led with the noisy sound of reading. The sound of reading sounds, which means that the “notification” will be broadcast soon. Time, about 30 seconds!

led with the noisy sound of reading. The sound of reading sounds, which means that the “notification” will be broadcast soon. Time, about 30 seconds!
Yin Kuang and Li Shuangmu shouted one word at the same time, and then each threw a cold weapon and shot it at the big iron head. Zeng Fei also pulled the trigger in an instant, and a bullet painted with ice-blue magic lines was shot towards the big iron head. This is a magic ice bomb. After the explosion, it can reduce the enemy’s defense ability and movement reaction speed. It is best used to contain the enemy. As for Wang Ning and Lu Xialeng, neither of them had the means to attack from a distance, so they just ran away.
Yin Kuang and others are fast, and Big Iron Head is not slow either. Both sides took action almost at the same time. The hand holding the blood-colored long-tongued whip shook hard, and the long-tongued whip disappeared out of thin air, and then turned into a red afterimage and two cold weapons shot towards it. With two “pop” sounds, the swords broke. Then the power of the long tongue whip continued unabated, and it hit the bullet flying at high speed. With a “crack” sound, the magic ice bomb exploded, white ice mist and ice crystals splashed everywhere, and instantly froze one third of the long tongue whip. The big iron head saw it, flicked its black triangular cone-shaped head, and the long-tongued whip hit the ground. The ice covering it was instantly shattered, and then with a wave of his arm, the long-tongued whip was wrapped around the frame of the football goal. Go up, pull hard, and the goal was pulled towards Yin Kuang and others.
At this time, Yin Kuang and others turned around and ran wildly. Facing the sudden dark wind behind them, as if they knew it was too late to escape, the five people suddenly stopped and retreated instead of advancing. In this way, the goal frame flew over their heads and hit the ground with a “pop”, and a layer of the plastic track was scraped off.
/“There is no way, we must disperse!” Li Shuangmu frowned and said, “Yin Kuang and I stayed to contain it!” Originally, he had a better strategy, but it took time to lay out the strategy. What they lack most now is time. Lu Xia Leng said: “I’ll stay too!” Yin Kuang shouted, “Just do what Li Shuangmu said!” Lv Xia Leng was shouted at by Yin Kuang, a trace of displeasure flashed in his eyes, and he said: “Whatever!” After that, she He even ran away one step ahead of Wang Ning. She is indeed a proud woman.
Zeng stamped his foot angrily and shot out a magic fire bomb. Unlike magic ice bullets, magic fire bullets have a wider killing area and are more destructive. Since ice bullets are ineffective against the big iron head, Zeng Fei can only use fire bullets here. Moreover, Zeng Fei learned well this time. He didn’t shoot directly at the big iron head, but pointed at the plastic field at its feet. Because under normal circumstances, as long as the danger is not directed at the target, the target will not act defensively. It’s like if you knew a fist couldn’t