, the “Big Shark” directly said harsh words.

, the “Big Shark” directly said harsh words.
This is rare with O’Neal.
But maybe only Sun Hao knows that the big reason for this is the promise O’Neal made to him:
“If you really fail to win the MVP again, then I will work hard to help you get the FMVP.”
This sentence The premise is that the Lakers must defend their title.
On one side is Yao Ming, who is both humorous and confident, and on the other is O’Neal, who is rarely determined to win.
These sounds before the start of the finals gave the finals a feeling of smoke and smoke, and of course made fans look forward to it more and more.
On June 8, when many high school candidates in China were facing the most important exam in their lives, the NBA’s biggest “exam” finally kicked off.
The Verizon Center was packed to capacity.
As the political center of Washington, it is theoretically difficult for the sports market to grow, but first with Jordan and then with Yao Mai, the sports market here would not be successful even if it is not popular.
To paraphrase what fans joked before the game: If the Wizards really win the championship in the end, the team can save some transportation expenses when they visit the White House next year.
There were also many fans at the scene holding up Yao Mai’s KT boards. The scene in front of them was only bigger than the Houston team in history.
But this is a matter of course. The Houston team is fighting to get past the first round, but the Wizards are now playing in the finals!
When the two teams were warming up before the game, the reporter did not interview the players of the two teams, but went straight to the basketball god in the front row of the auditorium.
Jordan couldn’t hide the smile on his face.
As long as the Wizards succeed in winning the championship, this season will be “perfect” in the true sense.
“Do you expect the team to win the championship?”
“Of course, my left middle finger has been empty for a long time.”
Jordan stretched out his hand as he spoke.
Well, this gesture is unbeatable.
“Yao has grown up enough to compete with Shaq. How do you compare the strength of T-Mac and Sun?”
The reporter immediately moved to the next question.
“I sometimes play with that guy Tracy and teach him some scoring skills. Although it’s not much, it’s me after all, and he’s improved a lot.”
Jordan said with a smile.
“Are you saying that T-Mac is stronger than Sun right now?”
Jordan’s smile turned into laughter after hearing this, and then he spoke.
“Sun’s performance will be better, but I believe we will win.”
His next words also sounded a little unanswered, and it was obvious that he did not jump into the pit.
After the warm-up on both sides ended, the opening ceremony began.
When Yao Mai came on the stage, the cheers were overwhelming.
No one could have imagined that the Wizards would return to the Finals so quickly, including Wizards fans.
/So their excitement now is beyond words, and everything is filled with cheers.
After the opening ceremony, the starting lineups of