o his hometown to visit.

o his hometown to visit.
/In fact, Zhang Lisheng has always remembered that when he left Guwo Village, he told Uncle Ah Lie, who took good care of him, that even if he lived in the United States, he would often go back to the mountain village to visit. The time consumed in practicing hard made him have to break his promise.
While the boy was thinking wildly, the fight between the Head Hanger and Captain Flame had reached its most critical point in the ring.
The Head Hanger, who originally had the upper hand in the scene and had an overwhelming advantage in size and height against Captain Lieyan, received a provocative move from his opponent and violently punched him, but Captain Lieutenant nimbly dodged it and at the same time used a strike. He hit his chin with a powerful swing of his fist.
During this punch, the stadium’s big screen suddenly showed a scene of a volcanic eruption. Thousands of spectators stood up and exclaimed: “Lava punch, it’s lava punch…”
After being attacked by the fist, the head-hanger screamed in pain and staggered. He backed away, leaning his back against the ring fence, covering his head and looking like he was in a trance.
At this time, Lieutenant Lieutenant took advantage of the victory and took two steps to pursue the victory. He jumped up high and kicked the head-wrangler in mid-air. He hit the head-wrangler in the side and kicked him out of the ring.
“Oh, God, it’s magma sweeping, magma sweeping!
Captain Flame is going to win…” Along with the shouts of the whole audience, the big screen of the stadium suddenly flashed a picture of a sea of ??fire.
After falling from the one-meter-high ring, the Hangman seemed to suddenly wake up. He jumped up from the ground and roared angrily at Captain Lieyan who was pursuing him, scaring off the enemy. Suddenly He turned around and rushed to the front row of the auditorium, grabbed the shiny metal guardrail, and tried to pull it out and use it as a weapon.
Although the audience knows that the final match is a no-rules competition, that is, there are no restrictions. They can fight from the ring to the ring, and even backstage. They can grab anything along the way to attack their opponents.
But when the huge figure of the Hanger rushed towards the scene, many spectators couldn’t help but scream.
At this time, an extremely absurd thing happened suddenly. The man who hanged his head was seen pulling out the guardrail with all his muscles, but the bright silver metal guardrail did not move at all.
The Hangman, who weighed at least 300 pounds, was like being hit by a cannonball. He flew six or seven meters away, hit the ring with a loud bang, bounced and fell to the ground, without a trace. The sound comes out.
/However, this kind of power that can instantly kill the head-hanger with one blow is difficult to balance. It is bound to have to design another opponent with similar strength for the ‘Justice Federation’.
At this time, Zhang Lisheng, who was suddenly disturbed by the wrestler because of his shock, subconsciously bl