to be deafening.

to be deafening.
But behind, the shouts of the Na’vi people were getting closer and closer.
/Yin Kuang was a little dumbfounded: “It turned out to be the same fate as the protagonist Jack. I just don’t know if I have the immortal aura of his protagonist?” Anyway, in his current state, Dou can’t beat those Na’vi people who are natural hunters. If you are caught by them, there will probably be no good fruits to eat. Instead of that, just take a gamble. Judging from the water potential below, it was probably washed away at most, so there shouldn’t be any damage. In this way, Yin Kuang no longer hesitated, took a few steps back, and then rushed forward. He stepped over the cliff in one step and fell towards the rapid river below.
Suddenly, the falling Yin Kuang felt a chill coming from him. Immediately afterwards, Yin Kuang felt a sharp pain in his chest. When he looked down, he saw a sharp arrow shooting straight into his chest!
“Obviously I’m much more unlucky than Jack.”
With this thought in mind, he plunged into the fast river and was instantly submerged by the rolling blue waves.
“@#¥@@#*&%!!” The Na’vi warrior standing on the cliff yelled angrily, pulled out the bone scimitar from his chest, waved it hard, and led the rest of the Na’vi people along the river bank. Down in pursuit. Obviously, no matter where it is, hunters cannot allow their prey to escape in front of their eyes!
After the chasing Na’vi disappeared, a black figure appeared on the edge of the cliff. It was Wang Ning. “Yin Kuang, Yin Kuang, it’s up to you now. I’m only responsible for taking care of your body. If you fail, don’t blame me!” Smiling, Wang Ning disappeared in an instant.
In the night sky, four spheres, one big and three small, glowed with a white fantasy light. On the ground, there was a blue fluorescence from the fantasy world. Pandora’s night is still so beautiful and moving.
Under the same beautiful night sky. In a house in “Mining Town”. Du Jialin and Deng Xudong sat dejectedly. Zhu Tong and Zhang Yu stood under the wall, silent. Concubine Xiao was the only one wandering around in the small room.
After learning that two more people had “died”, Concubine Xiao immediately cursed Bei Dao and Tan Shengge as “waste”. After she finished cursing, she fell into a daze. Let people die. To die so easily proves that they are nothing more than that and deserve to die. However, facing Yin Kuang’s inflexible tactics, Concubine Xiao really couldn’t come up with a feasible strategy. The so-called knowing the enemy and knowing yourself means that now you don’t even know where the other party is hiding. Even if you use all kinds of means, you have nowhere to use it.
“Yin Kuang, Wang Ning! Let me catch you, and I will make you taste all the pain in the world! And that Zhao Qingqing, not only has an affair with Brother Long, but also wants to compete for credit. I won’t spare her even if I go back!” Having no idea, Concubine Xiao could only complain in her heart to vent her anger.
At this time, Du Jialin glanced at Zhu Tong and Zh