiehai Tianguan, not long after the strange sign of Nanming Shenzhou appeared, it was immediately sensed by several Taoist-level ancestors that they all had heavenly favors in their bodies. Naturally, such earth-shattering changes in the heavenly spirit world could not be hidden from their eyes and ears. .
The faces of the ancestors changed.
They had experienced many attempts to establish an extraterrestrial portal in the extraterrestrial heaven, but they had all been successfully repelled.
But a portal as ominous as the one in front of me is unusual.
I am afraid that the true form of the Heavenly Emperor Ziwei has arrived.
/They have experienced the divine power of Emperor Ziwei. If they face it alone, they will die or not.
“I’ll leave

n fact it is just the effort of a sword swing, and then the whole place is in an uproar. No one knows who Zhu Peng is, but Chu Tianji is a peak master of Zi Zaitian. This But what is known to all the masters who participated in the Demonic Incense Banquet is that Zhu Peng has killed a core master of the organizer at the Demonic Incense Banquet. This is not only a provocation to Zi Zaitian, but also a challenge to those present. The slap in the face of the demon monk Chi Guoguo (naked) is completely different from the twenty-three kills and one single cut that Zhu Peng used to establish his power when he first descended.

After a moment of uproar, the surrounding magic masters all surrounded him, each one pressing harder and harder with murderous intent, but Zhu Peng did not show any weakness, and the blood monks surrounding him unsheathed their swords one by one.
Although it doesn’t look like he has a way to survive against the monks who are fighting against the entire Zizaitian and the Demonic Feast, but since Zhu Peng has agreed that he is the high priest of the blood, then the decision he made is to be the first of the blood. Due to the choice of pulse, even if all the blood monks who participated in the devil’s incense feast had to die here, this rule still cannot be broken.
And it’s not just the blood monks. During the Demonic Incense Banquet, suddenly several female cultivators dressed in white with cold expressions suddenly appeared. One by one, they darted left and right among the demons and killed several people in an instant with their astonishing attack power. The people disrupted the formation of the surrounding demon cultivators. Then, before the surrounding monks could react, they escaped into the blood sword formation like lightning. Seeing that they looked like friends but not enemies, the blood monks did not stop them. .
Sure enough, one of the leading women knelt down on one knee directly in front of Zhu Peng, and said in a cold voice but with great respect: “Disciple Zhibei of Lingjiu Palace at Piaomiao Peak in Tianshan, pays homage to the Great Elder.”
This scene made Zhu Peng raise his eyebrows, but he just thought about it. It is normal for people to come to Lingjiu Palace for such a grand event as the Demonic Incense Banquet. However, Jindan realm monks like Wu Xingyun will not come in person. Yes, this is also a potential tacit understanding in previous demonic incense feasts. Golden elixir realm cultivators with powerful power will not go to the incense feast themselves. This is not only a kind of pressure relief for the organizer’s defensive pressure, but also They are also responsible for the safety of the Golden Core Realm monks.
/Every Jindan monk is the core supporting a huge sect. If he crosses the digital plane to participate in a conference at will, it will definitely attract a lot of ambushes and snipers from hostile forces. With hundreds of thousands of years of practice and experience, which Jin Dan realm monks dare to say that their mortal enemies are less than ten fingers?

“With such energy, no wonder His Majesty Fu Xi said that it won’t be long before our human race will have another Taoist Lord!”

