for teammates, all of these are contributions!

for teammates, all of these are contributions!
And, that’s not all.
The Spurs attacked in the frontcourt, but Duncan missed the basket while grabbing the offensive rebound and scored a second one-handed dunk!
Not only is it immovable like a mountain, but it can also invade like fire. This is the Stone Buddha!
The scene burst into cheers, and Duncan’s ball restored the Spurs’ momentum on the court.
When he returned to the defensive end, although Bowen did not use the same small moves as before, the Spurs’ defensive intensity was still very high.
Sun Hao and Nowitzki had no chance in consecutive misplaced singles attempts. Finally, Bodiloga called Barkley into a pick-and-roll, broke into the basket and hit the ball from behind like a ghost.
The ball was sent to Barkley inside the free throw line, with no one in front of him.
Some people may have the impression that Barkley is just a traditional power forward who plays post-up inside, but in fact, his abilities are much more than that.
Barkley is nicknamed “Flying Pig”. This nickname comes from because he weighs 114 kilograms, but he is a super dunker and can take off anytime and anywhere.
This is a person whose career highlights are completely opposite to Curry!
More than half of his highlights are dunks, which is an important reason why he was so popular when he was playing.
Of course, the 40-year-old Barkley can’t fly anymore, and he looks a little slow.
It was originally a complete chance ball, but by the time he took the ball and took a step to the basket, Ferry on the weak side had already come to help defend.
/Ferry was not good at blocking shots, so he directly reached for Barkley and rolled him backwards.
This is an obvious flagrant foul.
But what is unexpected is that Barkley was not caught!
This inside man, who is as tall as a swingman, is already 40 years old. The fat man who was still in the commentary box with Kenny Smith last year, he completed the shot with Ferry!
The ball hit the board and was sent into the basket, and the referee’s whistle also sounded.
Ferry looked at Buckley with fear in his eyes, and at that moment he felt Buckley’s terrifying power.
If that power was concentrated in his fist, he would have to bid farewell to this beautiful world.
Fortunately, Barkley didn’t seem to have any intention of causing trouble for him.
Maybe, in Barkley’s eyes, this was just a common foul
. After adjusting his breathing, Barkley also scored the extra penalty!
21 to 12!
The Mavericks opened the point difference to 9 points!
/On the Mavericks bench, Nelson had a smile on his face.
He didn’t expect the 40-year-old Barkley to guard Duncan, let alone make any contribution on the offensive end.
But Barkley now has a surprise for him!
“Okay, Charles, I know you will definitely watch the video replay afterwards. You must have deceived everyone. This is not like a 40-year-old guy!”
Kenny Smith also expressed his amazement in his own way in the commentary box.
The Mavericks ended the first quarter w