Because in most European leagues, the playoffs end at the end of June, which is very close to the start of the draft.
For example, Sun Hao’s La Liga is expected to end on June 22, and the draft is on June 29, with only one week in between.
/If Sun Hao wants to try out another team by then, he will definitely not have enough time.
Or it might be more appropriate to call it a mini combine Because it is not like all the teams will be present for the joint trial, only some teams that are paying attention to overseas are here.
Several teams that have expressed interest in Sun Hao are among them.
Sun Hao agreed.
Although he has not chosen the two options given by the system, this does not prevent him from participating in the trial training.
In other words, what he has to do is to choose to pick the one on the left or the one on the right when the peach is ripe.
Instead of saying which side of the peach is ripe and the other side is not, he is forced to pick the ripe one.
The location of this joint trial is in Paris, France.
But compared with the previous two times, he obviously didn’t have time to hang out this time.
Compared with all the tests Sun Hao has encountered in Europe before, it is the most professional.
Before going to the trial training, Sun Hao entered the system and looked at his attribute panel.
Height: 183cm; Weight: 80kg
Strength: 77; Speed: 75; Agility: 70; Jumping: 73; Physical fitness: 77; Football IQ: 88 Ball control: 79;
Passing: 58; Dunk: 45; Layup: 80; Mid-range: 53; three-point: 83
; defense: 62; blocks: 58; steals: 73; rebounds: 58.
His height changes were relatively regular before, averaging about 10cm a year.
But the year before, this increase suddenly changed, and my height didn’t change much for almost a year.
Just when he thought the system was stuck, it surged up again.
Maybe it’s because he trained too hard at a young age, which caused some development problems, or maybe the system doesn’t want him to catch the pattern.
No matter what, it’s pretty good to be this tall.
Otherwise, he may really have to switch from his original combo guard style to a point guard.
In the past year, his various attributes have improved a lot compared to before, and his golf quotient is still the most eye-catching.
In addition, three-pointers and layups are also above 80.
Of course the most surprising dunk attribute.
Finally it is no longer a dazzling 0.
The reason why he grew so much all at once must have something to do with his height.
After all, for things like dunking, to put it bluntly, you can dunk if your jumping plus height and wingspan can reach the rim.
You see, Boban doesn’t have to jump, he can just dunk where he is.
Sun Hao was suddenly eager to dunk on his own.
After all, this thing is extremely attractive to a normal person of average height, let alone a short person.
When he arrived at the training hall, Sun Hao saw that there were already many people inside.
Tall, short, fat and thin, black, white, and this yellow