King Yu was also in a good mood.
In any case, Zhang Jian is a direct descendant of Tongshan Taoism. If he can become a Taoist master, Tongshan Taoism’s influence in the Three Emperors and Five Elders Association will be greatly increased!
In the fire cloud cave sky, before the second purple wall of mist, after a long time, the strange signs around Zhang Jian slowly dissipated.
Deep in the void, in the majestic blue cloud, a stream of light split into two. The Earth Emperor Dao Fruit fell again deep into Zhang Jian Niwan Ming Palace, while the Earth Emperor Soul emerged above Zhang Jian’s head.
The Earth Emperor Yuanshen’s whole body is filled with immeasurable purple and yellow energy, and a supreme and noble power emerges from it, as if he is in charge of the central ruler of the earth, with clear authority.
Using the earth as the cauldron and integrating the authority of multiple emperors, the divine power possessed by the Earth Emperor Yuanshen is extremely astonishing.
The expertise he possesses is several times that of Taiyi’s true number.
/The most central one is the power of the Earth Emperor.
The authority of the Emperor of the Earth has been born since its birth, and it has the state of Taiyi Dzogchen when it first emerges.
This starting point far exceeds the authority of the Emperor of Sheji, the Emperor of Nine Nethers, the Emperor of Taiyin, the Emperor of Time and Space, etc.
If it is a small success, it will definitely be able to cross Taiyi and ascend to the realm of Daojun.
A little familiar with the newly born Earth Emperor Yuanshen, the Earth Emperor Yuanshen quickly flew into Zhang Jian’s immortal body again.
Dao Heart, Immortal Light, Dao Fruit, Yuan Shen, and Immortal Body are five in one. A stream of immortal immortal light gushes out from his innate Yuan Shen and begins to temper the original immortal Tao body again.
Zhang Jian glanced at the thin wall of purple mist in front of him, but did not enter directly.
Instead, he calmed down, re-deduce the original immortal Tao body, and pushed the power of the original ancestral Qi to the Taiyi Celestial Realm. After all five persons arrived at the Taiyi Celestial Realm, they were ready to break through the second thin layer. Fog purple wall.
He stood up slowly, and a purple-yellow Dao Fruit Immortal light circulated around his body, instantly tearing apart the ‘Net of Dao Qi’ in front of him.
In an instant, he passed through this “Net of Dao Qi”!
When Zhang Jian opened his eyes, his eyes were slightly condensed.
The scene in front of me has changed.
Instead, a huge purple energy wheel emerged in the depths of the void.
The Purple Qi Treasure Wheel flows slowly, as if all the endless avenues of heaven and earth are flowing in it, and what flows inside is a deeper ancestral Qi power.
Similar to the original ancestral Qi deep in Zhang Jian’s original immortal Tao body.
And a small amount of Dao Qi power.

the Zhoushan world. It is a flame transformed by the authority of the fire attribute Dao Law.

Zhang Jian just glanced at it without taking it. This kind of treasure has limited use for him.
Of course, what’s more important is that he already has the Sui Emperor Enlightenment Map.
The mystery of the fire attribute contained in Suihuang’s Enlightenment Diagram was more straightforward to him.
Secondly, there are several ‘relics’ placed on the table!
/Zhang Jian’s eyes fell on the table.
Those are three relics.
It should have been left behind by the Eastern Emperor before his death.
Two of them are personal items, and one is a jade pendant. Its whole body is surrounded by endless red cloud light, and the patterns of heaven and earth flow through it.
This is a piece of innate divine jade with a unique material and contains many fire-attribute forbidden laws.
Zhang Jian took one look and knew that this was a fourth-level immortal treasure.
But Zhang Jian sensed a wisp of Qi from Jiu Tianjun Xin Ziqing on this fairy treasure. Once the magic barrier was broken, this treasure might fly into the opponent’s hands.
Zhang Jian smiled slightly when he saw this scene. Since it was the East Emperor’s wish, he immediately fulfilled his wish.
With a wave of his hand, a divine light broke through the secret technique on the divine jade, and he immediately saw the piece of fire jade turn into a stream of light and escape through the air.
It was like a golden light that disappeared in an instant.
That was the Golden Crow Transformation into Rainbow Technique. Zhang Jian was very familiar with this immortal technique.
After all, the “Sun Scripture” is still in his hands.
Zhang Jian looked at the other two relics.
One is a Shinto magical weapon that is surrounded by the infinite power of the sun.
It is filled with blazing divine energy and has an unusually rich scent of incense.
It was an Imperial Divine Sword.
/Zhang Jian guessed that it might be the natal artifact condensed by the East Emperor with his own incense.
Similar to the ancient holy king like him, the incense is huge, and he can also refine the natal artifact.
You can condense your huge power of incense belief and leave it to future generations as a legacy, or you can use it yourself as a trump card, which is useful at critical moments.
It’s just that Zhang Jian hasn’t started refining it yet.
It was a fourth-level immortal treasure.
“It seems that the Eastern Emperor died in battle, and the other powerful immortal treasures on his body were not left behind!”
Zhang Jian thought to himself.
It is rumored that the ancient overlord Dong Emperor has two treasures in his hands, one is the Zhoutian Star Diagram, and the other is the Nine Yang Bell, which are both fifth-level immortal treasures.
Now none of them are missing. Apparently they were all taken away and probably lost on the battlefield.
The secret treasure left here is probably dispensable, so I simply kept it.
The last piece is a wooden slip carved from hibiscus wood!
Zhang Jian has already g

ique” and the “Wang Ding Dang Demon Secret Record”, which is a technique of contemplating and nourishing the mind!

