Shutting his mouth, he lowered his head tightly, and his little head shrank on Yin Kuang’s back. Yin Kuang could feel her shaking violently.

Shutting his mouth, he lowered his head tightly, and his little head shrank on Yin Kuang’s back. Yin Kuang could feel her shaking violently.
/Even Yin Kuang, although he had already taken a disgusting “physiological anatomy” class in school, but at this moment, he saw the black uncle taking out the severed limbs, internal organs, intestines one by one from the body bag, and then placed them on the On the workbench, he pieced together a human form, and then said to the corpse next to him, “Look, Jason, I have found a new partner for you. I hope you can get along happily.” Such a scene is really… Yin Kuang was frightened.
“Yin Yinkuang, let’s walk quickly.” Although Qian Qianqian felt a little safer with her forehead on Yin Kuang’s back, she was still extremely scared. At this time, in Qian Qianqian’s eyes, even if this black uncle is not the God of Death, he is still more terrifying than the God of Death. In fact, this has nothing to do with psychological quality. No matter how brave or small you are, unless you are a pervert at heart, you will feel terrified when you see the “Conversation between Human Corpses” staged not far away.
Even Yin Kuang had the slightest idea of ??retreating. But when he saw the notebook on the table, he calmed down again, took a breath physically and mentally, and then whispered: “Qian Qianqian, if you are afraid, go and wait for me outside. There are some things that I You must ask clearly.” Qian Qianqian paused, then quickly shook her head, “I, I don’t want it.” Yin Kuang frowned slightly, then relaxed, shook his head and stopped talking.
Then, Yin Kuang watched the black uncle sew up the stumps and severed arms with needle and thread, then put the various internal organs back to their original positions, and used some kind of special hair to cover up the stitching marks. The processing process is extremely skillful, as if it has been practiced countless times. Except for saying a few words to Yin Kuang and others at the beginning, the black uncle never said anything again, as if he had forgotten them, and was very focused on his “work”. It seemed that between heaven and earth, there was only him and the corpse he was dealing with, and nothing else.
“Is this!?”
Yin Kuang, who was looking at the black uncle on the side, had a face that was constantly changing. Sometimes he frowns, sometimes bites his lip, sometimes squints, sometimes stares, sometimes doubts, sometimes realizes, and sometimes meditates. With such changes, he should be no worse than a professional face-changing artist. Why? Because, Yin Kuang discovered that his perception of the black uncle was getting weaker and weaker. Even though the black uncle was not far away from him and right where his eyes were, Yin Kuang could hardly feel the presence of the black man! Even at a certain moment, Yin Kuang suddenly discovered that the black uncle suddenly disappeared, everything around him disappeared, and even he disappeared. It was an unspeakable feeling. The world seemed to have returned to its original form, with n