minated the Lakers.

minated the Lakers.
One of the signals sent here is: They can win tonight!
“Defend! Defend!”
This also made the fans at the scene excited, and they spontaneously started cheering for the home team.
Although, the game has just begun!
The Lakers advanced to the frontcourt, and Johnson’s eyes were still on O’Neal at this time.
Based on his understanding of O’Neal, if a teammate fails to seize a pick-and-roll opportunity, O’Neal will most likely go to the basket and attack on his own.
Because he knows that O’Neal’s doing this means that he has truly given up his position as the Lakers boss.
As long as Diop can defend O’Neal, the “power” is entirely on the Mavericks’ side.
Playing at home, this “power” will play an extremely important role.
/O’Neal once again ran to pick and roll for Sun Hao.
Johnson was stunned for a while.
I didn’t expect you to be such a big shark!
O’Neal’s performance at the beginning was clearly assisting Sun Hao!
It’s incredible.
Not to mention this season, even when he was with Kobe, O’Neal’s number of pick-and-rolls for Kobe was very limited.
If I use O’Neal’s own words, it is so easy for me to score under the basket, and playing pick-and-roll is a waste of energy.
But now O’Neal has changed, so changed that Johnson doesn’t recognize him.
Then, Sun Hao used O’Neal’s pick-and-roll to break through quickly!
Diop obviously couldn’t keep up with his reaction, and struggled to catch up with Sun Hao, but his last shot was blocked, and he watched Sun Hao quickly score a layup with an underhand shot.
O’Neal looked as happy as Sun Hao. He waited for Sun Hao to come over and gave him a high-five, and even turned to look at Kobe.
Well, he is back, and he continues to show affection with Sun Hao!
What The Fuck!
Kobe exploded.
This was simply unbearable. After he reached the frontcourt, he took the ball and started rushing inside.
His breakthroughs in the last game were successful, and in this game, Christie still couldn’t stop him.
He broke through the defense and broke into the inside. When he got up, he was thinking about something!
With O’Neal back, the Lakers’ inside strength is not at the same level as before.
It’s simply unrealistic for Kobe to dunk or something like that when facing O’Neal. He can only show his waist and abdominal strength in the air and perform a difficult fade away.
O’Neal’s defensive pressure was too much, and Kobe’s shot finally hit the frame!
O’Neal turned around and grabbed the defensive rebound!
Elsewhere on the court, Johnson couldn’t help but put his hand on his forehead.
His trump card seemed to have disappeared in just one round!
That sentence is right, a country can be easily changed but its nature cannot be changed!
When Kobe was rational, he could try to make some changes, but after being stimulated by O’Neal, he returned to his original self!
This is probably the biggest difference between him and O’Neal.
Another pick-and-roll went in. The Mavericks’ defense moved toward Sun Hao, and Sun Hao threw the