t common disease in the United States is after being bitten by a bat, which is probably the prototype of a vampire.

t common disease in the United States is after being bitten by a bat, which is probably the prototype of a vampire.
Some vampire bats bite livestock, inject a substance similar to an anesthetic, and lie on the livestock to suck blood without anyone noticing.
Sometimes the calf encounters a large group of vampire bats that like to swarm, and may even bleed to death.
This happened once a few years ago at Gonzales Ranch. Later, little Gonzales got angry and found the cave entrance where vampire bats were infested and filled it up. Unexpectedly, the government rewarded him with five thousand dollars for this.
Last year, about two hundred people in the West died due to vampire bats. The number far exceeded the combined total of crocodiles, jaguars and other animals. You can imagine how much people hate these vampire bats that carry a lot of germs.
/“Isolate them first.” , observe it for a while. If you put it in a group of prairie dogs and go crazy, it will affect other prairie dogs.”
Han Xuan said, followed it into a greenhouse, and found that it was full of rabbits, lemmings, and prairie dogs. Rat etc.
As soon as it started snowing, someone helped rescue them. Unexpectedly, there were already so many of them, so she immediately added: “There are other animals.”
After Dai Ni came in, she avoided a pile of feces and sighed: “I’ve been busy taking care of them lately. These guys are really good at pooping and eating. Holly? Holly? Are you there?”
A little guy who was sleeping on the ground raised his head when
he heard the sound and ran towards the tent door quickly.
The lemmings and rabbits were very afraid of this little guy who was more than thirty centimeters long, so they immediately got out of the way.
Climb onto Dai Ni’s clothes, lie in Dai Ni’s arms and turn over, let her massage, and look at Han Xuan with curious eyes. When people think of
ferrets, they always think that ferrets are white. In fact, there are very few pure animals in nature. White ferrets, now home to more than 800,000 residents of the United States, breed these adorable little creatures.
Anya touched it. The ferret turned over comfortably and its tail swayed. She looked up and asked Dani, “Where did you buy it?” ”
No, it’s a wild one. One night when it snowed, it hid in front of my house. , I picked it up when I got up in the morning.”
/Dai Ni rubbed her face against it and put the ferret named Holly in Anya’s arms.
The little guy looks cute no matter how you look at him.
Anya smiled and took off her gloves and stroked its smooth hair.
Han Xuan said speechlessly: “So you put it here? Ferrets are carnivores. Living with these lemmings and rabbits, isn’t it harmful to them?” ”
No, my Holly is the best behaved After feeding it, it won’t eat them.” Dai Ni looked like a nymphomaniac, maybe she was in a good mood after kissing Joanna again last night.
Baby ferrets are still young and can grow up to half a meter long when they reach adulthood.
It liked the smell of Anya’s body. It quickly moved from her arm to he