The latter can visualize the Dharma image of the King of Sheji, and can continuously cultivate a divine image through this.
Once the divine form is formed, it possesses all kinds of miraculous powers. It can operate some of the corresponding soul spells and suppress luck, which is very wonderful.
The secret record of Wang Dingdang Demon is in the same line as “Tongshan Pure Treasure Record”, and it even has an excellent auxiliary effect on the practice of “Tongshan Pure Treasure Record”.
/Zhang Jian saw this and exchanged his precious quota for this magical book.
Otherwise, there are actually many powerful spells in the Patriarch’s Palace.
But in Zhang Jian’s opinion, those powerful spells cannot compare with the foundation of immortality.
“Da Langjun, it’s rare that the sun is shining brightly. Why don’t we go for a walk? You’ve been staying in the small courtyard for more than half a month!”
At this time, in the small building, Zhang Lu looked at the quiet Zhang Jian across from him in boredom, and he murmured a little.
Zhang Jian practiced hard for more than half a month, so Zhang Lu, as his personal servant, naturally had to serve him everywhere.
But he didn’t take any time off either.
Zhang Yi hired a few dealers to teach him martial arts, and he spent part of the day being taught the doctrines of sages from ear to ear by several gentlemen. He couldn’t stand such boring days.
“I can’t sit still anymore!”
Zhang Jian laughed softly, but he was recalling a technique in his mind.
He had comprehended some of the mysteries of the “Jiuxiao Chengfeng Thunder Control Technique”, and the effects of the spiritual roots in his body were now reflected.
However, the spell structure of Jiuxiao Chengfeng’s Thunder Control Technique is much more complicated than the simple Wind and Thunder Technique.
Especially the calculation method, it is still extremely difficult to rely solely on simple soul simulation imprints engraved deep in the mind.
It is hard for Zhang Jian to imagine that if it were not for his powerful soul and the excellent spiritual roots of wind and thunder in his body, ordinary cultivators would not know how long it would take to enter.
At this time, Zhang Jian was reluctant to go out as he was comprehending the mystery.
Zhang Lu chuckled at this time and said seductively: “I heard that many horse teams from other places came to Fengyang during this period, and they brought a lot of good things. There are all kinds of specialties, such as konjac sauce!”
Ever since Zhang Lu tasted the konjac sauce at the Qi Mansion banquet, he has never forgotten it.
Zhang Jian laughed and scolded: “You foodie!”
Zhang Jian suddenly asked: “By the way, has Master Yuzhen from Qi Mansion shown up during this time?”
Zhang Jian was still thinking about Master Yuzhen who was said to be able to turn stones into gold. Unfortunately, after Yu Tongguang’s death, Master Yuzhen, who had often brought letters

t from the seal below, countless strange purple lights bloomed from it, like billions of divine needles of the universe bursting out from it, penetrating the void, and there was one more purple light in the The stock sucks and devours the divine energy of the common people.

