far, which is still far behind the 62 points he scored in the Christmas game.

far, which is still far behind the 62 points he scored in the Christmas game.
However, Stotts did not react immediately, because Sun Hao’s explosive scoring power was really scary.
/Reed made a sudden score, and the ball went into Hinrich’s hands. Hinrich hit a three-pointer from the outside with his open hand!
Reid is not the only one in the Bucks who is good at three-pointers!
The goal also made Stotts pump his fist in excitement.
We can take another look at the defense. As long as the offensive firepower can continue, the Bucks will still be able to play the game!
Mourning continued to improve his position to play pick-and-roll for Sun Hao.
Hinrich was still preparing to continue to double-team Sun Hao according to Stotts’ arrangement during the timeout, but just as he was about to move forward, someone pushed him.
It’s Bogut.
After shouting, Bogut didn’t give Hinrich a chance to choose and pushed him directly inside.
And Bogut himself has quickly attached himself to Sun Hao.
Double-teaming became a defensive switch.
Hinrich was a little confused, but he had no choice.
He looked at Stotts on the sidelines. Bogut was not playing according to the coach’s instructions.
Stotts didn’t react at all, which should be regarded as acquiescing to the choice on the court.
This is not surprising. The consecutive scoring of Ariza and Mourning made him hesitate to make any defensive adjustments.
Bogut just chose for him first.
After Sun Hao saw that it was Bogut, his expression did not change, but he was happy in his heart, and then he stretched out his hand to signal to pull away.
Some cheering whistles began to sound.
The fans all had eyes, and they could all see that Hinrich was pushed away just now.
In other words, they all know that Bogut chose to defend Sun Hao out of position.
It would be great if Sun Hao could get another dunk.
Sun Hao was shaking with continuous cross steps.
His current dribbling badge is “Dribbling Veteran”. Although it is only at the silver level, it is more than enough to deal with Bogut.
Bogut was young after all, and he swayed from side to side following Sun Hao’s rhythm, just like seaweed on the bottom of the sea, swaying with the waves.
Sun Hao suddenly accelerated and broke through quickly from the right.
He thinks he can do it.
He did indeed do it, showing his talent and barely blocking Sun Hao’s offensive position.
But at this moment, Sun Hao suddenly pulled his crotch back.
When he wanted to follow up, his feet no longer obeyed his command.
It’s like two ropes that, after rubbing together a few times, have become knotted inexplicably and cannot be found or untied.
Then, under the excited eyes of everyone present, Bogut lost control of his feet, and his weight fell directly backwards and he sat on the ground.
Bogut was knocked down!
Barkley in the commentary box shouted excitedly, with a gloating expression on his face.
“This is definitely the stupidest choice.”
After laughing, he added.
“I admire his