ht track in his career.

ht track in his career.
/After seeing the rebound being snatched, he turned around and ran towards the backcourt with his head down.
This wave of reaction was quick enough. The Warriors’ fast break advanced to the frontcourt, and Yao Ming had already reached the three-point line, failing to form a direct scoring opportunity.
However, the Warriors quickly completed the offense. After a few drops from the outside, Curry took a shot one meter away from the three-point line.
As a mad scientist, Nelson experienced a period of confusion after losing the Christmas War.
But he is by no means leaving the team’s fate to Ibaka’s touch. His tactical adjustment is to speed up the offensive rhythm.
As long as the rhythm becomes faster, Yao Ming will run back and forth more times on the court and consume a lot of physical energy. Even if he is in good condition, his damage to the Warriors’ interior will be reduced.
Oracle Arena instantly burst into cheers.
The Warriors take the lead!
The Lakers attacked the frontcourt, Sun Hao continued to pass the ball in, and Yao Ming also continued to hit Oden with his back.
This time, Yao Ming turned around continuously and tried to squeeze into the basket to take a shot.
But Oden’s body was indeed thick enough, and he didn’t squeeze through.
Although the “Chamberlain-Galasel combination” during the draft was exaggerated, this body is indeed of a historical level.
Yao Ming finally chose to turn around and lean back towards the baseline.
This is one of his signature offensive methods, and he has scored hundreds if not thousands of goals.
But this damn touch felt like it was cursed. It felt right, but the last shot hit the basket.
This time Oden protected the rebound by himself.
Yao Ming still ran back with his head lowered.
Although frustrated, he controlled his emotions well.
This also helped him. The Warriors rushed to the inside, and Yao Ming chased Curry’s layup and blocked the ball.
It’s just that Curry reacted quickly. After seeing the rebound, he turned around and scored the ball.
5 to 0.
The Warriors showed an extremely hot start.
This also made the Warriors fans at the scene extremely excited.
Because if they continue to play at this pace, the Warriors are likely to win two home games in a row.
With a big score of 2-0, they defeated the powerful enemy of the Lakers. They are only one step away from completing their fourth consecutive championship!
Sun Hao continued to pass the ball to Yao Ming.
Yao Ming’s hook after another single.
Unfortunately, the ball still bounced out!
Fortunately, Yao Ming was mentally prepared this time and grabbed the position first to quickly tip in the basket.
The ball was made very accurately, but in the end the ball still bounced out of the frame!
In the end, Yao Ming tried hard to make a dunk through Oden, but Oden was not a vegetarian, so he tried to make up the dunk with some reluctance, and the ball finally dunked. When the
ball finally bounced out of bounds, Yao Ming coul