It seemed that as Bai Ze Demon Saint left and felt that the special secret treasure was far away, it went berserk.
Seeing this, the Taoist Master of Changsheng just raised his hand slightly, and a ray of divine light fell into the seal below. He saw countless innate yin and yang divine lights brushing inside, and layers of innate yin and yang air flowed out, forming an innate The Yin-Yang Dao Diagram brushed off countless purple lights, divided them into Yin and Yang, and re-wrapped the terrifying Evil God Emperor.
/Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated slightly, and he could see that it was a strange innate formation, and inside it was a powerful innate spiritual treasure with yin and yang attributes.
Taoist Changsheng looked at Zhang Jiandao.
“We must refine the Heart Ancestor as soon as possible and kill this beast, otherwise the demon clan may not give up on it!”
Zhang Jian’s eyes remained unchanged.
He glanced at Taoist Changsheng.
Most of the power of the good corpse of the Immortal Taoist Master lies in the Heart Ancestor. If the Heart Ancestor can be eliminated, the Immortal Taoist Master may also become a big trouble in the True World of Immortality.
But compared to Xin Zu, the senses given to him by Changsheng Dao Zun are much more complicated.
But no matter what, it is always right to continue to improve your Taoism.
After a Yuanhui, his most powerful state will be perfect, and he will be able to enter the second-turn Taoist realm.
Even if Taoist Changsheng recovers, he will not have any worries.
The Taoist Master of Changsheng said.
“During this period, I also created a special refining method, which may be able to refine the Heart Ancestor Dao Fruit.”
Chapter 771 [Creation] concept, innate spiritual treasure
“But at this time, I still need to focus more on the confrontation with the true world of immortality. I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it. I still need your help!”
Taoist Changsheng took a look and smiled slightly.
“Of course, I won’t let you work in vain!”
“You take the descendant of the twelfth-grade Creation Green Lotus as your natal wood spirit, and your goal should obviously be to be promoted to the Chaos Green Lotus. Although I have never seen the true form of the Chaos Green Lotus, I was lucky enough to see the Merit Golden Lotus, and I also received a merit The lotus seeds of the Golden Lotus should be of some help to you, I can exchange them for you!”
Zhang Jian glanced at Taoist Immortal.
Although he took the descendants of the Innate Green Lotus as his natal wood spirit, he never thought of collecting other descendants of the Innate Green Lotus to complete the Innate Green Lotus.
In his opinion, the pure innate Qinglian still has the hope of returning to its ancestors.
Therefore, the golden lotus seeds of

already received our salary in the Dragon Palace!”

Zhang Jian nodded, the Dragon Palace’s service awareness is not bad.
Zhang Jian asked casually: “Fellow Taoist, do you know where the ancient scriptures and exercises can be exchanged in this market?”
Hearing this, the Dragon Girl said: “Your distinguished guests can just call me Green Pearl. Our Dragon Palace market trades in martial arts, and every time it is a big deal, there are many sects’ businesses coming to the gathering, and now they are all in Dongmenfang.” !”
She smiled brightly, and her beautiful eyes fell on Zhang Jian at this time, with a look of respect.
Zhang Jian’s eyes moved and Lu Zhu said.
“Dear guest, our Dragon Palace Market has five areas each time. The southeast, northwest, and southeast are for teaching exercises, magic weapons, elixirs, elixirs, and spiritual beasts. The fifth area is obtained from various relics, or a mixture of With all kinds of strange things, the fifth market is in Longyinfang, and there are also many other businesses sent by Dragon Palace!”
/Hearing this, Zhang Jian smiled.
“Your Dragon Palace is really good at doing business, no wonder you are making a lot of money!”
Luzhu said respectfully.
“Dear guest, Sheji Shinto has always adhered to an absolutely neutral position, and the credibility of our Shinto can be guaranteed!”
Zhang Jian nodded.
He found that these Shinto monks were the best at accumulating wealth. Even Fengling, a mountain god who had been sealed away for thousands of years, had extraordinary wealth.
In addition to receiving orders for spiritual items from various major sects, there are also various outputs, making everyone extremely rich.
Even if his old father-in-law is angry in vain and the Dragon Palace is ruined, he will soon be able to start anew.
This Shinto shrine is completely a golden sign, and its reputation is much better than that of many immortal sects.
But one cannot run away, and the other is a Shinto virtuous person.
Inside Dongmenfang, it is more grand than the previous area that Zhang Jian just set foot in. There are many vendors here, and there are also buildings where magic weapons are refined one after another.
Zhang Jian looked around, and there seemed to be a strong “scent of books” and the smell of runes everywhere here.
Perceiving these wisps of ancient simplicity and inspiration full of age, there was a hint of interest in Zhang Jian’s eyes.
Luzhu first pointed out to Zhang Jian some of the largest martial arts sales shops, which were opened by some of the largest and most special forces in the world of cultivation.
/For example, Jubao Pavilion, Tianya Pavilion, Penglai Pavilion, Shanhai Pavilion, etc.
These companies are all co-branded, and Zhang Jian has heard of their names. The backgrounds behind many of the companies are complicated, and they are even supported by many ancient aristocratic families and wealthy families.
For example, Jubaolou, behind this business name are the shadows of the hidden Taoism such as Kiriyama Taoism, and ev

several counties around Fengyang has been relieved, the cold winter has arrived. The wealthy families in the surrounding counties did not open warehouses to save the people like the several prominent families in Fengyang County. Instead, they stepped up the annexation of land and lost their land. After being instigated by thoughtful people, the refugee wave suddenly formed a wave of bandits. This time, with the combined efforts of several groups of refugees, they even captured two counties and killed officials to release food. It was about to become a trend.

