ell, they worked together to grab the thick rope holding the bell hammer.

ell, they worked together to grab the thick rope holding the bell hammer.
There were only the last few seconds of the old year left, and the projection in the Rich Hall began to slowly zoom out, raising the angle to take in the entire vast offshore sea. Suddenly, on the dim sea under the moonlight, a row of shadows appeared side by side, stretching as far as the eye could see. The silhouette of a giant ship.
“Then, what is that…” Rubbing his eyes, he realized that it was not his hallucination. Someone shouted in shock. As soon as the exclamation left his mouth, he was drowned by the sound of a copper bell ringing.
Then the dazzling fire in the entire projection flashed non-stop, and the “rumbling…” loud noise that shook the world came to Heinhaiman City along with the shaking of the earth and the mountains. The noisy artillery fire pouring on the city wall rendered the entire night sky. It’s like a sea of ??fire hanging in the air.
“Enemy, no enemy attack
, no, that is the army of gods. Only gods, only gods can have such a terrifying and powerful army. It must be that the greed and ugliness of the Cataman people finally angered the gods, so, that’s why The end is coming…”; “Is it the devil? Is it the devil who has passed through the gate of hell and is coming to destroy Heinhaiman…”; “God, God, such an army cannot be resisted by the city defense army. Yes, we, we should escape immediately, yes, escape, escape immediately…” Under the blazing flames, the blurry steel giant ship in the projection finally revealed its ferocious figure, looking at the huge cannons on the ship’s side that were firing continuously; Countless humanoid monsters riding giant poisonous insects, evil dragons, and beasts on the deck swarmed ashore; black leather boats floating on the sea broke free from the shackles of the seawater and rose into the air as if they were alive, with hundreds of pieces split open all over their bodies. The hollow mouthparts sprayed out strong light and acid flow, and most of the nobles in the rich hall quickly collapsed and wailed.
/Seeing that the chaotic crowd was about to flee in all directions, and they would probably trample each other to death without the enemy taking action. Lord Heinhaiman, who was wearing a blue robe, jumped to the center of the hall, paused with the wand in his hand, and shouted while smashing it. There was a long and loud sound of ‘dong’.
/“Everyone calm down and stand still,” Shayero shouted quietly: “Look at the speed of those monsters advancing. There is no riding beast in Heinhaiman City that can escape their pursuit. Leaving the city now is tantamount to Suicide.
Our city is protected by magic circles and alchemy towers. Even if the real army of gods and demons attacks, it will not fall easily. Such a massive siege will definitely alarm other city-states. As long as we persist, I believe reinforcements will soon We are coming soon. The most important thing now is not to get into trouble.
Now I order the city defense officers in the Hall of Fortune to be divi