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on are correct!
Atletico Madrid’s back attack failed to score. Judging from the offensive performance, their overall strength is indeed weaker than Real Madrid.
However, although the offense is weak, their defensive enthusiasm is good.
When Sun Hao took the ball to the frontcourt and tried to repeat his old trick, the opponent’s defender successfully bypassed the pick-and-roll, but this time the same tactic failed.
Real Madrid’s wave of attacks failed to score, and Atletico Madrid counterattacked with a wave of fast breaks to score the ball.
Atletico Madrid’s bench was in a frenzy.
In a local derby, the players are invested in it, and so are the fans.
In the stands, the fans of the two teams right next to each other were still sitting firmly, but those a few rows apart were already starting to exchange passionate words.
In the derby, the atmosphere reached a climax at the beginning.
Real Madrid’s wave of attacks still failed.
Sun Hao’s long-range shots after the pick-and-roll are very stable, but the premise is that the center can block people.
The person defending Sun Hao tonight was also a short defender. He was like a loach, and the center here couldn’t stop him.
Atletico Madrid launched another defensive counterattack, and the defender’s fast break caused a thug to hit the free throw line and make two free throws.
4 to 3.
Atletico Madrid turned away from home and overtook Real Madrid shortly after the start!
At this time, the few sports fans in the stands got excited, beating their chests, roaring, and spitting.
You must know that those who can come to watch the game in away games are basically die-hard fans of the team.
Such a scene has also become a beautiful scenery on the sidelines.
During the retreat, Sun Hao inadvertently turned his head to the distance of the stand. He saw Yoselin sitting still like the fans around her.
The team had a bad start and the atmosphere at home was a bit unmatched.
In Real Madrid’s offense, Sun Hao held the ball. After the continuous pick-and-roll tactics failed, he directly stretched out his hand to signal to pull away.
This choice was so unexpected that not only his teammates, but also the head coach on the bench were stunned.
European basketball attaches great importance to tactical execution. Unexpectedly, Sun Hao would play in singles now!
But neither teammates nor coaches reacted negatively.
His teammates started running tactics, but the head coach did nothing but look directly at them.
The point guard here in Europe is the brains of the team, and his teammates follow the orders on the court.
As for the head coach, he took the initiative to mention Sun Hao to the starting lineup, and it was impossible to replace Sun Hao at this time.
/As a result, Sun Hao now became a privileged player on the court.
With continuous changes of direction, Sun Hao made a three-pointer after getting a little space.
The opponent’s short defender also reacted quickly and jumped in to interfere.
This is a difficult long shot from the outsi