suddenly turned into a bitter one, like a captured prisoner, he lowered his head and walked away together.

suddenly turned into a bitter one, like a captured prisoner, he lowered his head and walked away together.
But halfway through, he secretly turned to look at Sun Hao and smiled at him.
/My brother is really interesting.
Sun Hao also smiled in response.
Next, he will work hard to complete the final trial training and start the journey of [Little Emperor]!
After a while, the awards ceremony was held on site, and the MVP awards were also held.
Sun Hao scored 22 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists in the semifinals and 17 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals in the finals.
After two games, he averaged 19.5 points, 2.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 1 steal per game, and was elected MVP of the La Liga semi-finals.
When Sun Hao lifted the MVP trophy, the Real Madrid fans left at the scene were already in a state of excitement.
Double MVP of the Champions League and La Liga, Sun Hao’s reputation as the European Emperor has been confirmed.
And looking back at history, there are many European emperors, but there has never been one as young as Sun Hao.
An 18-year-old double MVP!
In the eyes of European fans, that is simply a genius that comes once in decades!
Moreover, after Sun Hao has played in the past two years, his playing style has also been recognized by European fans.
If nothing else, the popularity is definitely overwhelming.
After the award ceremony ended, Sun Hao celebrated with his teammates and met several new scouts outside the locker room.
Heat, Bulls, Clippers.
These teams have one thing in common. Their draft picks are very high in this year’s draft, including the second round.
Although being invited to try out does not necessarily mean that he will be selected, this sign has already shown one thing: Sun Hao’s draft market is improving.
What he has achieved has never been achieved before. Even though he is a European guard, NBA scouts pay more attention to him than anyone else before.
This makes Sun Hao confident about the next draft.
Returning to the apartment and lying on the bed, Sun Hao tossed and turned and felt a little insomnia.
Because the draft is very close, he has to return to China tomorrow, and after a short stay, he has to go to the United States immediately.
Before that, he had to think about where he wanted to go.
The decision of the draft is in the hands of those NBA teams, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have his favorite team.
Even this is related to his upcoming trial training arrangements.
Because time is tight, the more he likes the team, the higher he has to arrange it, otherwise he will miss it if he can’t make it by the time.
The draft commitment given by Burtka is his guarantee.
If the opponent is an old fox like Riley, draft promises may not be reliable, but Burtka is different. A godfather-level figure has a greater chance of keeping his word.
And there’s nothing wrong with playing next to OK.
At this time, the Lakers’ starting point guard was Ron Harper, and Phil Jackson was in the Bulls’ old team.
It is said that Robert Horr