and long-term cultivation, Lin Bao The attack cannot be cured by a few injections of antidote and adrenaline.”

and long-term cultivation, Lin Bao The attack cannot be cured by a few injections of antidote and adrenaline.”
“But I feel much better now, man.” Harrick said with a stiff face after hearing Zhang Lisheng said it was so serious.
“That’s because the stimulants deceived you. Although the teeth and claws of forest leopards are not as poisonous as poisonous snakes, no one knows that they carry those terrible germs. Here’s
a piece of advice for you. You must carry a satellite phone with you. When you leave the forest, It’s best to call for help right away.”
Zhang Lisheng showed off the knowledge he had accidentally heard from the donkey travelers, which made the two reckless travelers from the other side of the distant ocean feel extremely relieved. They felt that their bodies had been bitten by wild beasts. The torn wounds became numb as if they were poisoned.
The unfriendly gloomy, dark, and humid dense forest environment around them, as well as the ‘rustling…’ sounds that were always ringing in their ears, also made them feel stressed and kept silent.
It can be said that although they did not encounter any more danger, the journey from the dense forest pond to the rural road in Qu County was extremely difficult for the two of them.
Fortunately, no matter how arduous the journey is, there is an end. After more than an hour of arduous trek, the dazzling light finally appeared in front of Zhang Lisheng, Tina, and Harrick.
Rolling and crawling, he ran wildly onto the road. Harrick cheered nervously and began to calm down. With trembling fingers, he hurriedly dialed the satellite phone tied to his belt.
But at this time, Tina was shocked by the age of the thin Chinese hunter who saved her, and he looked even lighter than his weight.
“God, you are still a spadger (little boy)!”
He was secretly glad that there were no tourist vehicles passing by on the road. Zhang Lisheng said expressionlessly: “No, in the Miao fields of China, we hunters have our own special ‘health regimen’ , can delay aging.
/Well, now that you are safe, I will continue my forest hunting. Goodbye Miss Tina.”
Tina was not deceived by Zhang Lisheng this time. She said with a playful smile on her face: “No , you are lying to Mr. Poisonous Insect in the Mountains. Men all over the world are the same. You are just a little boy.” ”
Whatever you think, I have to leave. Goodbye.” Zhang Lisheng didn’t want to get entangled anymore, so he turned around and ran in again. dense forest.
But with the unique enthusiasm of a New York city girl towards heroes, Tina hugged him unexpectedly and gave Zhang Lisheng a passionate kiss goodbye, “You are a little boy, but you are also a noble knight who saves people in danger. , everything you have done for me, I will remember it for the rest of my life.
Thank you, dear mountain poisonous insect.”
The first kiss was so inexplicably lost that Zhang Lisheng’s mind couldn’t turn around. His body was numbly following his previous thoughts, and he was confused. Walking into the forest, he disappeared