As the imperial envoy and the governor of the southern counties, Cai Hengxing was promoted to the throne, but he had to go to quell the rebellion and was unable to take care of everything in Fengyang County.
Wang Shao looked at the mansion of the prefect who had finally prospered, with a wry smile flashing in his eyes.
Once Cai Hengxing left, he, the county captain, was no longer the meat on the chopping board of the three major families.
Although there is one missing Qi Yuan Si, most of the eight governors under his command are descendants of aristocratic families. He is unable to reverse this situation.
“The world is bright and clear, but I can’t help but cry!”
Wang Shao looked at the solemn and heavy table. He stretched out a hand to touch it gently and patted it. Although this position was good, it was fatal.
We can only hope that the county guards who come this time can control the overall situation of Fengyang County, otherwise they will be unable to save the day when chaos breaks out.
On the other side, Zhang Jian entered Qi Mansion.
First they met Qi Yi, then they went to see Qi Yuansi and Qi Wanshi, and of course they also bid farewell to Qi Yuansi.
“Ayu, this time my uncle would like to thank you for your life-saving grace. If the Dingnan Marquis Mansion had not come forward to help, Your Majesty may not have thought of the decades of meritorious service of my Qi family in guarding the border and let your uncle return!”
At this time, on the table, Mrs. Qi Wan picked up the tea cup in her hand and offered tea instead of wine. There was a look of sigh on her face.
The Wan family also had a lot of influence in the capital, but because they were worried about being tabooed by the current majesty, they did not dare to use more force. As an outsider, the principle of Dingnan Houfu’s advice was miraculous.
They knew that Qi Yi had already had a death wish before. If His Majesty insisted on implicating the Qi Mansion, Qi Yi was prepared to die to clear his mind and dispel the emperor’s doubts in exchange for the future of the Qi Mansion.
Zhang Jian stood up quickly when he heard this, not even daring to say anything.
There was also a smile in his eyes. The importance of Dingnanhou Mansion in the court was beyond his imagination.
This is a small test of my skills, which will come in handy in the future.
/Qi Yuansi also had a smile on his face at this time. Looking at Zhang Jian’s expression, he became more and more satisfied.
I was so happy that


It’s just that such a search is bound to find nothing.
Most of the powerful demons are good at hiding, not to mention that the major forces in the Netherworld are intertwined.
Zhang Jian never thought about getting any compensation from the Netherworld.
However, with the excuse of colluding with the devil, he had a fair and just reason to deal with the Rakshasa Ghost Emperor and the Netherworld General Fa Yuanze.
Colluded with the devil to murder the Netherworld Emperor.
On the selected day, after he informed the Emperor of Fengdu, he executed the Rakshasa Ghost Emperor and Fa Yuan in front of the Eighth Army of Mingyue, crushing their bones and scattering ashes in order to frighten many ghosts and gods. military.
Anyone who disobeyed was suppressed by him with thunderous means.
Perhaps it was to kill the chicken to scare the monkeys, or because of Zhang Jian’s tyrannical supernatural powers in this assassination, the Taotie Ghost Emperor, the Bingshan Ghost Emperor, and the remaining two Netherworld generals all cooperated honestly.
Zhang Jian also successfully took control of the Mingyue Eighth Army.
Each of Ming Yue’s eight armies has one hundred thousand elite ghost soldiers.
The Eighth Army represents 800,000 elite ghost soldiers.
However, after taking charge of the entire Ming Yue Ghost Army, Zhang Jian carefully investigated the situation, and Zhang Jian was in a bad mood.
The situation of Ming Yue’s Eighth Army being indiscriminate and indiscriminate was very serious.
There are also cases of private sales of Netherworld ghost soldiers, Netherworld armaments, and even the living people of the Netherworld Ghost Kingdom.
The Eighth Army had 800,000 elite ghost soldiers, and at least 400,000 elite ghost soldiers were secretly sold by the Ghost Emperor and Ghost King in the Ming Yue Army.
Sold to other ghost kingdoms and even immortals from heretical circles.
/This discovery made Zhang Jian furious.
He vigorously organized all the armies and carefully searched and identified each army. Once found, he immediately shot down the ghosts, gods and Taoists, and directly sent them to the depths of the eighteenth level of hell.
Among them there are many middle- and upper-level immortal officials.
Be sure to follow the rules and regulations.
Such bad trends were gradually curbed.
The next step is to crack down on the buying and selling of people in the Ming Yue Ghost Kingdom.
Not only the Nether Moon Ghost Kingdom, Zhang Jian also met and discussed with the other nine Nether Emperors many times.
Carry out multiple joint methods to severely crack down on those ghosts and gods who buy and sell ghosts.
Anyone who transgresses will be severely punished and sent to the eighteen levels of hell, where they will never be reincarnated.
At the same time, Zhang Jian was also re-selecting elite ghost soldiers from the Mingyue Ghost Kingdom and other directly governed Jiuyou Nether Mansion to add to the Eighth Army of the Mingyue.
However, after experiencing the torture of many ghost emperors, his Mingyue G

