on the lakeside, and the night view is quite beautiful.

on the lakeside, and the night view is quite beautiful.
During the meal, Bill Gates himself made a special trip back from the meeting.
/Although I heard that Han Xuan’s company has developed a desktop operating system, which is Be OS, which he has been paying attention to, and that new notebooks equipped with this operating system will be launched in the near future.
But Bill is not worried about this. Today, Microsoft’s market value exceeds 500 billion US dollars, occupying the vast majority of the desktop operating system market in the world. At most, it is just one more Apple.
He has sold most of his Microsoft shares one after another, and the two of them have no conflict of interest. What’s more, at their worth, money is just a number for comparison, so the people at the table chatted happily.
The couple loved these two uninvited guests, and Bill even opened a bottle of red wine that he had treasured for many years.
The 1945 Romanée-Conti, which has a history of more than fifty years, knew that Han Xuan would occasionally drink some. Because he was in a hurry and had no time to sober up naturally, he could only shake it quickly with a decanter.
Dinner was a three-course meal.
The first dish was smoked guinea fowl salad, the main course was Alaskan halibut with prawns, and the dessert was butter almond cake.
After enjoying his dinner, Bill turned aside from his briefcase and took out a small red metal box about three and a half centimeters long and five centimeters high. He held it and said with a smile:
“This new product from HOPE Technology Company is very special.” It’s interesting. Sometimes I use it to listen to music on the way to the company. I heard that Steve Jobs is also preparing to develop this kind of product. I saw the Apple conference at the end of last year. You haven’t already given the license to him, right? Suggestions You’d better not do that. Recently, Apple is suing Microsoft for copyright infringement. I’m very happy to see Steve Jobs uncomfortable.”
Bill was taking an epoch-making new product released by HOPE Technology at the end of September last year and just launched in February this year. The product Ihope is a mobile music player that installs AA batteries (AA batteries).
Due to technical development reasons, the memory of this product is very small, and it can only store a dozen songs at most.
If the user wants to change songs, they need to use the computer to delete the songs stored in it before they can change to other MP3 format songs.
Since the day it was released, ihope has received a lot of attention.
Since February to now, more than 80,000 units have been bought in North America, priced as high as $399. Now it has become a trend, just like when Blueberry mobile phones were first launched.
HOPE Technology Company can be said to be a well-deserved leader in this emerging industry. It not only owns many key technology patents for manufacturing music players, but also has patent rights for the MP3 format.
Han Xuan had the foresight to go to German