ness Edmund.” Leonus grinned and said secretly: “Compared to the old witch, this little king is indeed easier to deceive. This decision is indeed a wise one.

ness Edmund.” Leonus grinned and said secretly: “Compared to the old witch, this little king is indeed easier to deceive. This decision is indeed a wise one.
” Come on guys, speed it up, we’ll be the heroes of Narnia!”
Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang! !
Coincidentally, dozens of white lights rose into the sky in two places, and then dozens of light groups exploded in the dark night sky, creating thousands of white lights. In an instant, day and night change. Under the illumination of these more than ten large-scale “lighting techniques”, the situation on the ground can be seen clearly.
/Both sides have already set up their positions!
“For Narnia!”
The pure white unicorn stood up, with Peter pointing his sword at the sky, roaring, and then bearing the brunt, he ran towards the opposite side.
“For Narnia!”
A uniform cry soared into the sky from the Narnia Liberation Army formation.
Then, the centaur warriors began to charge, the snow leopard warriors began to charge, and the dwarf warriors also began to run wildly. With Peter as the leader, a charging formation was formed, like a torrent and tsunami, charging towards the evil army of Narnia.
Afterwards, the elven archers and dwarf archers began to move forward slowly. Their arrows were already on the bowstrings.
Finally, the centaur priest and the elf priest began to cast blessing magic. Rays of rays of light passed through the void and fell on Peter, Chief Eddie, Lord Avalanche, and other warriors who were rushing forward. There was no need to doubt their casting distance. Because the Elf Queen has the ability to communicate with nature, as long as she is in charge, the distance the magic can be cast will be extended by hundreds of meters!
Suddenly, a strange horn sound sounded, and then sound waves visible to the naked eye rippled like water, covering the Narnia Liberation Army in an instant.
This is Susan blowing the lion’s horn!
Inspired by the sound of the horn, the fighting spirit and morale of the Narnia Liberation Army instantly reached a new height. Even the speed of the charging formation has sped up a bit.
On the opposite side, the evil legion stood densely, headed by the huge General Osho. After General Osho shouted “Kill them!”, they also launched a charge. At the front are the barbarian warriors, the pig-thorn warriors, the hellhounds, and the clumsy and slow Cyclops. Then came spear throwers from all races, archers from all races, etc. Vulture witches are weak in ground combat capabilities, and their purpose is to enhance magic, heal, etc.
Two torrents, one smaller in quantity but as powerful as a rainbow, and one larger in quantity but slightly less powerful, began to approach on the muddy plain after melting snow. When they got closer,
a sound was heard in the sky. When the dragon roared in pain and anger, the two torrents below finally collided together!
On that front line of collision, the war began.
There were loud bangs and bangs.
Puff, puff, puff, the knife cleaved and the sword stabbe