invited the Empress Dowager to show up. The Empress Dowager personally acted as matchmaker for Princess Qingfeng and Su Wei General Qi Yuanwu, and recruited Su Wei General Qi Yuanwu as their consort.

“Being a prince-in-law may mean you are noble, but without real power, for this great uncle, I am afraid he will get less!”
On the day of the wedding of the eldest princess and General Su Wei Qi Yuanwu at the eldest princess’s mansion, Zhang Jian was also among the crowd.
Looking over, one can see Qi Yuanwu dressed in a bright red wedding robe, with a spring breeze on his face. He is masculine and handsome, and has experienced the baptism of the battlefield. He neither lacks the masculinity of a warrior nor the prowess of a general.
Such a presentation is indeed extraordinary.
No wonder the Lord of Qingfeng Palace could do anything for this.
From a distance, Zhang Jian saw Qi Yi chatting and laughing with several royal princes, princes, and accompanying many distinguished guests and ministers having a banquet.
In one day, Qi Mansion seemed to have returned to its former peak.
/Zhang Jian shook his head secretly.
The Daqian court was like the previous dynasty. Although becoming a prince-in-law could obtain a noble official position, as a relative, he basically gave up his official career and could neither command troops nor participate in official career.
Of course, for this uncle who has no ambitions, this may be what he yearns for the most.
At this time, most of the Qi family’s clan members had arrived in the eldest princess’s residence. Zhang Jian saw Qi Yuhua, and the Qi Yuzhu sisters were talking quietly.
Seemingly noticing Zhang Jian’s gaze, Qi Yuhua glanced at him with her clear eyes, and then sat upright without squinting.
Zhang Jian smiled a little when he saw this.
He glanced at Qi Yuhua and found that Qi Yuhua had changed a lot during this period.
On the other side, although Qi Yuxian was dressed brightly and attractively, she was just standing next to the ladies of the Qi family. Her bright expression was sickly, as if she was suffering from a serious illness.
Zhang Jian can understand.
Less than two years after the death of the Qi Zhou family, Qi Yuanwu wanted to find a new love, and it was the eldest princess Qing Feng. You can imagine the complexity in Qi Yuxian’s heart.
At this moment, Zhang Jian’s expression suddenly changed, and his eyes moved towards the depths of the eldest princess’s mansion. He heard several strange sounds in his ears. After thinking about it, he followed several maids and headed straight towards the place where the sounds were. Go in the direction.
/At this time, Qi Yuxian also noticed Zhang Jian, who was wearing blue uniforms. He originally wanted to speak, but when he saw Zhang Jian turning around and leaving, he looked a little disappointed deep in his eyes.
But the look in her eyes flickered for a moment, as if she had completely made up her mind at this moment.
Zhang Jian followed the two maids and walked towards the inner courtyard.
Zhang Jian did not hide