knife. I saw an arc-shaped gray-white air blade at the edge of the palm!

knife. I saw an arc-shaped gray-white air blade at the edge of the palm!
“Don’t even think about it!”
/Zhong Limo, who was not far away from Lu Xia Leng, shouted, and suddenly made a strange sprint. His blue figure swayed in circles and came to Lu Xia Leng. Then he shouted and said to As soon as “Mr. White Dragon” hit him with three consecutive punches, swinging fists and straight punches, the holy blue flame formed a boxing curtain in front of him. At the same time, “Mr. White Dragon” struck out with his palm and the knife.
With a “pop” sound, the gray-white air blade directly broke through the blue boxing curtain, sliced ??into Zhong Limo’s hand, and cut off Zhong Limo’s entire left arm. Then Mr. Bailong kicked Zhong Limo away with a flying kick.
“Want to save the beauty? You don’t have to look at whether you are a bear or some kind of bear.”
Just as “Master Bailong” snorted coldly, a blazing fire appeared in his eyes. At first glance, it was the stunning beauty.
Because of Zhong Limo’s buffer, Lu Xia Leng finally got the opportunity to use “Ghost”.
On the other side, “White Dragon Master” avoided Pan Longtao’s bullets and said to Xiaoyun: “Look, your man still likes you more.” Beauty. In order to save the beauty, I even risked my own life.” Qi Xiaoyun had seen it a long time ago, and was aroused by “Mr. White Dragon”. He immediately became furious, and his already messy attack became even more chaotic. “Mr. Bailong” looked at the opportunity and took action to capture Qi Xiaoyun. “Little fox, it’s okay if you don’t want that kind of man. I’d better obey your brother Long, right?” Qi Xiaoyun was furious, “I’ll kill you!” “Mr. Bailong” Then he sneered, “If you don’t eat the toast, you’ll have to drink wine as a penalty!” After saying that, he slapped Qi Xiaoyun so hard that stars appeared in Qi Xiaoyun’s eyes.
“Let go of Sister Xiaoyun!” Qiu Yunjiao shouted not far away and was about to rush over, but the “Mr. Bailong” who was pestering her smiled and said, “Little kitten, you have to stay with me.” Qiu Yunqi His face was as red as a ripe apple, which made the “White Dragon Master” swallow his saliva, as if he wanted to rush up and take a bite.
/At the same time, Yin Kuang and Li Shuangmu, who realized that something was wrong with their side, immediately used up their astonishing destructive power and dispersed the “White Dragon Master” in one fell swoop. Then one rushed to Wei Ming and the other to Leng Huaping. Wei Ming was exhausted from the fight at this moment, and he had one foot in the door of hell. After Leng Huaping repelled a clone, he hurried to assist Lu Xia Leng. Li Shuangmu stopped the clone for Leng Huaping.
However, at this time, the sound of “puff, plop, plop” rang out. It turned out that Hong Zhong and Wei Xun had once again knocked the clone of Mr. Bailong into the lake. Then the two clones merged together and rushed towards Yin Kuang. Then Qiu Yun and Qi Xiaoyun each had their necks pinched by a clone.
At this moment, the battle situation can be said to be one-sided.