te rapid fire refers to high-intensity training within one minute.

te rapid fire refers to high-intensity training within one minute.
The main purpose of this training method is to increase shooting speed.
/This is also where Sun Hao needs to improve simultaneously in addition to accuracy.
Being fast and accurate is the hallmark of a super shooter.
Just like Stephen Curry.
Curry not only shoots accurately, but it is said that it only takes 0.33 seconds for him to shoot once.
And after practicing for a while, Sun Hao discovered that there is another benefit to having this auxiliary machine.
He can train for the three-point shooting competition directly in the system!
Don’t be afraid of shooting accurately, just be afraid of practicing too much.
This allows him to book the three-point contest championship in advance!
After practicing for a while, Sun Hao called over the shooting training machine again.
The two machines work together and work together.
He could feel that he was getting closer to improving his badge level!
When he was tired from training, Sun Hao sat on a stool next to the arena to rest.
The ever-improving training environment makes him look forward to the future.
You must know that this is only the lowest version of the system. If the system can be upgraded, does it mean that there will be other props.
Like a caddy.
A caddy who can make his own face?
Shape into a caddy?
Pinch a Joseline?
Bah, what are you thinking about?
But if you do have a caddy, that would be great.
After all, no matter how good the machine is, it is not as good as a human being. Formal training in the NBA is equipped with professional ball boys and trainers.
It seems that he doesn’t need to train normally, but he is very powerful.
What kind of Kobe is he? Let others fight for his hard-working image. He wants to be a realistic young genius!
“Chinese Napoleon scored 40 points and set a new European first-level scoring record in a single game. He may be the point guard with the strongest scoring ability in the history of Europe.” After the
game, not only the Spanish media, but also the Champions League newspapers reported Sun Hao’s Performance.
Sun Hao’s influence has expanded to all of Europe at this moment.
In fact, not only the Spanish and European media, but also the most famous domestic sports newspaper “Sports Weekly” reported it, and it was the front page headline.
That’s the good thing about breaking records, especially big ones like this.
Sichuan Blue Swords Club, head coach’s office.
/Yang Wei frowned.
Two years ago, because Yi Jianlian entered Hongyuan’s first team, he followed suit and successfully became the head coach of the Sichuan team.
However, due to poor coaching record, the team failed to make the playoffs for two consecutive years, and he was about to be fired.
He wants to find a home before then.
But because the record was so poor, other teams declined for various reasons, which made him very distressed.
“Director Yang, your newspaper.”
At this moment, the doorman knocked on the door and delivered the newspa