My Boy means a child, or a silly child!
However, just as the Chinese language is broad and profound, the same word in English can also have many meanings.
What O’Neal said now obviously did not mean the same thing as what he said about McGee in history.
The meaning at this moment is obviously happiness and praise!
/Because Sun Hao performed well and was on the same team with him! He feels proud and proud!
Yes, 7 three-pointers in a single quarter in the playoffs, 25 points in a single quarter!
Such a performance, well, Kobe has never performed before!
In O’Neal’s view, this is more important than anything else!
Not far away, Phil Jackson once again smiled and became the grandpa of KFC.
Sun Hao’s performance in this section was definitely strategic.
In past games, the Lakers basically took the lead at the beginning, but were caught up by the Spurs in the transition period from the bench.
But now after one quarter, the score on the field is 36 to 21!
The Lakers led the Spurs by a full 15 points in a single quarter!
Not to mention that 15 points is a hurdle in an NBA game, but Popovich’s tactical deployment has been completely disrupted.
The current situation is that Ginobili is almost physically exhausted, but the Spurs are at an absolute disadvantage.
Even Popovich doesn’t know how to continue adjusting.
Popovich, an old blood in the same place.
Phil Jackson and Nelson are completely different.
Old Nelson and him were like martial arts routines. They used tricks to catch each other, and they might occasionally come up with a surprise move to win.
But Jackson, like his nickname “Zen Master,” makes people feel like they are in a fog and can’t figure out the routine.
Many times you will think that he is a typical “do nothing”, but sometimes you will find that he can grasp your weak spots and hit you erratically.
But it turns out that his approach can be successful.
Just like now, Popovich has been made a little bit temperless.
At halftime, unlike the stalemate situation in the past five games, the Lakers led the Spurs by 17 points 62-45 at halftime!
When the camera showed the fans at the scene, they couldn’t hide the disappointment and confusion in their eyes.
They originally expected the Spurs to regain their momentum at home, and then go to Los Angeles to compete with the Lakers.
But because of the presence of Sun in G6 and Phil Jackson’s precise finishing touches, the Spurs seem to have lost this opportunity.
Will not!
After having the idea, they immediately rejected it.
Because they are the Spurs, the team with the most foundation and resilience in the league, they will not lose!
The half-time deficit was a sign of accumulating strength, and they would fight back in the second half!
The fans’ expectations came true when they came back in the second half.
The Lakers took the lead in the second half. Horry missed a three-pointer from the corner and Duncan protected the defensive rebound.
The Spurs had a fast break, and Parker received a long pass