wo people who were originally fighting in close quarters were now more than ten meters apart.

wo people who were originally fighting in close quarters were now more than ten meters apart.
“Ah!!” Deng Xudong didn’t even make any reply. He rushed towards Guan Yunfeng as soon as he stopped, once again showing his indomitable momentum. However, his face was obviously sickly red.
With a hard step, Deng Xudong jumped up high. The fiercely twisted black-brown gas rose and contracted violently, and Deng Xudong split the weapon in his hand!
With one strike, four shadows were created!
/Guan Yunfeng felt her breathing suddenly stagnant. Facing the four soul blades that were charging straight at her, and the demon-god-like Deng Xudong in the air, she actually felt a little timid.
“This is the ‘Four Mountain Splitting Styles’! Use the ‘Brave Crown’ to inspire momentum, enchant the mind, forget life and death, block and kill generals, block mountains and split mountains, and move forward bravely.” At this moment, a special consciousness poured into Guan Yunfeng’s mind. , but it came from the Qinglong Yanyue Sword in his hand, “You should use a ‘single sword’! Fight ‘yong’ with ‘brave’!”
Guan Yunfeng’s mind was stimulated. She could hear the deep disappointment in that voice.
Guan Yu is unparalleled in loyalty, Qinglonghun is equally loyal, but Guan Yunfeng only wants to defeat the enemy. In terms of “power”, she is already one point weaker than Deng Xudong. “Yan Liang, Wen Chou, the bravest of the three armies”, whether Deng Xudong did it intentionally or unintentionally, he showed some of Yan Liang’s “brave” and “power”.
“Single Sword”
“Single Sword” is different from other moves. It is not an attack move at all, it is just a posture (Guan Yu’s signature posture). Among Guan Yu’s many skills, she even used “Defeat”, but she never used “Single Sword”. It can actually resist the astonishingly powerful “Four Mountain Splitting Styles”! ?
Guan Yunfeng really didn’t dare to joke with his own life. So, she changed to “defeat”! However, before even the starting position of the move was released, four soul blades had already struck at him. As a result, Guan Yunfeng flew out, and all the armor on his body was shattered. The dark brown soul power stuck to Guan Yunfeng’s body like maggots attached to her bones, and invaded her body bit by bit.
The Qinglong Yanyue Knife spun in the air, and inserted into the ground with a “pop” sound. The Qinglong Soul Flame gradually disappeared.
“Ha, ha, ha!” Deng Xudong staggered and almost fell down. But he persisted, and then walked towards Guan Yunfeng step by step, “You know, Yan Liang feels very sad, I can feel it,” Deng Xudong said as he walked, “If you can use the ‘Single Sword’ and the ‘Four Mountain Splitting Styles’ It may not be hurt, you are obvious, you can’t, and you don’t dare, let me just say, women are women.”
Walking to Guan Yunfeng, Deng Xudong said: “Now, your life is mine.” With that, Deng Xudong ate He raised the weapon in his hand and thrust it into Guan Yunfeng’s heart.
/Suddenly, at this moment, a bright light suddenly shot out and hit Deng Xu